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Add Album Art to MP3

3 Simple Ways to Add Album Art to MP3

Album art is a small photo used to display the album. It makes the album attractive and pleasing. Besides, the album art will be a distinctive symbol so that you can know what music in this album is. However, most of our digital music has no album art on it, even if there is, the album art is not appropriate or pleasant. That will make the music looks a little odd and messy. Especially when you are going to share your favorite MP3 music to Facebook or music websites, nice looking album art on your MP3 is necessary. Or if you want to create your favorite album, a lovely album art will be really impressive. So now comes the question, how to add album art to MP3? Don't worry, it is not too hard. I will introduce 3 simple ways to help you add album art to MP3 in this guide. Now let's find the answer together.

Add Album Art to MP3

Solution 1: Add Album Art to MP3 through Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the default music and video player of the Windows. Over time, many new features have been added, among which the function of adding album artworks to MP3 is quite convenient. You can follow the steps to add album art to your MP3:

Step 1: Copy the picture you want to use as the album art. To make it easier to search for the picture, you can save it to your desktop directly.

Step 2: Launch Windows Media Player. If you are in the Now Playing mode, click Switch to Library to view your music library. If not, click Library > Music > Album list. Then find the MP3 file on which you want to add cover art.

Add album art to mp3 with wmp

Step 3: Right-click the album and click Paste album art. Then you will get your MP3 with album art.

Paste Add album art

Solution 2: Add Album Art to MP3 using iTunes

Before using iTunes to add album art to MP3, you need to make sure whether you have synced your MP3 files to iTunes. If not, you need to sync them firstly, and then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Mac/PC

Step 2: Find the MP3 or album on which you want to add the album art.

Step 3: Right-click Get Info, then choose Artwork > Add Artwork. Then you can select an album art to add.

Get info Add artwork with iTunes

Now, you will see a new album art on your MP3.

Note: If this album has no album art on it before, you just follow the steps above. However, if you are going to change the old one, you just need one more step. In the Artwork window, you will see your old album art under Other Artwork, just right-click the old one to select Delete Artwork. Then you can add a new album art on it.

Solution 3: Add Album Art to MP3 using iPhone Transfer Pro

AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro is a good iTunes alternative and allows you to backup iPhone photos, music, videos, contacts, and more to PC or sync your data from PC to iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes in one click. It also supports to add album art to MP3. If you want to directly use the picture on your iPhone or iPad, iPad or iPod as your album art, you may try iPhone Transfer Pro. With the clear and intelligible interface, iPhone Transfer Pro enables you to quickly and easily find the music without album art and pictures. Let's see how to use it to add album art to MP3.

Step 1: After downloading this software, install and launch this program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer with USB cable.

Connect to iPhone

Step 2: Click Music on the left side, and select the MP3 music on which you want to add album art.

Select mp3 music

Step 3: Next, right-click the targeted Music to select Edit Info. Then you will see Music Info on the right side. Click the Edit icon below the picture to add the album art from your photos.

Add the album art to mp3

In the end, you will get the MP3 music with album art.

FAQS of Adding Album Art to MP3

How do I download album covers to MP3?

You can search the album images from Google, and download them one by one. You can customize the image size to match your MP3 album.

Does VLC add an album into MP3 file?

Yes. It lets you add the album cover manually from your local computer, or download the album cover online.

What image file format does iTunes use?

JPG and PNG file can be displayed next to music on iTunes.


When you are going to download beautiful album artworks from browser to your computer, you can use Windows Media Player and iTunes. But if you have the album art on your iPhone and don't want to download it or sync to your iTunes, you could try iPhone Transfer Pro without transferring or backing up photos to iTunes or computer. You can make it on this program. Go and try to add your good-looking album art to your MP3, and then you can share your elaborated MP3 or personal album.

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