What PowerDirector Video Editor is and Best Alternatives

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What PowerDirector Video Editor is and Best Alternatives

PowerDirector Video Editor is one of professional video editing software. Similar to other professional video editors, you have to purchase it and the price starts at $59.99. So, you may wonder whether it is worth to use and what it can do.

Fortunately, you can find the answers in this post. Plus, we will share top 6 free alternatives to PowerDirector Video Editor.

PowerDirector Video Editor

Part 1: Introduction: PowerDirector Video Editor

Key features:

PowerDirector Video Editor



Part 2: How to edit a video in PowerDirector Video Editor

To show you what PowerDirector Video Editor can do, we are going to step through the entire video editing process below.

Step 1: Launch the powerful video editor and create a new project. Click Import Media Files to load the video to edit into the media library, and then put it into the timeline.


Step 2: Select the footage and you can find the basic video editing tools above the timeline, including Split, Modify, Trim, Fix/Enhance, etc. To trim a video into clips, for example, you need to hit Trim and do the editing in the popup dialog.


Step 3: After basic editing, back to the home interface and the advanced editing tools are located on the left sidebar, like Filters, Transitions, Text, Audio, and more. For instance, clicking on the Filters tab, you will be presented the filter list. Select your favorite video filter and the video will be processed automatically.


Step 4: If you are satisfied with the result, go to the Produce tab at top ribbon. Then select an appropriate video format, target device or website. Fill in other necessary information and click the Start button.

Note: PowerDirector supports to upload videos to YouTube or Facebook directly, but you have to sign in your account and password.

Part 3: Top 6 free alternatives to PowerDirector Video Editor

Though PowerDirector Video Editor is powerful as video editing software, it is expensive to some people. Don't worry. Here is a list of best free alternatives.

Top 1: AnyMP4 Video Editor

AnyMP4 Video Editor

Key features:

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Top 2: VideoPad


Key features:

Apparently, VideoPad offers similar features to PowerDirector Video Editor. That makes the freeware more attractive.

Top 3: Avidemux

Top 2: Avidemux

Key features:

In a world, Avidemux is a good alternative to PowerDirector Video Editor for beginners.

Top 4: Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Key features:

If you are working on Windows, this alternative to PowerDirector Video Editor is worth to try.

Top 5: OpenShot


Key features:

Though OpenShot is a free alternative to PowerDirector Video Editor, it could meet the basic demand of video editing.

Top 6: Pitivi


Key features:

Pitivi is obviously the best free alternative to PowerDirector Video Editor for Linux.

All in all, AnyMP4 Video Editor is not only easy to use, but also provides extensive features.


Now, you should understand what PowerDirector Video Editor is and how to use it based on our concrete introduction and guide. It cannot be denied that it is not the best option to edit video. That is why we shared top 6 free alternative video editors. If you have more questions, please leave your comment below this article.

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