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Comprehensive Mp3Tag Review: Is it Worth Downloading

Comprehensive Mp3Tag Review: Is it Worth Downloading

Can’t decide if you should download Mp3Tag to edit the metadata tag of your music files? Then, this comprehensive Mp3Tag Review is done for you since we will explore every factor that will help you in your decision-making. In this write-up, we will present the features that make this software good, the review and experience of its users, and one alternative that might be a game changer in the file tag editor market.

Mp3Tag Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict

Mp3Tag Tagline

Mp3Tag is unexpectedly easy to use, considering that it’s a tool that can edit advanced data embedded in a music file. With that in mind, music enthusiasts looking for a way to keep their playlists and digital albums organized should consider Mp3Tag as one of their choices. The software does its job and is simple to use.

Overall Rating:

Ease of Use:

Easy to Understand Interface:

Metadata Editor Options:

File Manager Scanner:

System Requirement:


  • Smart music file scanning.
  • Detailed metadata available for editing.
  • Batch editing to organize songs by the artists or albums.


  • Outdated-looking interface.
  • File-specific details such as title and file track need to be applied manually.

Part 2. Overview of Mp3Tag

Mp3Tag focuses on the functionality of its software more than anything, and this is evident in the performance that it can provide and the old-fashioned aesthetics that its interface is designed for. Despite that, don’t let the old-school interface of the software deceive you since this tool is as competent as any other tool in the market when it comes to the main purposes that it serves. Most importantly, the best feature that it has is its advanced file scanner, capable of identifying music files in a section of your computer and all the folders inside it. This makes adding music files to the software extremely easy and can be done within a few clicks.

Main Features:

  • Focused on functionality over aesthetics.
  • Scan music files.
  • Capable of editing advanced metadata.
  • Built-in playlist creator.
  • Only access the file directory set by the user.

Part 3. Full Mp3Tag Review

Mp3Tag Main Interface

Downloading and Installation Requirements

To conduct a proper review of Mp3Tag, the reviewer who conducted this mission is a casual music enthusiast with a knack for organizing their playlist and albums. Additionally, he has minimal experience in handling metadata editing software, with his experience only involving file renaming. Mp3Tag immediately impressed the reviewer since their software is both easy to download and quick to install. Unfortunately, the alternative installation option did not work for the first time, making the reviewer reinstall it again using the standard option. A minor inconvenience if it can even be described as one.

Easy to Understand Interface

After the software has been installed, its library is, of course, empty at first. Thankfully, their software is easy to understand making the reviewer proceed to the Files section immediately and then choosing the Add directory option. Clicking this option will immediately add MP3 files from the selected file directory into the software’s library.

Smart File Scanner

With the file directory set to the default Music folder of the computer. The reviewer was impressed since the software’s file scanner is smart and advanced enough to read the entire Music folder selected, this includes the content of the folders inside it. This is a big quality of life feature.

Unorganized Library of Scanned Files

Mp3Tag’s metadata editing process is extremely detailed, with even niche details being available for editing, such as track number and composer. However, the library of the software does not organize the scanned files in an easy-to-access manner, making file selection tedious. Despite that, Mp3Tag is still at the top of the functionality game, making it a good option overall.

Other Reviewers’ Rating

  • I have used a lot of MP3 tools, but this software is really well laid out, fast, and easy to use. It has many functions and converters between all ID types. - Anonymous user review
  • New changes do not get saved automatically. - PCWorld

Part 4. Mp3Tag Alternative

Edit Audio File Information

Are you looking for software that can do the things that Mp3Tag can do but is more versatile and practical? Then, look no further than AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, the best multimedia tool in the market today that can process all kinds of files from music, videos, pictures, and more. Although highly versatile and powerful, we will only focus on their Media Metadata Editor, which can do the things Mp3Tag can offer.

Available in the Toolbox section of the software, their Media Metadata Editor also offers the same metadata options available in the topic of this article. However, this alternative provides a cleaner interface that is a big plus for modern users today. On top of that, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate did not trade off its clean interface for functionality, unlike its counterpart. In fact, their metadata editor also offers the same settings present in Mp3Tag, such as title, artist, album, composer, genre, year, and album art.

On top of its equally effective video tag editor, it also provides more options that can be used to improve music files themselves, such as its audio compressor, volume booster, and file format changer to increase the overall quality of audio files no matter what their formats are. These features are all packed inside software primarily developed as a video format converter, movie maker, collage maker, and more. Who would have thought that the powerful metadata editor of AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is just a bonus tool in its highly versatile toolbox.

Download the software now to experience the most valuable and cost-efficient multimedia utility tool today in AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 5. FAQs About Mp3Tag Review

Is MP3Tag safe?

Yes, it is. It is also free and easy to use. This makes this tool a good option for music lovers.

Is MP3Tag safe to download?

Yes, it is safe. It is also portable and has two installation options. Feel free to choose what is best for you. Mp3Tag Mac version is also available further solidifying that it is a safe tool.

How much does MP3Tag cost?

It is free. You can download the tool on their website for free. Installing it is also easy since the software is compact and small.

Is MP3Tag freeware?

Yes, it is free. Downloading it on their website is also easy. Moreover, the software is portable and small.

How to use MP3Tag?

It would help if you learned the basics of file editing to use the software. It requires new users to set a directory first before doing its thing. After scanning, you can now edit the metadata of the music.


Mp3Tag’s mission to keep functionality at the highest while sacrificing the design of its software might be a hit or miss for its users. Thankfully, the function can be safely considered as a bigger factor than what software looks like. With that in mind, this software is overall a good tool for metadata editing.

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