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How to Record Video on Mac

How to Record Videos on Mac – 4 Best Methods You Should Know

Whether you need to record the popular videos, gameplay, or video tutorial, how to record videos on Mac? You will find that there are plenty of video recording and screen capturing programs, what are the best video recorders for Mac you should choose?

The article shares 4 best video recording programs for Mac to capture video and audio files. Besides the built-in software, such as QuickTime and iMovie, you can also find the professional video recorders to capture the desired videos on Mac with a high quality.

How to Record Videos on Mac

Part 1: Best Way to Record a Video on Mac with a High Quality

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder for Mac is a versatile video recorder to capture video, audio as well as external camera. Moreover, you can also custom the recording screen, add callouts, highlights and more other elements, or further edit the recording files the video recorder on Mac.

  • Capture video, audio, external camera and even take snapshots.
  • Advanced editing features to add texts, callouts and more others.
  • Custom the recording screen, audio volume and hot keys easily.
  • Export the recording video files to multiple formats and resolutions.

How to Record a Video on Mac via Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install Screen Recorder for Mac

Once you have downloaded and installed Screen Recorder for Mac, you can launch the program on your MacBook. If you need to record external video on Mac with external camera, you should connect the camera beforehand.


Step 2: Select the recording area

If you just need to record video for online streaming sites, you can custom the screen area of the web browser. You can also set a definite aspect ratio to record, or record in the general aspect ratio, such as 1024*768 pixel.

Set Area

Step 3: Record screen video with audio

When you need to record video on Mac with audio files, you can enable the "System Audio" option or the "Microphone" option. Adjust the audio volume in order to get the best audio quality with ease.

Audio Source

Step 4: Record video with external camera

Just enable the "Webcam" option to record the videos with external cameras. Click the Camera to access all the cameras, including the external camera and the built-in camera on your computer.


Step 5: Preview and export the recorded video

Play the video and click the "REC" button to start recording the video on Mac. When the video completes, click the "Stop" button. Then preview the video and click the "Save" button if you are satisfied with the video.


Note: While recording a video, you can draw on the recording with the drawing tools. Moreover, if you set the Task Schedule according to the length of the video, it will be saved automatically after playback.

Part 2: How to Record a Video on Mac with QuickTime

QuickTime Player is the built-in media player and video recorder on Mac. Moreover, it also enables you to playback the video/audio files and integrate multiple advanced video editing tools. Just learn more about the detailed processes as below.

How to Record a Video via Webcam with QuickTime

Step 1: Open the QuickTime Player on Mac. Click and expand the "File menu", select the "New Movie Recording" option if you want to record a video via FaceTime, webcam or connected iOS device.

Step 2: Unfold the Arrow icon next to the "Record" button. After that select the input sources under Camera and Microphone sections. Choose the desired source device and video quality.

Step 3: Click the "Record" button to start recording video on Mac. When you get the recording files, click the "Stop" button. Click "File" > "Save", name the video file and choose the destination, click the "Save" option to confirm.

Record movie mac quicktime

How to record an online video on Mac with QuickTime

Step 1: Choose the "New Screen Recording" in the "File" menu. Then unfold the Arrow icon, and choose the "Built-in Microphone" option under the "Microphone" section.

Step 2: Find the desired video in your web browser, set the recording area based on the video.

Step 3: Play the video and click the red "Record" button to start recording the video on MacBook. When it is done, save it to your hard drive.

Part 3: How to Record a Video on Mac through iMovie

iMovie is another pre-installed video player on Mac. Besides, there are multiple editing tools within the application as well as the screen capture with audio feature. Just learn more details about how to record a video with sound in iMovie as below.

Step 1: Open your iMovie to create a new project. Click and expand the "File menu" option to select "Import Media" to open the Import screen. Choose FaceTime HD Camera from the left sidebar under the Cameras area.

Step 2: Select the "Import To" at the top of the Import screen, and then select the project or event you want to capture. Then you will be presented the screen recorder for Mac with the Record button.

Step 3: Click on the "Record" button to begin recording a video on Mac with the FaceTime camera. When finished recording, click on the button at the bottom again to stop. The recording files will be available in the library area.

Step 4: In order to export the video recording in iMovie, click the "Share" icon at the upper right side. You can export the video to iTunes, social media sites or click the "Save" button to save the files to your Mac.

iMovie camera capture clip

Part 4: How to Record a Video on Mac via ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is another popular method to record video on your MacBook. It provides an easy method to spice up the videos, add transitions files/text animations/freehand annotation and more other elements within the multi-channel video recorder on Mac.

Step 1: Download and install the video recorder on Mac, go to launch the ScreenFlow and find the "New Recording" option, which enable you to record video from different channels.

Step 2: Enable both the "Record Desktop" and "Record Computer Audio" options. After that, hit the "Record" button to start recording screen video with audio files on Mac.

Step 3: Once you have finished the recording process, click the ScreenFlow icon in the upper right corner of your Mac. It will save the project file within the program for further editing.

ScreenFlow Record Screen


The article shares 4 proven methods to record videos on Mac. If you just need to record some simple files, QuickTime is a nice option. In order to further edit the files, you can choose iMovie. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder and ScreenFlow are the recommended professional video recorders for Mac. Just download the program to capture the desired videos now.

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