Top 10 Loom Alternatives for Screen Recording Needs

Top 10 Loom Alternatives for Screen Recording Needs

Screen recording has become an essential part of media communications because of the pandemic. Since then, people have continued using these types of software since they are ideal for a multitude of convenient uses, such as recording meetings for a more efficient workplace. Among screen recorder tools, Loom is one of the most used. However, it is far from perfect making most users look for alternatives to Loom that they can also use to capture their screens. This article will focus on recommending ten good Loom alternatives for modern screen recording uses.

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Part 1. Why Do You Need a Loom Alternative

Loom Editor Interface

Loom is a functional recording tool trusted by its users because of its ease of use and performance. However, this platform is being held back by its limitation as a browser-based platform, making video editing extremely reliant on external factors such as connection stability and hardware performance. On top of that, it also does not help that it requires new users to sign up for the platform.

Because of these downsides, first-time users and professionals looking for a desktop-based tool are switching away from Loom. To learn the best tools that you can move on to, please continue reading the next part of this article.

Part 2. Top 10 Loom Alternatives

Before proceeding to the comprehensive review of each tool, we will first provide a quick overview of these alternatives through a simple sentence that can summarize their services. Afterward, a full review of each program featuring their supported platform, price, limitations, pros, and cons will be highlighted to provide more complete details for each tool.

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Trusted Reviews

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder - The easiest and most compact screen recording option.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Online - Online screen recorder tool designed to match up with Loom’s browser’s extension version.

Snagit - Premium software that provides convenient multimedia services, including screen recording.

TinyTake - Free screen recording and capture tool designed for improving work efficiency.

Monosnap - Free-to-download screen capture and recording tool available on multiple operating systems.

ShareX - Open-source screen recorder made for basic and simple needs.

Bandicam - An old classic that still holds up on its own.

QuickTime - All-around multimedia software made especially for macOS.

ScreenRec - Watermark-free screen recording tool that can be used within 1-click.

FastStone Capture - Premium screen capture and recording program with built-in photo editor.

1 AnyMP4 Screen Recorder


Main Features:

  • • Simple main interface.
  • • Real-time drawing and editing.
  • • High-performance game recorder.
  • • Lossless video and audio recorder.
  • • Mobile device screen mirroring.

Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS

Price: Free - $12.45

Since Loom is a browser-based tool, it cannot compete with programs running as installed software. This is the biggest advantage of AnyMP4 Screen Recorder over the mentioned platform. Simply put, processing files on installed software is better and more practical compared to tools that are based on browsers. Using a desktop based platform such as this option, screen-recorded videos may be directly edited on their main software, making them a more practical choice since there is no need to open a separate window after saving your recordings.

It also helps that this alternative is easier to use for beginners, more compact, and offers an overall smoother experience. Download the software now and enjoy a screen recording experience ten-times smoother than Loom’s.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download


  • Adjustable video recording settings.
  • The section of the screen that will be captured can be easily customized.
  • Built-in game recorder feature.


  • Its free version is slightly limited in terms of tools.

2 AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Online

Download Recorder Launcher

Main Features:

  • • Fast and easy-to-use online tools.
  • • Customizable screen recording option.
  • • Live file size tracker while recording.
  • • In-app recorded video file review.
  • • Can record external and system audio.

Supported Platforms: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers.

Price: Free

For users who want to stick to a browser-based platform like Loom, the first recommendation on this list is also available for online use on their site, aptly named AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Online. Similar to its desktop counterpart, this platform is also designed for accessibility and an efficient recording process that can rival Loom’s. However, it runs smoother than the desktop platform in exchange for a slight decline in editing convenience. Fortunately, this trade-off offers a positive exchange due to the program’s faster performance.


  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • Faster than its desktop app counterpart.
  • Easy to adjust recording settings.


  • Requires internet connection to start.

3 Snagit


Main Features:

  • • Easy-to-use screen recorder
  • • Screenshot tool with scrolling capture
  • • Image text recognition

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Price: $62.99

For paying consumers, Snagit is one of the safest premium recording programs that can replace Loom. This can be expected since it has a way steeper price-point than similar platforms. Fortunately, it can be considered worth it due to its built-in cloud storage, modernized aesthetics, and performance. For more Snagit alternatives, you can find them here.


  • Premium interface design.
  • Beginner-friendly editing tool.
  • Built-in cloud save feature.


  • Paid application.
  • Requires technical knowledge to use effectively.

