5 Best Open-source Video Editing Software

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5 Best Open-source Video Editing Software

There are tons of video editing software on market for different users and purposes. If you are new to the video editing world, a free tool, such as an open-source video editor, can be the best option. The open-source software is a kind of computer software with its source code made available and license opened. Everyone can change, distribute and use the software without paying a penny for any purpose.

Though most free video editors contain limited features and some downsides, they are usually easy to use. Plus, open-source video editors could meet almost all of your basic video needs, such as crop, clip, trim, split, and rotate. This article will share top 5 best open-source video editing software.

Open-source Video Editing Software

Part 1: Top 5 open-source video editors

Top 1: VLMC




Top 2: OpenShot




Top 3: Shotcut




Top 4: Pitivi




Top 5: Open Movie Editor

Open Movie Editor



Part 2: More reading: AnyMP4 Video Editor

Open-source video editing software is a good starting point for average people; however, it has some inevitable downsides. Lack of features, for example, may block people to try some new technologies, like 360 degree videos. Moreover, it usually does not support high-resolution production. In fact, video quality is the biggest challenge when using open-source projects. Therefore, we want to recommend AnyMP4 Video Editor, which is a versatile video editor with extensive features, such as:


Apparently, AnyMP4 Video Editor provides more video editing tools and features than open-source video editing software. Plus, the intuitive interface offers smoothly video editing experiences. If you are looking for an alternative to open-source projects, it is the best option.

Part 3: How to edit videos like professionals

Becoming a great video editor is not a simple task, but with practice and patience everyone can do it like a pro. Here are a few tips and techniques you should grasp.


In this guide, we have identified and shared top 5 open-source video editors for Windows, Mac OS 12/11/X and Linux. As free video editing tools, they are completely free of charge and able to process videos with basic editing features. If you need a free tool, you can find a proper one based on our solid reviews. On the other hand, we also shared a more flexible video editor, AnyMP4 Video Editor. We wish that our tips and reviews are helpful to you.

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