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ShotCut Video Editor - Review, How to Use and Alternative

ShotCut Video Editor - Review, How to Use and Alternative

“Is Shotcut video editor free?”

“Has anyone tried Shotcut free video editing? I am not sure if the installer comes with bundle or PUP.”

“How to use Shotcut video editor?”

You may have many similar questions about Shotcut video editor. Actually, Shotcut is a free, open-source and cross-platform video editor first released in 2011.

There are no ads, bundled adware, virus, malware or hidden purchases in it, though Shotcut is a safe and free-to-use video editor. You can download Shotcut video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux for free.

This post will give you the detailed information about Shotcut review. You can learn how to use Shotcut video editor and find the best alternative to it from here.

ShotCut Video Editor

Part 1: Shotcut Video Editor Review

Shotcut video editor supports various video, audio and image formats via FFmpeg. There is no need to import files. You can get native timeline editing as well. The multi-format timeline can seek accurate frames smartly. Moreover, Shotcut video editor offers many useful video and audio effects.

In the latest Shotcut 19.01.27 version, you can get Center Playhead, Slow Zoom, Chroma Hold, Swirl (HTML) and Overlay HTML Templates. Meanwhile, many Shotcut crashes and errors are fixed.


Shotcut Pros

Shotcut Cons

Part 2: How to Use Shotcut Video Editor

Shotcut video editor does not provide any detailed guidance. Surely, you can get Shotcut tutorial videos from YouTube or other sites. Well, you can also follow steps below to use Shotcut to make your first movie.

Step 1: Add videos to Shotcut

Free download Shortcut video editor 19.01.27 from is official site. ( Launch Shotcut after the installation. Drag and drop files to Shotcut video editor. You can click “Open File” instead.


Step 2: Manage videos with Shotcut timeline

You can choose “File” followed by “Save” to save the project first. It will be better if you can give it a meaningful name. Choose “Timeline” from the “View” menu. Later, you can arrange video clips along the timeline, as well as images and audios.

Manage Videos

Step 3: Use video filters

Hover your mouse over the playhead line. Choose “Split at Playhead” from the popping-up menu. Shotcut video editor will split the video at that point. Later, you can remove and merge video clips manually. In addition, you can change video speed, make transitions and apply other changes with Shotcut Properties on the top left corner.


Step 4: Apply video effects

You can directly drag and drop intro and outro panels to the proper places. What’s more, you are allowed to add captions with standard text or 3D effect. Just choose “Filters” followed by “Video” to get available captions.

Add Captions

Step 5: Export video

After all customizations, you can click “Export” to access all Shotcut export options. Now you can select encode tab, video resolution, aspect ratio, frames and other preferences. At last, click “Encode File” to start encoding the video within Shotcut video editor.


Part 3: Best Shotcut Video Editor Alternative

Shotcut is a free video editor. But you cannot get much themes and pre-designed templates from it. Beginners may spend hours to edit or create a video. Thus, if you want to create slideshow videos effortlessly, you can try AnyMP4 Video Editor. You can get many video editing features similar to Shotcut video editor.

Shotcut Video Editor Alternative

Thanks to the wide support of formats, you can export the video slideshow to most portable players directly. For instance, you can save video as iPhone compatible formats directly.

All your video and picture files will be in high quality. In a word, you can edit videos and create slideshow videos easily with the Shotcut video editor alternative.

If you want to get pre-made themes for slideshow making, you can free download AnyMP4 Video Editor for a try. Shotcut video editor may be too difficult for beginners, especially when you want to create video slideshows easily and quickly.

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