How to Burn DVD with Videos in The Easiest Way

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How to Burn DVD with Videos in The Easiest Way

DVDs always have perfect qualities and great sound track, such as classic concert, favorite movie and your own personalized videos. Many people like to share their favorite video clips with family and friends, or they want to review these videos. In this case, what should you do if you want to burn your DVDs with various kinds of videos and play them freely on Media Player? Actually, many people prefer to burn DVD with any videos.

Burn DVD

In this article, not only some simple methods of burning DVDs with various videos will be introduced, but also detailed steps of how to burn DVDs will be explained. A powerful and versatile software-AnyMP4 DVD Creator can help you complete the process with ease, which can create the DVD with any popular videos. With this DVD Creator, you can convert multiple video formats to DVD. It also creates DVD-Videos Disc, DVD folders or ISO files in high quality.

Method 1: How to burn DVD with the best DVD Burner

How to burn DVDs with AnyMP4 DVD Creator

Then, I want to introduce one of the best DVD burners on the Internet - AnyMP4 DVD Creator. AnyMP4 DVD Creator can burn DVD with different kinds of videos, such as MTS, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV and etc. What's more, the software provides delicate templates to help you create your customized DVDs. You are free to edit the parameters of your DVDs, including the length, the resolution, audio tracks, titles, subtitles, background music and watermarks at your willingness. If you are going to burn DVDs with various videos, download AnyMP4 DVD Creator from its official website and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install DVD Creator

The first step of burning DVDs is to download the versatile AnyMP4 DVD Creator from our website and install it on your computer or Mac. After the installation, the software should be ready for you to operate. Then, launch it.

DVD Creator

Step 2: Insert a blank DVD to your computer

After installing the program, you need to insert the blank DVD on which you want to rip your video clips. Wait for some time and your computer will recognize it.

Insert DVD

Step 3: Add video files to the program

At the starting interface of the program, click the "Add Files" button on the toolbar to load your original video to the program. If you need to add more than one video file, you can select "File > Add Folder". Or, on the top of the interface, there's a "Add Media File(s)" button. Here video files can be added to burn DVDs.

Add Video

Note: If your video clips haven't been downloaded on your local discs, you are allowed to add videos from the online websites. You just need to duplicate the URL of the video.


Step 4: Customize the DVD menu

Click "DVD menu" button in the main interface and open the "Edit Menu" interface, there are multiple templates for you to choose, and you can change the menu frame, menu button and menu text as you like. And then you would select the background music, the background picture and opening film for your DVD in the "Edit Menu" interface. If you want to use your favorite template next time, try to "Save As Custom Template".

DVD Menu

Step 5: Edit audio track and subtitle

In the main interface, you can click the "Audio Track" or "Subtitle" button to open the "Edit Audio/Subtitle" window, and then add your favorite audio track and subtitle for your video. Of course, you can edit the original audio track by adjusting the volume and the delay, and subtitle by adjusting the volume, language, latency, subtitle position and font size, etc.

Edit Audio Track

Step 6: Adjust video effect

Click "Edit" button and open the "Edit" interface, now you can edit your videos at will, adjusting the video effect, trimming video length, cropping unwanted black edges and adding text or image watermark for your preference. At the same time, you can preview the original effect and output effect which helps you gain a perfect customized video and burn a unique DVD.

Adjust Video

Step 7: Create DVD with videos

Output DVD Folder: You can choose "save as DVD Folder" option from the pull-down menu of "Destination" column, then create a new folder and name it.

Output ISO file: And you can choose "save as ISO" option to output an ISO file. Then, you can create a DVD file.


Burning DVD: You can directly insert a blank DVD disc to DVD-ROM, then you can click "Burning DVD" image button on the right to create a DVD file.

Burning DVD

Method 2: Burn DVDs with various videos for free

The alternative program to burn DVDs with various videos is the Free DVD Video Burner. The process of burning DVD with various videos by using Free DVD Video Burner is simple and easy. In that case, this DVD burner will be a little bit weaker in customizing. We will cover its steps directly.

Free Burn DVD

Step 1: Download Free DVD Video Burner

Download this free application from the Internet and install it on your computer. Then, launch it for later use. Please noted that, before launching it, a blank DVD should be ensured in the drive.

Step 2: Add videos to the program

Click the "Browse" button on the interface. In the popping up window, locate the video you want to rip to the DVD and add it to the program.

Step 3: Burn the DVD and set options

Click the "Burn" and wait for a popping up window. On the new window, there are some options you need to view and choose at your will. You are allowed to customize the title of your DVD. After choosing and setting, click "OK".

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DVD is an optical disc storage media format, designed and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic, which offers higher storage capacity than other compact discs. It is nowadays the most widely used digital storage for movie producers, which makes it accepted by video fans from all over the world.


Burning DVDs with the help of these DVD burners is much easier for those who are unfamiliar with the process of burning DVDs. And for those who want to customize their own unique collections of videos, functional DVD burners like the AnyMP4 DVD Creator can meet their requirements fully.

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