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Fix Unable to Play Video Error 150 on Google Slide & YouTube

Fix Unable to Play Video Error 150 on Google Slide & YouTube

Last night, I was making a video presentation on Google Slides for my school project. I inserted a video from YouTube and tried to play it, but I got an Unable to Play Video Error message instead. Is there anything that I could do to fix Unable to Play Video Error 150?

The email we’ve received is from someone dealing with an unplayable video on Google Slide. Aside from Google Slides, this video error code issue can also be encountered on YouTube. Since there could be various reasons why you may experience this, we must determine the problem first and resolve it later. Suppose you encounter this Unable to Play Video Error. Continue reading this post to learn several actions to be taken to fix the issue.

Fix Unable to Play Video Error 150

Part 1. What is Video Error 150

Mostly, video errors may appear due to usage restrictions. However, many users are scratching their heads and wondering what Error 150 is. It is a video error code that may appear when you attempt to play a video on various websites or platforms, particularly on Google Slides and YouTube, which is similar to video error 5. This video error code signifies a video playback issue and may occur due to various complications.

Part 2. What Causes Video Error 150

Video Error 150 on Google Slides or YouTube can be caused by various factors. That includes technical issues and user-related problems. In this section, we will break down some common causes of this video error on these platforms:

  • Corrupted Video Files: If the video is damaged or corrupted, it may not play correctly. Corrupted video files may result from incomplete downloads or issues during the video upload.
  • Server-Side Problems: Video hosting platforms like YouTube and Google Slides may experience server-side issues, including server overloads, maintenance, or outages, which can disrupt video playback.
  • Network Issues: Insufficient bandwidth may result in buffering, leading to interruptions in video playback. Network congestion, such as during peak usage, can also affect video quality.
  • Regional Restrictions: Some videos may be subject to regional restrictions, meaning they are unavailable in certain countries or regions. Attempting to access these videos can result in errors.
  • Copyright and Content Removal: If a video has been removed or its availability restricted due to copyright infringement or policy violations, it may result in video errors when you try to play it.

Part 3. How to Fix Video Error 150

Solution to Fix Corrupted Video Files

If you think the video file is corrupted, consider re-uploading the video. Ensure that you have a clean, undamaged version of the video file for upload. By uploading a fresh copy, you can resolve this issue. Additionally, you can use video file repair software to mend file corruption, eliminating corruption-related problems.

A tool like AnyMP4 Video Repair is a must-have program for fixing video errors and issues in various video files. It is a dedicated tool that can be used to repair corrupted, damaged, and unplayable videos. It can help resolve Unable to Play Video Error 150 on Google Slides and YouTube.


  • Repair video playback errors, like 150, 22403, 232011, etc.
  • Mend HD videos with up to 16K resolution without quality loss.
  • Infused with the newest AI algorithm, making the repair process fast.
  • Handles videos from various sources, including Google Slides and YouTube.

1.Click the Free Download below to obtain the video file repair software. Install it on your computer and complete the necessary installation process.

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2.Launch AnyMP4 Video Repair and click Red Plus to add the corrupted file. Also, add a sample video, which will be the reference of the video file repair software to repair the video.

Add Corrupted Video

3.Click Repair after importing the corrupted and sample video. Wait for a few seconds as the video is processed. AnyMP4 Video Repair will identify and repair the video immediately.

Start Video Repairing

4.You will be prompted to a new window displaying the recovered data of the video. Check for the pre-output by clicking Preview, then click Save if satisfied with the result.

Preview and Save Video

AnyMP4 Video Repair is a user-friendly tool chosen by many for its high success rate of repaired video. With this AI-powered tool, you can guarantee an error-free and high-quality output. Additionally, the Preview feature lets you check the pre-output before saving the repaired one.

Solution to Fix Server-Side Problems

Check Server Side Problem

When video errors on Google Slides or YouTube are due to server-side problems, it’s beyond your control. Check the platform’s status page or social media channels to see if there are reported issues. In this case, the best solution is to wait for the platform administrators to address the problem. Patience is the key!

