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How to convert QuickTime to MP4?

QuickTime to MP4 - How to convert QuickTime to MP4?

In mention of QuickTime, we all know that it is a flexible multimedia framework, which features simple design and user-friendly interface. It is enabled to allow you to experience pristine video quality due to adopting H.264. If you're a real Apple zealot, you may be very familiar with the QuickTime's export function. However, things can be very confusing for green hands especially when they follow the QuickTime exactly but only to find the result MP4 file can't be played on the PSP, Smart Phone, Pocket PC, Palm or other MP4 player. Here you need to convert QuickTime videos to MP4.

quicktime to mp4

AnyMP4 QuickTime to MP4 Converter is the best software which can convert QuickTime videos to MP4 in a fast speed and high quality. In addition, it owns many functions for you to edit the video, including cropping the video frame you don't want, adding watermark in the video, adjusting the video settings (Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Video Bitrate) and so on. With these functions, you can get your perfect video. It sounds great, right? The guide given below is highly descriptive and easy to follow. It will help you perform the entire process of conversion in the easiest way. First of all, you need to download the program here and install it on your computer.

Add QuickTime MOV videos to the program

Click "Add File" button to open the "Select Video File" to select the QuickTime videos you want to add to the program by pressing "Ctrl" button; or you can select "Add Folder" option from "File" drop-down list or "Add File" drop-down list to add multiple videos to the program at one time.

Add video

Adjust the output settings

Click "Settings" button to open the "Profile Settings" window. Click the drop-down arrow right beside the "Profile", a drop-down list will pop up then select "General Video > MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)"; or you can input "MP4" in the quick search box below the drop-down list to let the system show you all the formats then choose the one you desired. After that, you can adjust the video settings like Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Video Bitrate.

Output settings

Add watermark in the video

Want to make your video more special? With AnyMP4 QuickTime to MP4 Converter, you can make it by adding text or image watermark in the video. First select the video you want to add watermark then click "Effect" button to open the "Edit" window. In the "Edit" window, click "Watermark" button then check "Enable Watermark" option. Please check "Text" or "Picture" option to add corresponding watermark. Here you're enabled to adjust the place of the watermark.

Add watermark

Crop the video

Select the video you want to crop then click "Crop" button on the toolbar to open the "Edit" window. While check "Keep Aspect Ratio" option, you can crop the video under the condition of keep aspect ratio as Original, Crop Area, 16:9 or 4:3. If you don't check "Keep Aspect Ratio", you can crop video in any aspect ratio. The following is how to set the crop values. Click the up or down arrow of Left, Top, Right and Bottom or directly enter the value, then you'll see the crop frame move accordingly.

Crop video

Start to convert QuickTime to MP4

Now you can convert QuickTime to MP4 by clicking "Convert" button. This software also supports batch conversion which makes you to convert several videos at the same time. In a short time, you can enjoy the converted video on your portable devices.

Conversion process
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What's MP4?

MP4 is one of the most common video formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, and MKV and so on. MP4 is a multimedia container format. It's the most commonly used to store other data such as subtitle and still images. It also allows streaming over the Internet and can play with iPod, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Archos and more.

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