4 TinyTake


Main Features:

  • • Built-in video and image editing tool.
  • • Efficient file-sharing feature.
  • • Integrated cloud storage.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

TinyTake can also be used as a screen recording platform, making it a free alternative to Loom. However, it is designed to be a work efficiency enhancer since it was designed more to be an assistance software. Despite that, its screen recording feature is good enough to serve as a Loom alternative.


  • Editing tools made for beginners.
  • Directly upload edited files online.
  • Cloud storage tracks download history


  • Low download count and weak brand recognition.
  • Its paid upgrades have a recording limit.

5 Monosnap


Main Features:

  • • One-click screenshot tool.
  • • Simple editing interface.
  • • Cross-platform availability

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Browsers

Price: Free

Monosnap may be considered as a more versatile alternative to Loom since it is available as a desktop tool for Mac and Windows, and also as a browser extension. This cross-platform availability plays a vital role in accessibility. It also helps that its recording tool can be accessed within a few clicks.


  • User-friendly UI design.
  • Supports cloud storage.
  • Available as a browser extension.


  • Require users to create an account to use cloud storage.

6 ShareX


Main Features:

  • • Customizable main interface.
  • • Does not consume a lot of computer resources.
  • • It has solid developer support.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

For users who love using open-source programs, ShareX is the best Loom alternative. It is packed with essential recording tools for basic recording needs. Unfortunately, it is limited to the mentioned limitations since it cannot be used for more advanced uses.


  • Open-source program.
  • Ad-free.
  • Compact file size.


  • Does not support advanced recording needs.

7 Bandicam


Main Features:

  • • Can capture audio and video on-screen.
  • • Real-time drawing tool while screen recording.
  • • Supports webcam capturing.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Price: $2.79 - $79.94

Bandicam is a familiar name for legacy users since it is one of the pioneers of screen recording. With that in mind, users familiar with it should feel safe to use it as a Loom alternative. This was made more compelling since it has received significant modernization in terms of features and interface design.


  • One of the most popular recording tools.
  • Has no duration limits when screen recording.


  • Younger users think that it is old software.

8 QuickTime


Main Features:

  • • It can be used as a video editor.
  • • Has a screen capture mode.
  • • Available for all Mac computers.

Supported Platforms: Mac

Price: Free

Although QuickTime is more popular as a video player, most Mac users are unaware of this tool’s feature as a screen recorder tool. This is a big plus in terms of convenience since it is also packed with a basic video editor. All these features combined make it a good Loom alternative for Mac users.


  • Versatile software.
  • Available by default and does not need to be downloaded.


  • Its features offerings are more on the basic side.

9 ScreenRec


Main Features:

  • • Records system and external audio.
  • • Lag-free screen recording.
  • • Free to download and use.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

ScreenRec is a new player in the market, but it has marked its name among screen recording platforms available today. This was made possible by its lag-free screen recording and smooth audio capturing. This makes it a viable Loom alternative.


  • Watermark-free.
  • Lightweight file size.


  • Weak brand recognition.
  • Low user count.

10 FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture

Main Features:

  • • Smart screen recording tool.
  • • Compact interface.
  • • Equipped with a convenient photo editor.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Price: $19.95 - $49.95

Back again in the premium program market, FastStone Capture is another option designed for users who want to use the screen capture on Windows, not online like Loom. FastStone Capture’s one-click screen recording button is a gift for users who prioritize convenience. It also helps that it has a fully functional photo editor.


  • Built-in advanced editor.
  • Its editor is extremely easy to use.
  • Super fast and efficient to use.


  • Does not have a free version (it only offers a free trial)

Part 3. FAQs About Alternatives to Loom

What is better than Loom?

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the better screen recording platforms than Loom. This was made possible by its more beginner-friendly interface. It is also faster in terms of recording performance.

Is Loom free to use forever?

Yes, Loom has a free version. They also pledge that their free version will always be available. However, Loom Free is limited in terms of features.

Is there a free version of Loom?

Yes, there is. It can be downloaded on their website easily. However, their editor requires an internet connection.

What is the easiest screen recording tool on Mac and Windows?

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the easiest screen recording tool. The program is also available on both Mac and Windows. This makes it a good option for all kinds of recording needs.

Is Loom easy to use?

Yes, Loom is beginner-friendly. However, their editing tool is quite tricky to learn. Fortunately, there are a lot of tutorials focused on the platform.


Now that we have provided you with the best alternatives to Loom in terms of screen recording, we hope that you will be able to decide which among these recommendations will be ideal for your needs. Fortunately this list is composed of a wide selection of platforms that can perform on the same level or even better than Loom’s.

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