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Complete Guide to Audio Compression

Complete Guide to Audio Compression

In general, compression would mean that you are crunching an object/s into a new dense version of the object. This process has been popular and used throughout our modern digital world to transfer these files to other mediums. For files, you can zip them. Did you know there is a function for compressing audio data? Yes! More and more software tools are made for specific functionalities. So let us now answer this article's question, what is audio compression? In the following parts. We will also learn the related functionalities for audio compression. Additionally, please finish this article as we provide our software tool recommendation that we handpicked.

What is Audio Compression

What is Audio Compression

Part 1. What is Audio Compression

Once songs are recorded and produced, it’s standard that producers use equipment that will fit all the programs used for creating the record. The process since then was to store these properties in an analog format like the vinyl and tape cassette.

Then, we evolved to using digital audio formats like CDs. From this point on, we now have access to the digital properties of our audio files. Since it’s intangible, the requirement for acquiring a song on your digital platform depends on the digital capacity size of the file.

The standard file size for audio files is 60 MB or Megabytes. This might seem small for our present average Read-Only Memory or ROM on our smartphones and PCs, but for sending and uploading them digitally, it is significant that we keep the file size small.

What is Audio Compression Audio Compression

What audio compression does is it compact the memory of the audio file, way less than the original file size. With this function, you can send them digitally via e-mail, messenger software, website, or application. You can also upload them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Moreover, you can save some space for your personal devices by compressing your songs and recording. In this way, video compression also works.

There is a file size limit for sending audio files via e-mail. The limit for audio files on e-mail is from 10MB to 25MB. It is a significant reduction in file size. Audio compression is essential even though it does the smallest of functions.

What is Audio Compression Send Email

Even minor things matter the most, including Audio Compressing software tools. To further understand the significance of this function, we will introduce related terminologies and operations. Please through the following parts of this article.

Part 2. Audio Normalization Vs. Compression

As mentioned, we will answer all questions related to our article. Interestingly enough, audio compression has another meaning. An alternative purpose for this is to lower the peaks of the audio wave to maintain a consistent volume so you can have an appropriate dynamic or momentum when the loud vital parts of the song are emphasized.

On the other hand, audio normalization is to make the audio wave loud at all times, making it consistently loud. It is a more linear way of improving the volume of your audio. To normal an audio file, you will need the volume normalizer software.

That is the difference between audio normalization and compression.

What is Audio Compression Normalization

Part 3. Lossless Audio Compression Comparison

Lossless audio compression also helps reduce your audio files' capacity but is slightly different as it limits itself to compressing just a little bit from the initial file size. The reason for this is it just removes redundant and unnecessary data from your audio files. That said, it contains 100% of the audio data. With this said, this function offers the best sound quality ever, but you will still have a large file size.

List of Prominent Lossless Audio Codecs:

  • ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
  • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
  • APE (Monkey's Audio)
  • OFR (OptimFROG)
  • TAK (Tom's verlustfreier Audiokompressor)
  • TTA (True Audio)
  • WV (WavPack )
  • WMAL (Windows Media Audio Lossless)

Now that we have discussed all the functions related to audio compression, we will give you recommendations on what software you should use in compressing your audio files and still have the highest possible quality.

What is Audio Compression Lossless

Part 4. Recommendation: Best Audio Compression Software

For our recommendation, surprisingly, we are here to introduce two software for compressing your audio files! The first will be online audio compression software, and the other will be offline. We are here to offer you excellent options and give you the greatest software tools that will significantly help you.

Online Software:

AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online is a free audio compressing app accessible to all users! It is a safe-to-use software that is also straightforward in its purpose. It supports all known audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, OGG, WMA, AMR, FLAC, and numerous more formats. You can adjust the file Size by simply dragging a button or by typing how much you want it. Plus, you can set the Sample Rate and change the Channel of the audio file!

What is Audio Compression Online Upload

It has an obvious interface, which makes it easy to use for amateurs and gives efficiency to users who are lacking in their time. Moreover, it has the capability to maintain the quality of the audio file. So what are you waiting for? For quick access and easy usage, use AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online now!

1 Access the AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online link to start compressing. On the center of the screen, you can see Upload File. As the name states, click here to upload the audio file you want to compress.

What is Audio Compression Online Uploading

2 After uploading it, you will go to the editing interface. On the interface's right side, see the Tools. To be specific in this article, find the Size setting at the top of the tools. You can tweak the settings by dragging a button or typing how much file size you need.

What is Audio Compression Online Size

3 Once satisfied, you can export or Save your compressed Audio.

What is Audio Compression Online Save

And just like that, that is how you use an online audio compression, quick and easy. We will now go to the following software.

Offline Software:

The second software on our recommendation is the magnificent AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate on Mac. Yes, you heard it is exclusive to the most innovative operating systems. But an Audio Compressor on a video converter? That must be crazy! Yes! We are going through all the circumstances to give you the best possible service! Like the online version, you can adjust the Size of the audio file, change the Format, the Sample rate, and even the File Name. Once you have compressed your audio files, they will still have high-quality sound even though you have reduced the size of it.

What is Audio Compression AnyMP4

What makes this special is it comes with the most competent initial functions! It is a user-friendly software that lets users spend less time figuring out how to use it. Here is the list of the functions and added features for AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.


  • It supports up to 500+ formats means you can almost convert all videos.
  • Enhance your clips by upscaling the resolution, reducing the shakiness, adjusting the visual properties, and reducing the noise-like particles on your videos.
  • 70X faster conversion speed with GPU acceleration support.
  • Other powerful features like remove video watermark, audio delay, audio volume booster, and more.

Now that we have introduced this program, we will teach you how to compress your audio files using AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

1 Download the software from its website.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Select the Mac version. Install it, then Launch it. On the start interface, you can see a selection above. On the far right, select the Toolbox. Under that, choose Audio Compressor.

What is Audio Compression AnyMP4 Audio Compressor

2 Afterward, upload the audio file. Then you can now see the editing part of the program. In this interface, you can change the file Size on the second row of selection on the settings. You can drag the indicator or type in how much file size your audio you want it to have.

What is Audio Compression AnyMP4 Size

3 Click Preview to listen to the adjusted audio. Once satisfied with the result, click on Compress to finalize the audio compression process. Then you can now have high-quality compressed audio, which you can send e-mails and upload on social media efficiently!

What is Audio Compression AnyMP4 Compress

Part 5. FAQs

Does audio compression improve sound quality?

No, it only reduces the file size. Lossless compression reduces the data but does not touch on the file's audio quality.

How do you tell if a song is over-compressed?

An over-compressed audio file looks like a linear and rectangular block.

Why do old songs sound better?

The reason for this is purely psychological. Familiar music feels better or nostalgic to audiences.


Thank you for making it to this part of the article. We are glad that we are able to provide the necessary information for topics like what is audio compression and its related functions. Now that we have provided software tools that will give you the benefit of compressing audio, converting videos, and many more. Please share this article with your friends and families and visit our website for more related content. Thank you!

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