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How does Xbox One Play Blu ray

Xbox One Play Blu ray

Microsoft's Xbox One play 4k games, so you may wonder does Xbox One plays blu ray files. The answer is xbox one supports blu rays and 4k ultra HD blu rays. Xbox one has integrated a blu ray drive. And Xbox one is not only a game console, but also a blu ray player. Users could playback blu ray discs and standard DVDs on Xbox One. That is a good new for Xbox one users and game players that want to purchase Xbox One. However, if you want to enjoy blu ray movies with Xbox one, you will need to do more than just put the disc into it. In this post, we will tell you how to play blu rays on Xbox One.

1. Play blu ray on Xbox One directly
2. Rip blu ray to Xbox One
3. Xbox One Scorpio

1. Play blu ray on Xbox One directly

If your blu ray discs are compatible with Xbox One, you can play them on Xbox One directly. Even though Xbox one play blu ray discs, you still need to install a blu ray player on Xbox One before play them. And Microsoft provides multiple ways to install player app on Xbox One.

 Play blu ray on Xbox One

Method one

You can install a blu ray playing application through external hard drive or disc.

Step 1: Insert the blu ray disc into your Xbox One.

Step 2: Choose the blu ray player app and select Install on the application details page.

Step 3: Then the disc will install the app on Xbox One in a few seconds and you can play blu ray on Xbox One.

Method two

Microsoft also provides blu ray player app in Xbox Store. And you can install the app on Xbox One under internet environment.

Step 1: In Xbox Home screen, go to Store.

Step 2: Choose the Apps on the Categories area and then choose Search apps from the list of option.

Step 3: Search for blu ray in the search bar and choose the blu ray disc app on the result page.

Step 4: On the app details page, click on Install to finish installing.

Method three

Xbox One has equipped Microsoft voice assistant, so you can use voice commands to achieve the installation of blu ray player app.

Step 1: After power on your Xbox One, say "Xbox, Bing" to open Bing app.

Step 2: Once you say "blu ray player app", Bing will show you the right app.

Step 3: On the player app details page, choose Install to complete the process.

After player app installed, you can play blu ray on Xbox One.

2. Rip blu ray to Xbox One

Although Xbox One has the ability to read and playback blu ray discs, you may still face challenges to play blu ray discs on Xbox One. Compatibility and region code are the biggest problems. Xbox One is not able to compatible with all discs. And this game console also constrains by region code, for digital right regulations. At this time, you need a powerful blu ray ripper to help you, like AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper. It is a professional blu ray ripper. The biggest advantage of AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper is to keep the original quality of images and audios. Moreover, this blu ray ripper simplifies the process to convert blu rays to Xbox One readable videos.

How to rip blu ray to Xbox One

Step 1: Install Blu-ray Ripper on your computer. Developer provides a version to Windows and Mac respectively. Open Blu-ray Ripper and insert the blu ray disc to rip into CD-ROM drive.

Step 2: Click on Load Disc button to import the media files on blu ray disc.

 A4 Load Disc

Step 3: Choose the video format that Xbox One playable in the list of Profile. On the left panel, select the video clips to rip. You can preview the video clips on the right Preview panel. Other adjustable parameters related to video quality are in Settings window.

A4 Profile

Step 4: Drop a Destination in the field to save the output.

Step 5: Once you click on Convert button, Blu-ray Ripper will start ripping for Xbox One and saving the output on your computer.

A4 Rip Blu Ray

After ripped, you can copy the compatible video files to USB flash drive and play blu ray on Xbox One without any problem. Blu-ray Ripper is able to wipe region code from the blu ray movies.

3. Xbox One Scorpio

Scorpio Project is the upgrade to the Xbox One and is expected to release by Christmas 2017. Xbox One Scorpio attracted many attentions and you must want to know whether Xbox One Scorpio is worth to buy. According to the information from Microsoft, Xbox One Scorpio seems the most powerful game console and the best 4k blu ray player on the market.

There are several famous brands on game console market, including Sony's PlayStation, Nintendo's wii and Microsoft's Xbox One. When we focus on video experiences, Xbox One is apparently more excellent. PlayStation 4 Pro does not have dedicated app to playback 4k blu rays. Nintendo's wii and wii u are more concentrate on games. You will discover it is difficult to playback blu ray movies on wii and wii u.

On the contrary, Microsoft continuously improves the features of Xbox One related to blu ray playback. Xbox One has a dedicated blu ray player app. And now Xbox One Scorpio even equips a 4k blu ray drive and supports 4k blu rays and ultra HD blu rays. If you already have a 4k HDR TV and prepare to purchase a 4k blu ray player, Xbox One Scorpio should on the top of your purchase decision list.


We introduced the way to play blu ray on Xbox One in this article. Microsoft's Xbox One has a blu ray drive, so you can playback blu ray discs on Xbox One directly. And Microsoft provides a dedicated blu ray player app for Xbox One users. You can install this blu ray player app in Microsoft Store, by inserting a blu ray disc or using voice commands. After player app installed, all you need to do is to insert your blu ray disc into Xbox One and start enjoying the movie. At this time, Xbox One works similar to blu ray player firmware.

Unfortunately, Xbox One still faces the problems of digital right protection and compatibilities when you playback blu rays on Xbox One. That means you have to remove the region code or convert blu rays to the formats Xbox One readable. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper is the all-in-one solution. It can rip blu rays, 4k blu rays and ultra HD blu rays for Xbox One and remove region code at the same time. Another benefit of Blu-ray Ripper is to keep the original images and audio quality. No matter you are using an Xbox One or prepare to purchase Xbox One Scorpio, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper is an useful tool.

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