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How to Bypass and Change DVD Region Codes

How to Bypass and Change DVD Region Codes

Most studios encrypt DVD region codes to secure movie content from being distributed illegally. DVDs are the first-generation home cinema experience until region codes cover a dark shadow. It blocks us from viewing any DVDs we desire and copying, ripping, or sharing our favorite DVDs.

Feel the same? Worry no more! Nowadays, there are ways to unlock or change the DVD region codes. And that's what we're going to teach you today! It would be best to learn what DVD region code is and how you will watch movies with region code.

Unlock DVD Region Codes

Part 1. What are DVD Region Codes

Most commercial DVDs contain region codes to prevent playback in a geographical area besides where it was released. A DVD player manufactured in a specific region can only play DVDs released in the same region. It is because most home video companies and studios control DVD titles that are exported to other countries. Yet, some DVDs are not region coded and can be played in any region on any DVD player.

It will display an ERROR message when trying to play a region-coded disc on a coded DVD player to play discs from a different region. For instance, if you attempt to play a disc manufactured for release in Southeast Asia (DVD Region 3) on a DVD player meant to play discs in Australia (Region 4 DVD), you’ll receive this error message.

DVD Regions MAP

DVD Region Codes Geographical Area
Region 0 DVD DVD that plays all regions.
Region 1 DVD Canada, United States/td>
Region 2 DVD Europe, Greenland, Japan, the Middle East, South Africa.
Region 4 DVD Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, New Zealand, Mexico, Pacific Islands, South America.
Region 5 DVD Africa, Eastern Europe, the Indian Subcontinent, North Korea, Mongolia, Russia.
Region 6 DVD China.
Region 7 DVD Unspecified particular use (RESERVED).
Region 8 DVD International venues for aviation and oceanic travels.

Part 2. How to Unlock DVD Region Codes

Removing region codes from your discs is the only way to watch your DVDs limitlessly. You are probably wondering if it is possible, but it is! AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is all you need.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is a DVD ripping software where in it can rip and eventually convert DVD Disc, folders, and ISO files to digital videos & audio formats, such as MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, VOB, MP3, and 500+ other formats. After the conversion, you can watch the DVDs portably anywhere and anytime without a DVD region limited player.

Unlike other DVD-ripping software, this program can convert your files into your desired output format extremely fast with GPU acceleration support.Moreover, by using AnyMP4 DVD Ripper, you can ensure that the original quality of your file will remain. Its enhancer feature will upscale your DVD effects.


  • Convert DVD movies to over 300 digital video/audio output.
  • Support various DVD types like DVD-5/DVD-9, DVD disc, DVD folder, DVD ISO file, etc.
  • Enhance video and audio quality during the procedure.
  • Comprehensive editing features like clip, merge, rotate, etc

Here’s how to unlock the DVD region code easily with AnyMP4 DVD Ripper

1.Download the best DVD region code-unlocking program

On your computer, download the best DVD-ripping tool. Afterward, install the DVD-ripping software on your computer.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Following that, insert the region code locked into your optical drive, then launch the program. At the upper-left corner of the main interface, click the Load DVD button. The program will then scan and load DVD movies immediately.

Unlock DVD Region Codes AnyMP4 Load

2.Preview DVD videos and modify (Optional)

In the media library area, you can view the video files. Suppose you want to edit one of the videos; click the Edit tab. Afterward, you can modify Effect/Filter, Rotate/Crop, Audio/Subtitle tools, and Watermark.

Unlock DVD Region Codes AnyMP4 Edit

3.Export your region-free DVD movies

After modifications:
1. Return to the home interface.
2. Click Rip All and set your desired output format and quality from its dropdown list.
3. Suppose you want to play the video on your portable device; go to the Device tab and select the manufacturer and the device model.

Unlock DVD Region Codes AnyMP4 Rip All

Following that, click the Settings button to open the Preference dialog. Locate the Ripper tab, then set the Output Folder to store the region-free DVD videos. Lastly, click the Rip All button to unlock the DVD from the region code.

You will see the video trim and split tools in the Clip window. By clicking the Clip tab under the video file, you can enter it.

Part 3. How to Change Region Code on DVD Player

Most manufacturers have offered the option to change the region code to adjust it according to the DVD region code of the user. Usually, the option is hidden in the menu, yet you can get it by following the steps below.

1.Power on the DVD player and ensure no disc is inside. Afterward, once you insert a disc into the player, it cannot modify the region code.

2.Following, browse through the settings. Using your remote, go to the Setup, Info, or Preferences page, and you'll see the Region option.

3.Afterward, check the region code of your DVDs, then change the region of your DVD player to the same value.

Unlock DVD Region Codes DVD

The procedure may vary depending on DVD players, though they are closely similar. Suppose you need help finding the Region option; read your manual book carefully.

Then you can easily watch DVDs on your computer, DVD player, TVs, and more.

Part 4. FAQs about Region Codes

How do you know what region your DVD player is in?

To view your DVD player region code, insert the DVD into your console and start playing it. On your remote control, press the Stop button to stop playback. Afterward, press the Settings button, and scroll down to DVD Status. At the DVD Status menu, note the number displayed next to Region Code.

Can you still use the DVD after ripping it?

Ripping a DVD does not cause any damage to the DVD. Also, it never changes the data inside. If you have a problem playing a DVD-rip movie, your DVD player or disc drive does not function well.

Is there an all-region DVD player?

Luckily, some DVD movies are not region-coded and can be played in any DVD player, regardless of the region in which they purchased it. These DVDs are labeled Region 0; some called it Region All.


Through the direction above, you now understand what DVD region codes are, why they use them, and how to bypass them. Some studios rely on region codes to lock these optical discs and DVD players, so audiences can only watch movies released in their country. Nowadays, there are ways to unlock the region code of a DVD drive and a DVD player. Suppose you want to remove region code from your DVDs; AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is the most straightforward option.

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