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PhotoScissors Review For Editing Corporate Ready Headshots

Corporate photos are one of the most important elements when setting up an online profile to be read by professional hiring managers. First, these photos may be used as a basis for first impressions since they provide an idea of what the applicant looks like. Next, a properly taken professional headshot may also serve as an edge over other applicants, especially when the job requires a pleasing personality or good looks. In this article, we will review PhotoScissors. An online tool that can be used to edit image backgrounds to learn if this platform is a worthy option or if there are better alternatives that you can use.

PhotoScissors Review

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Part 1. What is PhotoScissors?

PhotoScissors is an online tool and computer program available for Windows and Mac that is built for background editing purposes. Because of this, the tool is primarily used as a background remover or as an editor that can change photograph backgrounds depending on the purpose of its users. Although accessible for free, their online tool can be purchased based on a limited credit system wherein one credit is equal to one image processing; their paid computer program, on the other hand, can process images unlimited times.

PhotoScissors Online Tools

Meanwhile, the free version of the software can only edit images in standard definition with reduced quality and textures. High-definition photos are only accessible when using their paid computer program or by logging in and buying credits on their online platform.


  • It can make the image background transparent, solid color, or changed into a new image.
  • It can be used for product photos.
  • It can clean areas around hair and other micro details.
  • Clean backgrounds from transparent objects

Part 2. Photoscissors Review

Overall Rating

Photo Editing Credit System:

Advanced Background Editor:

Paid Computer Software:

Now that we have highlighted the main features and the different premium plans of PhotoScissors, we can now move on to the gist of this article by reviewing the overall performance of the tool, its pros and cons, and the more specific measurements that users can expect when using the background editor for the first time.


  • Features an advanced background editor made for versatile image processing.
  • Accessible for free and easy to use.
  • Has a large image size limit of up to 10MB.


  • Processed files using the free version have reduced quality.
  • The software version is quite expensive relative to what the tool can do.
  • Other online platforms can also process images for free but at a higher quality.
  • The online tool takes a long time to process.

Automatically Processes Uploaded Photos

Since the tool is available on multiple platforms, such as online and software, the developers of PhotoScissors developed their platform for convenience and quick use. In fact, photos uploaded to their online platform will be automatically made transparent once the loading process is finished. Unfortunately, uploading and removing the background of high-definition photos automatically takes a long time.

PhotoScissors Process Photo

Micro-detail Image Processing

Thanks to the AI support of the file, processing micro details such as hair, animal fur, feathers, and other similar elements will not pose a problem for the tool and its users. Even if the image subject has a lot of similar details, removing the background behind it will be done seamlessly.

PhotoScissors Micro-Detail

Smart AI-Powered Image Processing

What makes the features mentioned above possible is the smart artificial intelligence support directly embedded in the tool. With that, users can enjoy smart image processing for free, and they can safely trust the platform to edit their photos, which they can safely use both for casual or professional purposes.

PhotoScissors AI-Powered

How Much Does PhotoScissors Cost?

When visiting their website, the tool takes pride that their platform is free to use. However, a dedicated tab labeled pricing can be seen on the menu bar of the site. This area reveals that the free version of PhotoScissors can only save photos at a reduced standard definition (SD), and high-resolution images are only accessible behind their premium plans.

PhotoScissors Costing

Their software, available for Windows and Mac, may be purchased for $29.99, while the pricing of the credit system on their website is listed in the table below:

Credit Count (1 Credit = 1 Image) Pricing
1000 Credits $29.99
200 Credits $19.99
50 Credits $9.99
10 Credits $4.99

To buy credits on their online platform, new users must create an account first.

Part 3. How to Use PhotoScissors?

Despite being able to process only up to standard definition, images edited in the free version of PhotoScissors should be enough for basic professional use. More common purposes such as resume photo, LinkedIn profile picture, or ID image are some examples where SD photo qualities are passable enough.

To learn how to use the free version of PhotoScissors, follow these steps. First, go to their website and click the upload image button. Next, please wait for the loading process to finish since it may take a long time, depending on the quality of the image. Then, you can edit the background of the image that is now transparent. Once satisfied with the result, select the Download button to save your edited image on the computer.

Part 4. Best PhotoScissors Alternative

As mentioned in the cons of PhotoScissors review, multiple online platforms provide the same purposes that the tool can do but at a much cheaper price, while some are even free. One of these software that can be used for free is AnyMP4 Background Remover Online, another AI-powered background removal and editor tool that can edit image backgrounds for free.

Contrary to the main topic of this article, images processed in AnyMP4 Background Remover Online have no quality limitations, making the images edited in this alternative saved in HD quality.

Moreover, this alternative can be used for free with no login required, the images processed on it have no watermark, and the loading time of image processing is much faster compared to PhotoScissors. Additionally, the AI system of AnyMP4 Background Remover Online is also capable of scanning image background in a snap; minute details like hair strands can be edited seamlessly, and files processed on it can be used for personal and commercial use.

To enjoy the much faster and better offerings of AnyMP4 Background Remover Online, simply follow these steps below:

1Upload the file that you want to edit on their website by clicking Upload Images or by dragging the file itself from the file manager to the website Drop Box.

PhotoScissors Costing

2In the editing interface, you can edit the photo by choosing the Edge Refine, Edit, and Move tabs. The file will have its background removed automatically after the upload process.

AnyMP4 Background Remover Online Editor

3Once satisfied with the result, the Download button is accessible in the editing interface no matter which editing tab you are using. Click on it to save the now-edited file on your computer.

AnyMP4 Background Remover Online Download

With the offerings of AnyMP4 Background Remover Online highly similar to PhotoScissors, this alternative should be a top contender if you are not satisfied with the SD quality photos processed on the software being reviewed in this article.

Moreover, the much faster processing speed of this alternative is a prime reason why it should be considered not only as an alternative but also as a better platform altogether. To go along with that, files edited in AnyMP4 Background Remover Online can be downloaded within three simple clicks.

Part 5. FAQs About PhotoScissors Review

Is PhotoScissors free?

Yes, PhotoScissors can be used for free. However, files processed on it are only of SD quality. A similar tool in AnyMP4 Background Remover Online is a good alternative.

Is PhotoScissors safe?

Yes, PhotoScissors are safe to use. Both the online and software platforms are safe to use. This makes the software a versatile platform. It is also a good plus since PhotoScissors is free to use.

Is PhotoScissors legit?

Yes, the software is legitimate. It is one of the most trusted background editor platforms. Moreover, its software version is trusted by thousands of satisfied users.

Are PhotoScissors for Mac available?

Yes, the tool is also available for Mac computers. Aside from the online tool of the software, it can also be used as software for computers. Windows computers can also download this version. Background remover PhotoScissors is available in these platforms.

What is the best PhotoScissors background removal alternative?

AnyMP4 Background Remover Online is the best alternative for PhotoScissors. It offers the same tools that the latter has to offer and is much faster in processing files. It is not only an alternative but also a better option.


PhotoScissors cross-platform available is its best edge in the market, along with its transparent object processing. However, faster and better tools such as AnyMP4 Background Remover Online are now emerging on the horizon; if PhotoScissors want to retain their market, they should work on improving the speed of its AI system.

If this article gives you an idea about the overview of PhotoScissors, please consider sharing it online to help your friends and social media followers choose the best background processing tool.

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