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Convert PCM to WAV

PCM to WAV Converter - Convert PCM to WAV with super high audio quality

PCM (Pulse-code modulation), which is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. It is the standard form for digital audio in computers and various Blu-ray, DVD and Compact Disc formats, as well as other uses such as digital telephone systems. PCM streams have two basic properties that determine their fidelity to the original analog signal: the sampling rate, which is the number of times per second that samples are taken; and the bit depth, which determines the number of possible digital values that each sample can take.

As we know, PCM file is not supported by most Media players and portable devices, their compatible audio format are MP3, WAV, and others. If we want to enjoy the PCM audio file on our Apple device like iPod touch, iPod nano, iPad, iPhone, and other players such as Sony Walkman, iRiver, PSP, PS3 and more, we need to convert PCM to WAV, MP3 and more. AnyMP4 PCM to WAV Converter is the popular PCM to WAV Converting tool to help you convert PCM to WAV, and can trim the audio length, merge audio files, and customize audio effect. This article is the step by step guide to show you the detailed steps of converting PCM to WAV with super high quality.

Free download and launch the program

Here you can download PCM to WAV Converter software, and install it on your computer. And then you can launch the program to open the main interface.


Add PCM audio and choose output format

Click "Add Video" button and open your PCM folder saved on your PC local disc to add them to the program one by one. Or you can click "Add Video" drop-down button and select "Add Folder" option to load the whole audio folder to the program at one time. Then you can click "Profile" button to open the "Profile" list, here you can choose "General Audio" item to select "WAV – Waveform audio (*.wav)" format as output format.

Add audio

Edit the audio to personalize

AnyMP4 PCM to WAV Converter has the function to help you trim the video length and adjust the audio volume. You can click "Trim" button and open the "Edit" widow, here you can drag the slide bar to change the start and end as you like under the preview column. Or you can input the value in the corresponding box to set the start and end time, and the unwanted part would remove at will. Then you can click "OK" button to complete the trim function.

Trim audio

Convert PCM to WAV

Click "Convert" button and the program would enter the conversion process, here is will show the converted number and process, also you can stop or pause the conversion, in a short while, the PCM to WAV conversion would be finished.

Conversion process
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What is WAV?

The WAV format was created by Microsoft in partnership with IBM in the 1990s, and remains the most common format for saving and exchanging uncompressed audio. Like some older formats, such as the Red Book format used on compact discs, WAVs are based on pulse-code modulation. PCM imposes certain limitations on the number of channels and the sample rate of the recorded audio. However, further iterations of the WAV format removed some of these limitations.

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