How Does Large FLAC Compression Work?: Two Prominent Tool to Reduce It

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How Does Large FLAC Compression Work?: Two Prominent Tool to Reduce It

Having FLAC audio files is a great way to save our music to listen to them anytime. This audio file format is great because of the elements it contains. For that, it gives us a wonderful experience playing our audio files. However, this comes with an advantage: FLAC is bigger in file size. For that, we will explain why it occurs, and as a bonus, we will teach you how to reduce this FLAC file without affecting the quality of your audio.

Why Flac Files so Big

Part 1: Why are FLAC Files so Huge In Size?

It is a lossless file type, meaning no audio data is lost during the encoding process. FLAC, which means Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a digital audio file format similar to MP3. Although the resulting files are noticeably bigger than MP3, you can be sure that every detail is in the files you're hearing. FLAC appeals to audio aficionados since it preserves the original recording. Furthermore, FLAC provides a variety of bit depths and sampling rates sufficient for all your hi-res needs. Those are the reasons why the FLAC has a large size.

If you're not turned off by the big file sizes that will affect your storage and wireless data usage, all of this sounds fine. But regardless of the platform or location where you listen, is FLAC a clear winner? No, actually. It's time to get to work and discover the best ways to use those FLAC files and when they make sense. That is also why you need to proceed with the next part of this article to learn how we can compress FLAC files professionally.

Part 2: Best FLAC Compression Level

For instance, song 1 took about 6 seconds to transcode at Level 5 from AIFF to FLAC. The conversion time for Level 8 was about 18 seconds. The differences between compression and on-the-fly decompression are apparent, but it's noteworthy that Level 8 got three multiple times as long as Level 5 while only shrinking files by 0.2 MB. That is also why Level 5 became the best FLAC compression level of the decade. Check more details here to learn about audio compression.

Part 3: FLAC Compression Settings

Here we can see the FLAC compression settings for a great sound quality. First, at the main Window of the software, hit the Settings button. Then, please select the General tab in the Settings box. Now, with the FLAC compressing slider, adjust the compression level (most left position).

Free Lossless Audio Codec uncompressed is the most left position. After that, click the OK button. Those are the few steps we need to know the compression settings of our FLAC.

FLAC Uncompressed Settings

Part 4: How to Compress FLAC Files

Compress FLAC with AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

With that, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best medium you can utilize to minimize the file size of your FLAC audio. This converter possesses the most professional features you need to reduce these large files and edit them simultaneously.


  • Smooth conversion for FLAC and over 300 other media files including WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4, MOV, MKV, and more.
  • Batch conversion and compression to handle multiple FLAC files to save your time greatly.
  • Tremendous ToolboxToolbox for flexible editing media experience for FLAC and other media files.
  • High-quality GPU acceleration tool to speed up the audio compression at 60X faster.

1. Download and Install the converting tool on your computer and open it to access the Toolbox.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2. From there, see the Audio Compressor among the choices. This will be the main feature we need to make the process of shrinking FLAC possible.

3. From there, we will see a new window tab on our screen. It will also show us a Plus or Add button. You need to click it to add the FLAC files we want to process. This will also trigger a Tab File where you can see your FLAC files.

4. Now, on the timeline, please access the Size tab. Then, adjust the size following your reference. From there, you can also modify some elements of your audio. After doing it, start hitting the Compress button to finish the process.


These are the four simple procedures for changing the size of your FLAC audio file. Additionally, the process is made feasible by the superb AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. Since it is clear that it is simple and successful, many users endorse it.

Reduce FLAC Audio Size with AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online

If you only need an online tool to lessen the file size of your FLAC, then AnyMP4 Audio Converter Online will be an excellent choice for you. This online tool offers the most specific and high-quality outcome. That means we can now have FLAC audio with lesser file size but comes with high quality. Let's see how it works.

1. Go to the official AnyMP4 Audio Converter Online website. The Upload File button is located in the center of the utility. You can add any FLAC files you want to process using this capability.

Click Upload File Button

2. Give your FLAC a few seconds to load. The target size for the FLAC audio can then be selected.

Save Result

3. Press the Compress button to save your audio files after that.

Save Result

Part 5: FAQs about Why FLAC Files So Big

1. Do FLAC audio files sound better?

If the FLAC is better with sound, the answer will depend on the situation. Specifically, it is in between yes and no. The fact is that listening to FLAC audio files does make a very audible difference in the quality. Because MP3 is smaller and has the same quality as FLAC, many individuals insist that they cannot say the difference between the two formats. However, they are misguided. Overall, based on the user's experience, FLAC audio is beneficial. It's just that we cannot prevent con on it.

2. How can we diferestitae FLAC and 320kbps files?

According to the expert, FLAC is a lossless audio file, but the track still needs to be recorded and mastered to sound well. Theoretically, a high-quality track in 320kbps can sound better than a low-quality track in FLAC. Once more, lossless FLAC will undoubtedly outperform lossy MP3 if the recording is of excellent quality. These are the few categories that define FLAC and 320kbps files uniquely. Besides, you can convert FLAC, WMA, MP3 and more to 320kbps files with some third-party tools.

3. Is FLAC audio codec great for audio compression?

A Free Lossless Audio Codec or FLAC is a decent option if you wish to store your music in a lossless format. Its compression isn't nearly as effective as other audio formats, so your files may be slightly more prominent, but iTunes and iOS fully support it. On the other hand, if you ask if FLAC compression level affects quality, the answer is no.


As we conclude, the FLAC audio file is more significant in file size due to the elements it contains. It is also evident that composing this kind of audio format is not recommendable but made possible by AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. This tool never fails in giving us the best output possible. With that, we also have an online choice: the AnyMP4 Audio Converter Online. Both tools will give you a superior experience in converting your audio. You may try one of them and start doing your task with excellent output.

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