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10 Best MP3 Trimmers Available to Windows and Mac OS X/11/12

There are many reasons that you need a MP3 trimmer. When you want to make a ringtone from your favorite music, for example, a MP3 trimming software is able to remove unwanted parts.

Moreover, trimming a large MP3 file into clips lets you share it via email or social media quickly. In such cases, you will need a proper MP3 trimmer for your device. This post will share top 10 MP3 trimmers to meet various need.

MP3 Trimmers

Part 1: Easiest MP3 Trimmer across Platforms

When processing MP3 files, you may be worried about the audio quality. It makes sense that most MP3 trimmers will damage the audio quality of the results. That is why we recommend AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It is the easiest way to trim MP3 on your desktop.

In short, it is the best option you can find to trim and cut your MP3 files on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11/12.

Free Download For Windows

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How to Trim MP3 Files in Batch

Step 1: Import the MP3 files

Launch Video Converter Ultimate when you want to cut some MP3 files. You can download and install it to your computer for free. Next, drag and drop the MP3 files into the main interface. Another way to import the files is the Add Files menu.


Step 2: Trim MP3 with one click

Click the Cut menu on the top ribbon to open the MP3 clipper window. To trim the audio file, hit the Cut icon and then set the starting and ending positions on the timeline. If you want to split the audio file into clips, locate the position and click the Split icon to divide the audio file into two segments. Hit OK to confirm it.


Step 3: Output the trimmed audio files

When go back to the main interface of the MP3 maker, select the proper audio format from the Profile dropdown list and set a folder to save the results by hitting the Save to button. Once click the Convert All button, you will get what you want.


Part 2: 4 Best Desktop MP3 Trimmers

If you are looking for the best MP3 music cutter, you can get more options below.

Top 1: Audacity


As an open-source MP3 maker, Audacity attracts a lot of users around the world. However, it is not just totally free to use, but also prevalent among professionals.

Key features:

Top 2: MixPad


Similar to Audacity, MixPad is another MP3 music cutter available to Windows users. It provides both a free version for personal uses and a paid version for professionals. The free version is enough if you just want to trim MP3 music files.

Key features:

Top 3: Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is a professional MP3 trimmer with a full package of audio editing toolkits. Some musicians and professionals use the software to produce and edit their audio files, but it is not suitable to beginners.

Key features:

Top 4: WavePad


When it comes to the best MP3 trimmer software, WavePad is as popular as Audacity. To meet different need, it offers a free and a paid version. For beginners, you can master the software quickly since the commonly used tools are available on the main interface.

Key features:

Part 3: Top 5 MP3 Trimmers Online

If you prefer to online MP3 makers, you can get a top list below. Bear in mind that web-based apps usually have file size limit. Moreover, it takes longer time to process your MP3 files.

Top 1: Audio Trimmer



As its name said, Audio Trimmer is a simple online MP3 cutter to trim your audio files on the fly. It can handle a MP3 file up to 100MB per time.

Key features:

Top 2: Online MP3 Cutter


Online MP3 Cutter

Online MP3 Cutter is another simple way to make music files shorter online. It is completely free to use and does not have file size limitation. However, if you upload a large MP3 file, it may freeze or crash.

Key features:

Top 3: Clideo’s MP3 Cutter


Clideo’s MP3 Cutter

If you are looking for a well-designed online MP3 trimmer, Clideo’s MP3 Cutter is a good choice. Though it takes more time to upload the audio file than other web-based apps, the interface is pretty fashion.

Key features:

Top 4: MP3Cut



MP3Cut is the MP3 trimmer of 123APPS, which is a set of online utilities. The biggest advantage is that the maximum file size is 1GB.

Key features:

Top 5: Bear Audio Tool


Bear Audio Tool

Bear Audio Tool is not only a MP3 trimmer, but also a comprehensive audio tool.

Key features:


You should master the best MP3 trimming software based on our introduction above. Now, you can pick up the most appropriate one.

Which one is you best MP3 trimmer?

Let me know by leaving your comments.

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