Best Video Background Changers for Computer and Mobile

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Best Video Background Changers for Computer and Mobile

Videos are becoming prevalent than ever before, because you have more devices to produce videos, but also because you have more options to polish our videos. Changing video background, for example, is an amazing skill. It allows you to replace the background with any scenes. However, having the right equipment for this task is only the half of the challenge. The other is your own skill. Luckily, we are going to share the best video background editors to help you change the background in your videos online, offline, on iPhone and Android.

Video Background Editor

Part 1: Top online video background editor

VideoStir is a simple online video background editor with extensive features, such as:


How to use the online video background editor

Step 1: Input into the address bar in your browser and hit Enter key to open it.

Step 2: Upload the video clip that you wish to change the background. Then import the background image you want to use.

Tip: You should upload a video with one-colored background. Otherwise, the utility cannot distinguish and remove the background.

Step 3: Wait for the online video editor to process your video. When it is done, download the result simply.

Note: This online video editor is only a simple tool to make fun. If you want to change video background like professionals, you have to use desktop video editors.

Part 2: Best offline video background changer - AnyMP4 Video Editor

AnyMP4 Video Editor is a professional video background changer to help you process video background easily.

Check the detailed guide here to use the video editor.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

In a word, it is an easy solution to change video background on your computer without losing quality.

How to change video background offline

Step 1: Get the best video background changer

Video Editor has both Windows version and Mac version. Download and install it on your PC or Mac. Run the application from your desktop and hit Add photos and videos here button to import the video you’d like to remove background and the desired background.


Step 2: Change background simply

First of all, select the video and go to the video editor interface by hitting the Edit option. Use the Crop tool to remove unwanted background. Then back to the home interface, locate the right panel and go to the Transitions tab. Choose a transition and set the mode and duration time to make the cropped video overlaying the desired background.


Step 3: Export the changed video file

Finally, click the Export button to open the next window. Select your favorite format in the Video tab or the target device in the Device tab. Choose a proper video quality. If you want to customize other options, click the Gear icon to open the settings dialog. Next, drop the name in File Name box and set the destination. Hit Convert button to start rendering the video.


Part 3: Best video background editor for iOS

Apple continues to improve the lens technology on iPhone and iPad. In result, more and more iOS users capture short videos with iPhone screen recorder apps. Kinemaster Pro is a convenient video background changer:

Kinemaster Pro

How to change video background on iPhone

Step 1: Search for Kinemaster Pro in your App Store and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Record a video in front of green screen. Then run the video background editor app and load the target background in Media section.

Step 3: Next, import the video you wish to remove background by tapping Layer.

Step 4: Select the video, touch Chroma Key and turn on the Enable option. Then use the slider to match the color with background.

Step 5: Finally, export the video and you can find it in your Photos app.

Note: The Chroma Key feature is only available to the pro version, which needs to purchase in App Store.

Part 4: Top video background editor for Android

For Android devices, Chromavid is the best Android video editor to change video background, which is an all-in-one solution.

Nevertheless, this video background editor cannot change the background of existing videos. Moreover, you cannot edit the built-in background color.


How to change video background immediately on Android

Step 1: Install Chromavid to your Android phone from Play Store. To change the video background when taking a video, open the app from your app tray.

Step 2: Tap the colorful circle on upper left corner of the screen and select a desired background color.

Step 3: Then place your phone in front the object that you want to record and tap the red Record button at bottom.

Step 4: When it finishes, tap the stop button. The video will be saved to your Gallery.

Note: Chromavid is only a way to make fun on Android phone, but not a standard video editor. So, you cannot find various video editing tools in the app.

Part 5: FAQs of video background editor

How can I remove the background from a video?

For removing the background from a video, you will need VideoStir. After uploading a video clip into this online site, it will remove the background from the video automatically. But you should make sure the background is the one-color.

How can I change the background color of a video?

For changing the background color of a video, you still need the software mentioned above. Kinemaster Pro and Chromavid can do that exactly. Just add the video into the app, and then touch Chroma Key and turn on the Enable option. Then use the slider to match the color with background. You should make sure the video added is recorded in front of green screen.

How to change video background in laptop?

For changing the video background on computer, you need VideoStir. It can process the one-colored background and remove it. After that, you should upload a background image and then it will start processing it to change the background of a video on computer.


In this article, we have shared top 4 video background editors to help you change background in your videos online, offline, on iPhone or Android phone. VideoStir is an online video editor has the capacity to change video background with your image. However, it cannot deal with large videos. Kinemaster Pro and Chromavid are simple ways to change video background on iPhone and Android phone. If you are looking for a professional tool, AnyMP4 Video Editor is the best option. It is not only easy to use, but also providing extensive powerful tools.

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