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Best 12 Chrome Screen Recorders to Record Video and Audio

Best 12 Chrome Screen Recorders to Record Video and Audio

Capturing your Chrome browser screen is highly demanded, whether you want to record the funny videos and music, or save an interesting page.

For achieving the task, you just need the Chrome screen recorder.

What is the best screen recorder for Chrome?

Check the top-11 list and decide the best one now.

The best 12 free screen recorder on Windows and Mac

Chrome Screen Recorder

No. 1. Screencastify – Screen and Video Recorder for Chrome

Screencastify is the free and easy Chrome recorder to record Chrome browser, desktop and webcam. Apart from capturing features, it also lets users edit and share the recording on Google Drive, YouTube, etc., easily. In its premium version, it lets users crop and trim the recording with audio.




Download Screencastify extension from Chrome

No. 2. Loom – Screen and Webcam Recorder for Chrome

Loom is another screen recorder and webcam capture for Chrome. It records video with audio with narration from microphone. After the recording, you could generate the HTML for sharing anywhere. Working with Gmail, Slack, Jira, etc., it can protect the video recording with the password.




Download Loom extension from Chrome

No. 3. VidGrid – Video Recorder for Chrome within Gmail

VidGrid is the video recorder working with Gmail. It records Chrome screen and webcam and insert the video recording into emails to share directly. Designed for sales video, this tool integrates your calendar to book meetings within videos. Moreover, its editing features like trim, blur, caption, add music to videos, etc., can easily create attractive and interactive videos.




Download VidGrid extension from Chrome

No. 4. ApowerREC – Screen Recorder for Chrome without Watermark

ApowerREC is the screen, video and audio recorder for Chrome. Not only system audio, it also records sounds from your microphone. Unlimited screen recording time limit, it captures any screen from your desktop, browser, even webcam and save it instantly on your computer without watermark.




Download ApowerREC extension from Chrome

No. 5. Drift Video - Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Chrome

Drift Video is the combination of Screen recorder and editor in Chrome. It is the screen recorder where users can chat directly from the videos they create. Apart from recording video, screen and webcam, it also trims the recording, and converts the video to an 8-second GIF. It also can silence the video to remove the unwanted audio.

Drift Video



Download Drift Video extension from Chrome

No. 6. Vidyard GoVideo – Screen and Webcam Recorder for Chrome

Vidyard GoVideo is then totally free screen recorder for Chrome. It records your Chrome screen, share video and track who is watching your video file. It can even optimize the video file to play back on any device or screen size. It lets you create a GIF from your video and share it in Gmail to share with others.

Vidyard GoVideo



Download Vidyard GoVideo extension from Chrome

No. 7. Hippo Video – Screen Creator and Editor for Chrome

Hippo Video is the free screen recorder for Chrome. It is an all-in-one video recorder and editor. The Chrome plug-in records screen gives you the simple options thorough webcam, screen and microphone. The makeup tools let you focus, highlight, and mark any portion of the screen. Compared with other Chrome extensions, this one provides you with more powerful editing features, like clip, crop, tag, emojis, blur, etc.

Hippo Video



Download Hippo Video extension from Chrome

No. 8. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is the video and full page capture extension for Chrome. It records the screen as a video as GIF or MP4 and upload it easily. For image screenshots, it lets you capture the entire web page or scrolling window with your mouse. Editing features like crop, blur, highlight, etc., are available for images and video recordings.

Screen Video Recorder



Download Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder extension from Chrome

No. 9. Screen Recorder – Simple Screen Capture for Chrome

Screen Recorder is the simple screen recorder which only leaves you two options to record screen and record webcam. Both system and microphone audio are supported to create your own video with audio. It is capable of recording the entire screen, application window and Chrome page.

Screen Recorder



Download Screen Recorder extension from Chrome

No. 10. Video Screen Recorder – HD Screen Recorder for Chrome

Video Screen Recorder, similar to Screen Recorder, offers you three options to capture the entire screen, app windows and Chrome page.

Video Screen Recorder



Download Video Screen Recorder extension from Chrome

No. 11. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder – Desktop Screen Recorder for Any Browser

The above screen recorders are for Chrome extensions, and you can use them without downloading.

However, some demerits you will have to encounter are as follows:

Considering that, here the last one screen recorder recommendation, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, is the desktop software, which can record any browser screen, desktop, and webcam freely.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download


This page mainly talks about the best 12 screen recorders for Chrome. The first 11 ones are the Chrome extensions without downloading to record a screen in Chrome directly. The last one is the desktop software, which can record any screen, including Chrome screen and save the video on your computer.

Which one is your favorite screen recorder for Chrome?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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