The 4 Best 3D Online Video Maker Software Available on your Browser and PC!

3D Video Creator
1.1 3D Online Video Maker
1.2 Movavi 3D Video Converter
1.3 3D SBS Video Converter
1.4 Edit 3D Video in Final Cut Pro
1.5 3D Video Format Converter
1.6 Best 3D Movie Maker
1.7 Make 3D Animation
1.8 Best 2D to 3D Converter
1.9 Best 3D Model Maker
2.0 Best 3D Intro Maker

The 4 Best 3D Online Video Maker Software Available on your Browser and PC!

Make the best of your videos by putting them to the next level of creativity using these 3D Video Makers Online. Each software possesses a cutting-edge feature that will confuse a curious bystander who is currently looking for the correct program. That is when we come in and take over the research for you! We will have the most reliable comments in this article for each one of the programs. Make sure to read every review carefully because we will also give our review on a specific tool of each program. Not only that, but we will also provide you with our recommendations on what could be the best 3D video maker for you! What are you waiting for? Continue reading below to see what is the best software for you.

3D Maker Online

Bonus Recommendation: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Now that we have covered the online video editing platforms, we will introduce to you the single offline video editor. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one desktop/offline tool with a built-in 3D and video maker available on Windows and Mac. The advanced features are very helpful in enhancing all your videos. Features like; video merger, video trimmer, 3D maker, music video maker, and more from the toolbox.

Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool that does not contain crashes and malware. Furthermore, this tool is known for its fast operating process. Also, you can choose what type of 3D video you want, between Anaglyph 3D or Split Screen 3D, and can adjust the quality and depth of your 3D video. So if you want to create a 3D anaglyph music video, this tool is best suited for you.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

How to Make 3D Video with AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

1.Download Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your browser by clicking the Download button. At the start interface, go to the Toolbox panel, and click on the 3D Maker. Then select the Add a video to 3D Maker (+) to upload a video.

3D Online Video Maker AnyMP4

2.After uploading your video, you will see a preview of your output. And then, select what type of 3D video you want (Anaglyph 3D or Split Screen 3D).

3D Onlline Video Maker Anaglyp 3D

3.Finally, click the Generate 3D button to apply the 3D effect to your music video.

3D Online Video Maker Generate

For more 3D movie maker software offline, you can check it here.

Part 1: Top 4 3D Video Maker

1. FlexClip

FlexClip is a web-based program that will help you create your 3D-style videos. It is available on all online platforms. It is beginner-friendly because it provides users with various templates they can choose from, and it is ultimately adaptable to your style and preference when making a video. If you are looking for straightforward and simple-looking software to help you create 3D videos, this might be the app of your choice.

3D Online Video Maker FlexClip

How to make a 3D animation in FlexClip

1.Launch FlexClip on your browser. On the website's main page, click on Make a Free Video. On the next page, choose your preferred template.

3D Online Video Maker Template

2.It will now take you to the editing page. Customize the template you chose for your video. Add 3D Elements by selecting on the left panel and then search 3D.

3.Add text and edit them to become 3D. Select the Text on the right-side panel. Type the letters you want; select Shadow, max out the Opacity, adjust the Offset of the shadow, then change the Direction of the shadow. Your text is now 3D.

4.If you are satisfied with the result, click Export at the top left portion of the screen to save the video.

3D Online Video Maker Final

Flexclip allows you to create 3D videos with minimal effort because of the numerous templates available. We believe that this is the main feature of this online 3D maker.

2. PhotoAdKing

PhotoADKing is a paid online editing platform that provides users with the best customization tools. It is available on all browsers. It has a free 3D intro maker online that does not require the video to have its watermark. It offers users excellent tools that help them create a perfect 3D intro for their video. Besides, it can create 3D photos as a 3D photo editor. While providing the proper templates for this work, the platform presents a symbolic design of ease and accessibility.