Solution to Fix Network Issues

Restart WI-Fi Router

Network issues causing video errors can be resolved by checking your internet connection. Ensure you have a stable and sufficiently fast connection to stream videos. Troubleshoot your network by restarting your router, closing bandwidth-intensive applications running concurrently, or using a wired connection for better stability.

Solution to Fix Regional Restrictions

Change Country Area

Content owners or platforms enforce regional video restrictions due to licensing agreements or legal requirements. Suppose you encounter a video error because of regional restrictions. In that case, you can use a VPN to hide your location and access the content from a different region where it’s available.

Video region issues can be fixed by the VPN service. However, the DVD region issues can only be done by unlocking the DVD region.

Solution to Fix Copyright and Content Removal

Enable Restricted Mode

If a video is unavailable due to copyright or content removal issues, there is little you can do to access the video on the platform. These restrictions are enforced to protect intellectual property rights and comply with copyright laws. Attempting to access removed or restricted content due to copyright or policy violations may result in suspension or legal consequences.

Part 4. How to Prevent Video Error 150

Understanding the previous solutions can help you address Error 150 Unable to Play Video. It’s important to be aware of the specific nature of the problem to choose the right solution. Meanwhile, this section will provide prevention tips to avoid video errors on Google Slides and YouTube.

File Integrity Check:

Before uploading a video:

  • 1. Verify its integrity by playing it locally.
  • 2. Ensure it plays without issues.
  • 3. If you encounter problems, consider repairing or converting the file before uploading it to Google Slides or YouTube.

Platform Status Monitoring:

Check Google Slides and YouTube’s official status pages or social media channels timely. It can help you stay informed about ongoing server-side issues. If you see a known issue being reported, it might be wise to delay presentations or video uploads until the problem is resolved.

Stable Internet Connection:

Ensure you have a reliable and fast internet connection. Use a wired connection if possible, as it’s more reliable than WiFi. Avoid streaming videos on a congested network by scheduling your activities during off-peak hours.

Check Availability:

Before creating or sharing presentations with videos, check the availability of the content in your target regions. If you know regional restrictions, you can plan your content accordingly or explore alternative videos for your audience.

Respect Copyright Laws:

When using videos in your presentations or sharing content on YouTube, ensure you have permission to use copyrighted content. If you encounter video errors due to content removal, consider using original or licensed content to avoid copyright-related issues.


  • Create backups of your video files and presentations to prevent data loss in case of server-side problems, accidental deletions, or corruption.
  • When sourcing videos for your presentations, choose reputable platforms and creators to reduce the risk of encountering issues related to copyright, content removal, and regional restrictions.
  • Ensure that your browser, OS, and media player software are up-to-date to benefit from the latest bug fixes, security patches, and video compatibility improvements.

Part 5. FAQs about Video Error 150

What does Video Error 150 mean?

A Video Error 150 refers to a problem or issue that prevents a video from playing correctly, often resulting in disruptions, distortions, or complete failure of video playback.

Why won’t Google Slides play my Video Error 150?

Google Slides may not play your video for various reasons, including incompatible video formats or network issues. But, the main cause of this error code is corrupted video files. You can refer to the previous instructional guide to help fix the corrupted video files using AnyMP4 Video Repair.

What is the Error 150 in Outlook?

An Error 150 in Outlook may occur due to improper program installation. These errors prevent you from sending and receiving new emails. Also, it may hinder the normal functioning of the email program.

What does Unable to Play Video mean?

Unable to Play Video signifies that the media player or platform cannot start or display the video. It could be due to corrupted video files, incompatible video formats, network issues, or restrictions that prevent video playback.


After you completely read this guidepost, we hope you can fix the Unable to Play Video Error 150 issue on Google Slides and YouTube. With the help of the solutions and prevention tips, you can now avoid video errors and enjoy playing content seamlessly. Remember, if you are dealing with corrupted video files, use reliable video file repair software like AnyMP4 Video Repair to fix it!

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