How to Record Online Video Lectures Efficiently without Missing Important Parts

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How to Record Online Video Lectures Efficiently without Missing Important Parts

Nowadays, online video lectures are more and more popular. No matter you want to improve your grades, learn a kind of language, prepare for certificated exams, or even master different skills. And most of those online lecture programs you have paid for have a fixed time to watch. What should you do to not miss any lecture?

The best way is to record online video lectures on your computer and playback them at any time without the internet. However, because of the Digital rights management, no platform for online lectures provides the built-in recorder for participants to record the videos of online lectures. But don't worry! Keep reading and learn the best way to record online video lectures.

How to Record Online Video Lectures

Part 1: How to Record Online Video Lectures Easily

Since the built-in recorders have a usage limit to participants, the best solution is to use a professional recorder without limitations. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a powerful recorder to help you record online video lectures with high quality by adjusting the video settings. Moreover, the editing function is also helpful for you to take notes quickly without handwriting. The most important thing is that you can set a task schedule to start recording at the desired time.

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The detailed steps to record online video courses:

Step 1. Download AnyMP4 Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac and launch it. Click the Video Recorder button on the main interface.

Video Recorder

If you will be absent at the lecture time, click the Task Schedule button and choose the Add new task button. Then click the OK button to create a new task and set the start and end time points. Moreover, you can also change the settings to repeat the recording of online video lectures every week.

Edit Task Schedule

Step 2. After entering the video recording interface, you should firstly click the Full button or choose the Custom button to select the recording region. Then turn on the System Sound button and click the Downward Arrow to change the sound source to the application or browser of online lectures. It will prevent the recordings from being disturbed by other software.

Custom Recording Area

Step 3. Click the Record setting button and choose the Output pane. You can adjust the video format, resolution, frame rate, and quality here. To keep high quality, you'd better choose the MP4 format with 1920×1080 resolution in high quality.

Output Preferences

Step 4. Click the REC button and wait for the 3-second countdown, it will start recording online video lectures.

Note: If you have set the task schedule, you don't need to click REC button. Just open the software and keep your computer on, the recording will start automatically at the set time.

Start Recording

Step 5. Then a toolbox will pop up. You can add shapes, lines, highlights, and words to edit the recording in real time. It's a very easy way to take notes quickly without handwriting. If you want to end the recordings, simply click the Stop icon.

Finnish Recording

Before saving the recordings of online video lectures, you can clip the extra parts by inputting the time. Then click the Save button to choose the Output storage and save the recordings.

preview Video

Part 2: FAQs about How to Record Online Video Lectures

1. How to record online video courses with high quality?

Using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can help you record online video lectures with high quality. You should simply adjust the video quality before starting the recordings.

2. What is the best format for recording online video lectures?

The best recordings of online video lectures should be in MP4 format with H.264 encoder. Because not only it has small size with high quality, but also it can be played on computer and mobile through any video player. To save storage space and play recordings on mobile successfully, the MP4 format is the best choice.

3. How to record online video lectures on iPhone?

You can simply use the built-in recorder on your iPhone, or you can find some iPhone recorder apps specialized for recording online video lectures on App Store.


Because those platforms of online video lectures only allow the host to record their courses according to DRM, you can use the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to help you. With the mentioned steps, you have learned the easiest way to record online video lectures. If you have encountered other questions about recording online video lectures, please leave your comment below.

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