Livestorm V.S. Zoom, What Are the Differences

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Livestorm V.S. Zoom, What Are the Differences

Nowadays, the development of online communication generalizes video conferencing in companies, especially multinational companies. Thus, a lot of useful video conferencing solutions have emerged including Livestorm and Zoom. And here comes a problem: When you want to have an online video meeting with colleagues, would you choose Livestorm or Zoom ?

Livestorm V.S. Zoom

Part 1: Livestorm V.S. Zoom, the Differences Between Them

What is Livestorm?

Livestorm is a kind of browser-based tool especially for webinars, online courses, and lectures, rather than company video conferences. Without downloading any software, you can hold a Livestorm meeting with unlimited attendees. Its most important feature is that the hosts can interact with attendees actively by voting, Q&A, and chatting in real time.

Livestorm Video Comference

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that especially for companies of all sizes including small businesses and enterprises. And it is also suitable for video calls between friends and families. It supports sharing their screen with colleagues or friends to chat together or taping the words on the chatbox that everyone can participate in.

Zoom Video COnference

Comparison between Livestorm and Zoom


Livestorm Zoom
Free Trial 1. All features included
2. Real-time meeting with a maximum of 4 people
3. Limited 20 minutes of an event
1. Unlimited time for 1-on-1 call
2. 40 minutes limitation for group calls with a maximum of 100 people
Pro $109 per month
1. All features included
2. Instant meeting with up to 12 people
3. Up to 4 hours per event
4. 100 attendees limit (can be upgraded to 250 attendees and 1000 attendees)
$14.99 per month
1. Unlimited time for 1-on-1 can group call
2. 100 attendees limit for group calls (can be upgraded to 1000 attendees)
Enterprise 1. Multiple workspaces with unified billing
2. Provide premium training with an expert of Livestorm
3. Executive business reviews
4. Dedicated CSM to improve your company
$19.99 per month
1. Unlimited cloud storage
2. 500 attendees limit (can be upgraded to 1000)
3. Dedicated customer service representative

Pros and Cons:

Livestorm Zoom
Pros 1. Interact with attendees easily during the live event through voting, chatbox, and Q&A
2. Able to start and enter at any time from any browser without software
3. Instant replay - the videos can be compiled in a few seconds
4. Very simple registration let attendees join the meetings easily
5. Analysis tool to learn about the requirement of attendees and improve your webinar quality
1. Easy to use on mobile and computer
2. Videos and audios in high quality
3. Able to record meetings on the cloud and transfer the audio into words automatically
4. Easy to share the screen and open several webcams to chat
5. Able to Remotely connect participants' computers to provide remote support and online collaboration
Cons 1. Not supported by mobile
2. Relatively higher price than other video conferencing solutions
3. There is no Chrome extension to connect with Google Calendar
1. Have to download the software
2. Not so colorful interaction system
3. Not able to record as a free user

Part 2: Livestorm V.S. Zoom, Which One Is Better to Use

After comparing Livestorm and Zoom from all the aspects as mentioned, you will realize that these two video conferencing solutions are focus on different usage. If you only want to hold a video meeting with colleagues or friends to discuss something, Zoom will be your best choice with higher cost performance than Livestorm. And Livestorm is better for webinars, lectures, and online courses with different forms of interaction between hosts and attendees. Moreover, it is very helpful in marketing because it provides an analysis tool for webinars to learn more about the preferences of attendees.

As for the basic features, both of them support screen sharing, chatting, recording, and so on. However, if you want to record a Zoom meeting, you must be a pro or enterprise user. And the most important is that only the hosts have the right to record Livestorm and Zoom meeting.

Bonus Recommended Screen Recorder to Record Livestorm and Zoom Meeting

Although Livestorm and Zoom have built-in recorders, only the host with the pro version can use it, and the recording information will be notified to everyone. In this case, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is your best choice to record Zoom and Livestorm meetings as an attendee in private. In this way, you can playback the meeting videos at any time or share them with others.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 3: FAQs about Livestorm V.S. Zoom

1. Which one should I choose for small companies' conference, Livestorm V.S. Zoom?

Zoom is a better choice. If you only need to have a video meeting with less than 100 members, you can simply use the free trial with the time limitation or the pro version of Zoom that costs $14.99 per month. And it can meet most of your requirements with less cost than Livestorm.

2. Can I use Livestorm or Zoom for free?

Of course, you can. Livestorm and Zoom both have a free trial for users with members and time limitations.

3. How to record Livestorm and Zoom meetings in private?

Because the built-in recorders in Livestorm and Zoom will notify the recording information to all the participants. And only the host can use this function. Thus, the recommended AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is your best choice to record Zoom and Livestorm conferences without any limitation as attendees.


Livestorm is better for online courses and lectures, and meanwhile, Zoom is a better choice for the company's video conferencing. And if you want to record Livestorm and Zoom meetings in private, download the best professional tool - AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to help you.

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