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FLAC CUE Splitter: Separate Audio Tracks from CUE File for Easy Playback

FLAC CUE Splitter: Separate Audio Tracks from CUE File for Easy Playback

When you download the FLAC albums in the Internet or get FLAC files from the ripped CDs, you will find there are a large FLAC file along with a CUE file after decoding. However, you could not play the FLAC file directly.

For using FLAC files, you need to split it into multiple tracks and extract the FLAC tracks for direct playback with the FLAC player.

That's what we shall introduce in the following description, how to split FLAC CUE file into individual tracks with the 2 powerful FLAC CUE splitter.

FLAC CUE Splitter

Split FLAC

Part 1. What is FLAC CUE File?

What is FLAC CUE file?

FLAC is the well known lossless audio codec, which lets you backup CDs with quality loss. When you rip CD to FLAC or download a FLAC album online, you will get a large single FLAC image file, which includes FLAC tracks, and CUE file that contains the markers and tracklist.

However, the CUE file may get you into trouble like the friend saying:

"I recently received a flac-formatted audio music file. It came along with a separate flac.cue file and a .cue file. I'm not certain what the .cue file is, but the flac.cue file lists all the tracking cues for the main flac file. With some converting tools I can convert the FLAC to any other format with no problem, but I need to split it up into individual tracks and can't seem to find a way to do this. If I burn only the .flac file, then I'll end up with a 60 minute CD with no tracking cues. Is there any way to incorporate the flac.cue file into the CD so that I can see the tracks listed when I insert the CD into a player?"

Wow, a long story about FLAC CUE file.

Of course, there is a great way to solve the problem.

The CUE file is the index file associated with FLAC file, if there is no CUE file, it can't select the song when playing FLAC file. Open the CUE file with Notepad program, you will find that it records the singers of entire album in FLAC files, album name, FLAC file name, track number, each track title, artist, start time and end time. Thus it is so important for you when you want to burn CD with the FLAC file.

For fixing it, you need the powerful FLAC CUE Splitter software, which splits one big album .flac file which contains multiple tracks up into individual tracks via .cue file and then save as each individual song/music.

That's what we shall show you in the next part.

Part 2. How to Separate FLAC CUE to MP3 FLAC WAV

The easiest way to split FLAC CUE file is AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It lets you extract the CUE file and convert it to other formats for playing on iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, PS3/4, Zune/Xbox 360, etc., smoothly.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best FLAC CUE splitter and converter software, which has the powerful converting function to exract FLAC CUE file and save as MP3/M4A/AAC/AIFF and lossless audio formats like WAV and WMA.


  • Split FLAC CUE file as MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, ALAC, and other audio formats.
  • Handle over 300 formats' conversion of video, audio and DVD.
  • Personalize video with multiple editing features like Clip/Merge/Crop/Watermark video.
  • Rotate video, enhance video effect, add filters and subtitles, add 3D effects, convert 3D videos, make MVs, collage videos, etc.
  • Over 19 tools under the Toolbox to refine your video effects, like reverse, speed up/down, remove video watermark, and more.
Free Download For Windows

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1 Add FLAC CUE file

After installing AnyMP4 FLAC CUE splitter software, you can launch the program and open the main interface, then click "Add Files" button to add the FLAC CUE file to the program. Or you can drag and drop the FLAC CUE file into this software.

Add Flac

2 Select the output format

Click the drop-down arrow of "Convert All to" and choose "Audio" section to select one output format like MP3, M4A, MP2, WAV, and WMA and other.

If you would like, you can use the edit option to edit teh CUE file before splitting.

Profile Audio

3 Split FLAC CUE tracks

This FLAC CUE splitter and converter software highly supports batch conversion, click "Convert All" button and all your FLAC files would be converted to your wanted audio format in a short time.

Convert Flac

Part 3. How to Split FLAC CUE with Medieval Cue Splitter

Medieval Cue Splitter, is the freeware to split a big FLAC CUE into independent audio tracks. Besides FLAC, it also supports MP3, APE. OGG, WAV, WMA, etc., CUE file split without decode/re-encoder any audio data.

Now, let's check how this FLAC CUE splitter works to split the CUE file.

1 Firstly, you should download this CUE splitter from its official page to your Windows computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and run it.

Note: You should agree to be bound by the terms of the Medieval Freeware License. Otherwise, you cannot use it.

Split flac

2 Click "File" > "Open CUE fileā€¦" from the top menu to open and select the CUE files that you want to split. This FLAC CUE splitter supports batch files split, and you are allowed to add more than one FLAC CUE files into this software.

Run Medieval Cue Splitter

3 When you're ready to split the large .flac file into individual tracks, click the "Split" button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Split flac

Once completed, a small pop-up window will appear and click "OK" to complete the whole splitter. At last you will have each track on the album as an individual .flac file, and you could play the split FLAC files with the FLAC player directly.

Note: There are the limits you should know:

  • MPC engine can cause a bit of jitter at the beginning/end of tracks.
  • MD5 checksum is not calculated for generating FLAC files.
  • There is a tag in FLAC CUE splitter.

Part 4. FAQs of FLAC CUE Splitter

How do I split a FLAC file with CUE on Mac?

For splitting a FLAC file with CUE on Mac, you will need the FLAC splitter for Mac. Faasoft Audio Converter is the tool you will need. Click Add file to import the FALC files with CUE, select Split by Chapter option, choose the output file and click Convert to start splitting the FLAC files with CUE on Mac.

How to split APE files with CUE?

Medieval Cue Splitter is also the software that can be used to split APE files with CUE on your computer. Click File to choose Open CUE file to import the APE with CUE files. After that, click Split to split the APE files with CUE immediately.

How to split FLAC files without CUE?

Without CUE, you can easily split the FLAC files with the third-party software. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the software that can split the FLAC files directly. Just click Add File to import one or more FLAC files, and click the clip feature to split one file into parts.


Let's cap things off with a conclusion.

This page we mainly talk about what is FLAC CUE file and how to split the FLAC CUS file into individual tracks for easy playback with Medieval Cue Splitter. Last, do not forget to convert FLAC into more compatible audio formats when your emphasis is not the audio quality but compatibility and file size.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What do you think of this post?


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