A Practical How-To Guide: How to Record a WebEx Meeting

A Practical How-To Guide: How to Record a WebEx Meeting

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of remote communication and collaboration, platforms like WebEx have become invaluable tools for businesses, educators, and individuals. WebEx meetings enable seamless interactions across distances, fostering productive discussions, presentations, and knowledge sharing. With the ability to record WebEx meetings, the potential for maximizing the benefits of these virtual gatherings becomes even more significant.

Recording WebEx meetings offer a gateway to preserving crucial conversations, valuable presentations, and insightful discussions. Whether you’re a host aiming to capture key insights or a participant seeking to revisit critical points, understanding how to record WebEx meetings is essential. This guide will navigate you through recording WebEx meetings with permission and without permission using a third-party tool, ensuring you’re equipped to record meetings efficiently, ethically, and in compliance with consent norms. So without any further discussion, read on to learn more details!

How to Record WebEx Meeting

Part 1. How to Record WebEx Meeting With Permission

WebEx is a well-known web conferencing and video conferencing platform developed by Cisco. It provides various communication and collaboration features for businesses, organizations, and individuals. WebEx offers the option to record meetings, presentations, and webinars, allowing participants to review the content later or share it with others who couldn’t attend the live session.

Here’s how to record a WebEx meeting:

1. Beforehand, communicate to all participants that the meeting will be recorded. Clearly explain the purpose of the recording and obtain their consent to proceed.

2. Join the WebEx meeting as a participant or host, depending on your role in the meeting. As the host, ensure that the meeting recording feature is enabled.

3. Once the meeting has begun and all the participants are aware and have given their consent, start recording by clicking Record within the WebEx interface.

Record WebEx Meeting

4. If the conversation veers into sensitive topics or private discussions, you should pause the recording temporarily to respect the participant’s privacy.

5. When the meeting concludes, end the recording if it hasn’t been stopped by clicking Stop within the WebEx interface.

Stop WebEx Meeting Recording

Recording meetings in WebEx can be a valuable tool for collaboration, knowledge, sharing, and documentation. However, recording meetings without the proper consent of participants can raise privacy concerns. It requires users to inform participants about the recording and obtain their permission. Moreover, the format of WebEx recording will be saved as .wrf automatically. If you want to play it on most devices, you need to convert WRF to MP4.

Part 2. How to Record WebEx Meetings Without Permission

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a handy WebEx recording tool alternative that allows users to capture the content of a WebEx meeting, including video, audio, and screen sharing or presentations. It empowers users to record video and audio content during virtual gatherings, preserving discussions, presentations, and interactions for future reference or sharing.

Moreover, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder isn’t restricted to WebEx; it can record content from various sources, making it a multi-purpose tool for all your screen recording needs. With it, you have full control over recording, ensuring you follow ethical and legal considerations by obtaining proper participant consent.


  • Set start times and durations for automated capture.
  • Export in MP4, MOV, and F4V for platform compatibility.
  • Add text, shapes, and lines in real time for enhanced content.
  • Record system audio and microphone input for comprehensive recordings.
  • Full screen, custom region, specific window options for focused content capture.

Here’s how to record WebEx meeting using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder:

1. First, get the tool by clicking the Free Download button below. After you download the WebEx Recorder alternative, open the software after installation.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2. You will see a user-friendly interface with various recording options; choose the Video Recorder option.

Navigate to Video Recorder Tab

3. In the next window, choose your preferred recording area. Choose the recording area, such as Full or Custom. Enable the System Sound and Microphone to capture audio meetings and voice commentary.

Configure Recording Settings

4. After configuring the settings, join the WebEx recording as a participant. When you’re ready to start recording, return to AnyMP4 Screen Recorder and click the REC button.

Initiate WebEx Meeting Recording

5. The recording will begin after the three-second countdown, recording everything within the specified recording area. If you need to pause the recording at any point, click the Pause button within the control panel.

6. When the WebEx meeting is finished, click the Red Square button within the control panel to stop the recording. It will prompt you to trim and save the recording in the Preview window.

Preview of Recorded WebEx Meeting

While WebEx’s built-in recording has certain limitations, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder brings a range of advantages to the table, such as customization, versatility, enhanced editing, offline access, and control over formats. It can be particularly beneficial for users seeking more control over their recordings and the flexibility to capture content beyond WebEx meetings.

Part 3. FAQs about Recording WebEx Meetings

Where do I find WebEx recordings?

WebEx recordings are accessible within the WebEx account under the Recordings or My Recordings section. On the other hand, if you record a WebEx meeting using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, you can easily locate the recorded meeting in the destination folder you set.

Can I record a WebEx meeting?

Absolutely! You can record a WebEx meeting if you are the host or the host has granted you recording privileges. However, the ability to record a meeting depends on the settings and permissions set by the host and your organization. For a hassle-free recording experience, consider using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder.

How do I record a WebEx meeting if I am not the host?

If you’re not the host of a WebEx meeting, you may still be able to record the meeting if the host has granted you recording privileges. However, if you don’t have recording privileges and want to record the meeting, using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can be an easy solution to record WebEx meetings. It’s a versatile tool that empowers participants to capture discussions seamlessly.

How long does WebEx keep Recordings?

The retention period for WebEx recordings depends on your organization’s subscription plan and settings. WebEx allows the host to choose how long recordings are stored. Recordings can be kept for a specific period and might be automatically deleted after that time elapses. For ultimate control, consider AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. It lets you retain recordings indefinitely unless you choose to delete them. Enjoy limitless storage and easy access.

Can I edit a WebEx recording?

YES! You can edit a WebEx recording. After downloading the recorded WebEx meeting, you can use video editing software to make edits such as trimming, adding annotations, enhancing video quality, and more. Use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder’s editing features to trim and edit recordings effortlessly.


In an era where virtual interactions are indispensable, the ability to record WebEx meetings presents an opportunity to enhance collaboration, knowledge transfer, and documentation. By following the outlined steps on how to record WebEx meetings and adhering to ethical practices, you can harness the power of recording to create a repository of valuable insights. Recording WebEx meetings, when done responsibly, transforms them from fleeting conversations into enduring resources. As technology continuously reshapes how we communicate, mastering the art of recording virtual meetings ensures that the wisdom shared in these digital spaces remains accessible, beneficial, and impactful long after the virtual conference room fades into memory.

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