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2023 Review: Clipping Magic: Is It Smooth for Smooth BG Removal

Clipping Magic is one of the prominent tools in the field of photo editing. It offers users a seemingly magical solution: the ability to remove backgrounds from images effortlessly. This Clipping Magic review will take a closer look at the software’s features, strengths, and potential areas of consideration. Additionally, we’ll also introduce a noteworthy alternative that provides similar functionalities without a price tag. It aims to provide accessibility for users seeking powerful yet cost-effective background removal solutions.

Clipping Magic Review

Part 1. What is Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is a handy software for removing backgrounds from images with ease. Its main function is to cut out unwanted backgrounds precisely. This tool features a Smart Editor, which gives you control over what parts of the image to keep and what to remove. It is ideal for detailed and customizable background removal.

For good measure, it supports bulk background removal. It lets you edit multiple images simultaneously. This feature enhances efficiency when dealing with batches of photos. However, you will encounter limitations if you are using the free version. That includes watermarked output, size-limited download, and unsupported bulk background removal.

What to Expect With Clipping Magic Background Remover:

  • Graphics Mode for handling images with graphics.
  • Markers for defining the background and foreground.
  • Scalpel Tool for refining adjustments of the subject’s edges.
  • Auto-Clip AI for automating the background removal process.
  • Smart Edges for smooth transitions between the subject and removed background.

What We Like:

  • It includes Undo/Redo functionality.
  • It supports bulk background removal.
  • It enables users to make fine adjustments.
  • It automates thAe background removal process.
  • It excels in delivering precise background removal.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It embeds a watermark on the removed background.
  • It comes with a limitation on the size of downloaded results.
  • It can only accommodate images with 25 megapixels in size.
  • It operates online, which requires a strong internet connection.
  • Its bulk background removal cannot be accessed by free users.

Part 2. Clipping Magic Review

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  • The AnyMP4 content team has meticulously tested the software mentioned in the article.
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To provide you with brief details of the tool’s functionalities, we conduct a Clipping Magic review of features. This section will break down some of its notable features and functionalities. Explore further as we delve into the specifics.

Auto-Clip AI: This feature works like a smart assistant for an image background removed by AI. It makes the process easy by automatically identifying and removing the background. However, it might not be as precise as manual editing, especially for images with intricate details.

Clipping Magic Audio Clip AI

Smart Editor: It is a unique feature that combines fully automatic AI with smart tools. That includes Keep, Remove, Hair, and Scalpel for precise cutouts. However, users who are new to detailed editing require familiarization to master their functions.

Clipping Magic Smart Editor

Bulk Remove Backgrounds: It is a powerful feature that allows users to remove backgrounds from multiple images simultaneously. However, users need to make manual adjustments if the images require different types of background removal.

Clipping Magic Bulk Clipping

Dedicated Hair Tool: This feature is like a virtual hairdresser for your images. It automatically separates hair from backgrounds, especially if it is against clean and distinct backgrounds. However, if the contrast is low, the tool might struggle to accurately separate the hair.

Clipping Magic Hair Tool

BONUS: How to Use Clipping Magic

After learning the features of the tool, let us now proceed with the Clipping Magic tutorial. This section will provide an easy-to-follow demonstration for removing the image’s background. Keep going to uncover more information about the steps.

1. Open a browser and navigate to the clipping magic com website. Click Upload image to upload the image you want to edit. Alternatively, use the drag-and-drop feature to load the image file for background removal.

Upload Image for Background Removal

2. Let the tool do the initial background removal. For fine-tuning, click Green Plus to highlight the parts you want to keep. On the other hand, click Red Minus to erase the areas you want to remove. Please note that you can zoom in on the image for more precision.

Fine Tune Initial Background Removal

3. If your image has detailed hair, switch to the Photo tab and use the Yellow Solidus tool. Mark the hair strands you want to keep for a more realistic result. Once done, click Preview to see how your edited image looks.

Keep Image More Realistic

4. Once satisfied, click Download to proceed. Please note that if you are using the free version, you can only download a size-limited preview. Click Download Small Preview to save your edited image on your local drive.

Download Small Preview

Clipping Magic free version is convenient if you only require simple background removal. However, you need to subscribe to their plan if you need intricate editing that requires using advanced features. It offers various plans with different image editing credits.

Part 3. Best Clipping Magic Alternative

AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online

If you’re looking for a reliable Clipping Magic alternative, trying AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online is worth considering. It offers powerful background removal functionalities similar to the tool. What sets it apart is that you’re not stuck with the auto-removal. You can take charge and remove the background manually, giving you full control.

For good measure, it doesn’t stop at removing backgrounds. It lets you choose a solid color to set as the new background. If that’s not enough, you can upload a new image to replace the old background. It will give your image a fresh new vibe. If you have a creative mind, it lets you edit your image by cropping, rotating, or flipping it.

What to Expect With AnyMP4 Free Background Remove Online:

  • • It uses advanced AI technology to remove backgrounds accurately.
  • • It provides tools to crop, rotate, and flip your images for added creativity.
  • • It supports manual editing for hands-on control and detailed adjustments.
  • • It allows changing the background to a solid color or adding a new image.
  • • It lets users benefit from background removal without spending any buck.

Part 4. FAQs about Clipping Magic

Is Clipping Magic Free?

NO! But it offers a free version. The free version allows you to experience the tool’s functionalities. However, it comes with limitations, such as a size-limited download and watermarked output. If you wish to remove background without limitations, consider using AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online.

Can I trust Clipping Magic?

YES! It is a reputable and trusted tool for background removal. Many individuals have used it for its precision in removing backgrounds from images.

How do I remove a background without losing quality?

To remove a background without losing quality, use a reliable background remover like AnyMP4 Background Remover Online. It uses advanced AI to ensure a clean removal while maintaining the image’s original quality.


That’s where our Clipping Magic review ends! In the field of background removal tools, our in-depth exploration has shed light on its strengths and user-friendly approach. It is a robust option for those willing to invest in premium features. However, if you are one of those seeking alternatives, AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online is an ideal option. It mirrors Clipping Magic’s functionalities without the price barrier.

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