3D Online Video Maker PhotoAdKing

How to make a 3D intro with PhotoAdKing

1.On the main page, select Templates on the top-left side of the page. Then on the template page, choose the Video menu on the left side of the screen. Then in that panel, scroll down so you can see the 3D intro, click on that. Choose your preferred template.

2.You will proceed to the editing page. Immediately, you will see the Edit Image and Edit Text. You can add the picture to your logo to be animated on that 3D intro. Same as for the text. You can edit the Music, Trim, Repeat, and Delete your 3D intro on the same page.

3D Online Video Maker Edit

3.Once you are finished, click on the Download button at the top-right corner of the page.

PhotoAdKing is a fast rendering and fast processing video editing website that allow users to simply make a 3D intro because of its big caption and easy navigating buttons and selections. Proceeding to the following websites have similar features, being a template-based video editor.

3. Motionden

If you are looking for free software that does the editing, this might be the one for you. Motionden is a template-based 3D video intro maker. It is committed to providing excellent service, especially when subscribing to the upgraded app. It has around 255+ templates that you can choose, and on the main page, scroll down then you will see a selection of themes wherein you can immediately decide what kind of video you will make. It is relatively easy to use.

As mentioned, because of their templates, you will only need to provide the logo and captions for your intro video. Not only that, it has a high-speed rendering and exporting process. "The possibilities are endless…" is quoted directly from Motionden. We can see this as a website with quite a considerable potential.

How to make a 3D intro with Motionden

1.Launch the website by searching for Motionden.On the website, you will see at the middle of the screen that it says Make a video fast–it's free. Select that button to get started.

3D Online Video Maker Motionden

2.It will take you to the Instant Video Templates. On this page, you can choose which tem2plate you want food for the video. Click on the wanted template, then select Edit this video.

3.You are now on the editing page. Click on the Logo at the right-side panel of the tool, then upload your logo. It is the same with the Text of the tagline. Once you finalize the intro, select Make Video. It will now render and export. There you go; glad you made it until here!

4. RenderForest

Like the previous tool, Renderforest is also a template-based website, but it is much more advanced and updated. The approach for each software is much more improved and realistic, and it does not require a paid subscription to be highly competent. Here is a tutorial on how to use this very intuitive website.

3D Online Video Maker RenderForest

How to Create 3D Movies with Renderforest

1.Launch the website, click on Get Started, then select Start Creating. Then it will take you to the Template selection. After selecting, you will now proceed to the editing page.

3D Online Video Maker Motionden

2.Similar to motionden, you will now upload the logo. Then add text for the brand name and tagline. After editing the text and the image, proceed by clicking on the selection above. You can edit the Style, choose the Music, then Preview it to finalize the video.

3.lick on the Fast Preview to finally render and produce your video on the following page. It will prompt the exporting process. You can finally download the video you created when that process is done.

You will see the difference between Motiondent and Renderforest. They have their distinctive feature. You decide what the website is for you.

Part 2: FAQs of 3D Online Video Maker Online

Can you create a 3D video using VLC?

Unfortunately, no. VLC is a Media Player. Although you can not create a 3D video using VLC, you can still play your videos in a 3D setting using VLC by clicking on Tools - Effects and Filters - Video Effects - Advanced - Anaglyph 3D.

Can a cartoon be 3D?

TV manufacturers stopped making 3D videos because the sales of these items decreased. In January 2017, the last two major television manufacturers still producing 3D televisions, Sony and LG, announced they would stop all 3D support.

How can I improve my 3D render quality?

The common solution for this concern is to upgrade the specs of your PC or device's specs. It will also help if you reduce the details of what you are editing and close the background apps running along with your rendering.


These are the 3D video maker online software that we believe will give the best result for your task. As we can see, they may look intimidating and sophisticated to work with. Still, because of technological advancement and other people's imagination, we can now do 3D animating with just three easy steps. We hope we have helped you in your future video editing endeavors. We hope that you will share this with your friends and family. If you think this article is helpful, do not forget to share it with more friends. Also, you can leave your comments if you need any help.

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