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Top 14 Best Video Cutter for PC and Mobile

Top 14 Best Video Cutter for PC and Mobile

Have you ever considered to add and playback the DVD files or large movies downloaded online on a smartphone? There are some major issues that you should solve first. The MPEG format of DVD and the AVI format of videos are not compatible with the smartphone. Another issue is the large size of the movie, which might much larger than the storage of your smart phone. You have to use some video cutter software to split the video files. You can learn more detail about best 10 video trimmers and see the one you like the most.

Video Cutter

Part 1: Best Video Cutter and Joiner Software for Beginners and Experts

  • Video cutters
  • AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate
  • VirtualDub
  • Avidemux
  • Free Video Cutter Joiner
  • Freemake Video Converter
  • Cute Video Cutter
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Free Video Cutter
  • VLC
  • FFmpeg
Cut video Pricing Platforms Video formats
$29.96/month Windows and macOS. MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MKV, WMV, WebM, M4V, FLV, RMVB, SWF, VOB, TS, M2TS, MTS, MXF, MPG, 3GP,etc.
Free Windows AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV.
Free Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows. MP4, DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, etc.
Free Windows AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, VOB, 3GP.
Free Windows MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, etc.
Free Windows AVI, MPEG-1/2, VOB, FLV, MKV, etc.
$299.99/lifetime macOS DV, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MTS, M2TS, MXF, etc.
Free Windows MPEG-4, DivX, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP3
Free Windows, macOS X 10.7.5 or later, Android. WMV, MPEG-1/2, DV, AVI, MP4, WAV, MOV, MKV, VOB, MXF, FLAC, etc.
Free Linux, macOS, and Windows. MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, DV, etc.

1 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best all-in-one video cutter software that can cut, merge, crop, flip and apply various video effects. The program supports MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, FLV and more than 200 video formats. Video Converter Ultimate is more than a simple MP4 Cutter, you can rip DVD to MP4 and extract the video clip via the video cutting filter quickly. In addition, the built-in video enhancer is capable to enhance video quality in different aspects automatically.

Key features:

  • 1. Cut a video to several segments. Trim video length and crop video frame freely.
  • 2. Merge two or more customize video clips into one file.
  • 3. Provide multiple video editing features and filters with a real-time preview window.
  • 4. Rip video files from DVD as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and other formats, you can use the program for any device.
  • 5. Convert video and audio files to any other formats in high quality and fast speed.
  • 6. The exported video can be compatible with popular devices, players and editors, like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, etc.
  • 7. The video cutter and joiner software work with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.7 or above.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

How to Split a Large Video without Quality Loss

1.Free download, install and run Video Cutter. Click "Add Files" to add the video you want to trim.

Video Cutter

2.Click "Cut" on the top toolbar. Set the start and stop time of the selected video file. You can move sliders to cut a video too. The yellow part is the video clip you want to get. Then click "Save to" to cut videos and remove unwanted parts.


3.Click "Edit" to access the built-in video editor. You can rotate, crop, add watermark, apply video effects in clicks. Later, choose "Apply" or "OK" to save changes.


4.Set the output video format in the "Profile" list. You can click "Merge into one file" on the bottom of the fast video cutter software to merge several video clips in sequence. At last, click "Convert All" to export the shorten video file.


2 VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free video cutter for Windows platform, which you can use on Windows XP/Vista/7. And it mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images. The software is featured for trimming and cleaning up video before exporting to tape or processing with another software. Another features should be mentioned for the software is the batch processing capabilities for processing large number of files at the same time.


3 Avidemux

Avidemux is a free cross-platform video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. You can use the software for Linux, BSD, Mac OS 12/11/X and Microsoft Windows. It supports AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. It is a simple software that tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. Compared to the other free video cutters, you can find the software is still updating, If you are still searching for a suitable software to split video files for you, you can choose Avidemux as an option.


4 Free Video Cutter Joiner

Just as the name of Free Video Cutter Joiner, the software is a free video cutting software as well as video joiner. It supports Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista. And you can use any audio and video formats, including AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, VOB, 3GP and others. When you use the software to split video files, you can have a lossless video cutting with ease. What is more important, the software also provides a fast speed for video cutting process to remove the unwanted part like commercials, outtakes, trailers and other information. It should be one of the easiest video cutter and joiner software to split large video files.

Free Video Cutter Joiner

5 Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a video cutter free program that you can remove unnecessary video parts quickly. For instance, you can divide a long video file into parts for offline editing or playback. The unwanted minutes will be removed from your video file directly. The original video quality will not be influenced. Moreover, you can save the shorten video file with over 500 video formats within the video cutter. What's more, you can cut the audio files like MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, etc. In addition, you can remove parts from video files that contain ads.

Freemake Video Converter

6 Cute Video Cutter

Cute Video Cutter offers a free version that allows users to select and cut video segments. Therefore, you can leave the desired video clips and cut off the unwanted video parts. The video cutter for Windows can keep video files with great digital quality. The batch conversion is supported. There is no need to install extra codec. Because Cute Video Cutter has equipped many encoders and decoders. However, you need to upgrade to the full version to access all video cutting and editing features.

Cute Video Cutter

7 Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a professional video cutter for Mac developed by Apple. New users can get a free trial to trim and arrange video clips. Furthermore, you can mark each video clip as Favorite, for later use and more. There are many video and audio editing filters. You can edit video on the timeline with powerful tools, like a video merger and more. Final Cut Pro X offers a complete toolset for importing, editing and exporting. Thus, you can edit the component clips flexibly.

Final Cut Pro X

8 Free Video Cutter

Free Video Cutter works on Windows 7/Vista/XP. You can cut and split video files for free in high video quality. Just as its name shows, it is a program designed for video cutting mainly. Thus, Free Video Cutter is extremely basic. You can cut MP3 files into small sizes, as well as MP4 and common formats. Later, you can save the video clip as MPEG4, DivX, WMV, MOV, FLV and MP3. Well, if you get other video effects, you need to close Free Video Cutter app and open other video editors.

Free Video Cutter


VLC media player is a cross-platform and free multimedia player. This powerful player can let you cut videos in VLC on Windows and Mac easily. It also allows you to rotate, trim, crop, and merge videos if you need. As a cross-platform video cutter, it supports playing multiple multimedia file formats such as DVDs, VCDs, VOB, MXF, FLAC, etc. Therefore, you can enjoy cutting, editing, and playing your videos in VLC without any worries.

Vlc Media Palyer

10 FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free and cross-platform multimedia software. It is an all-in-one solution for most users to play, record, and convert multiple audio and video files. You can run it across Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, the BSDs, Solaris, etc. No matter what operating system you are using, you can try different commands of FFmpeg to split up a video, cut a specific time, and end time with re-encoding feature. More importantly, you can finish the process of cutting video with FFmpeg in seconds!


Part2: 4 Best video trimmers for iPhone and Android

  • Video trimmers
  • iMovie
  • Vid.Fun
  • FilmoraGo
  • Splice
Trim video Pricing Platforms Video formats
Free iPhone MOV, MP4, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, HDV, MPEG-4 and H.264.
Free Android No limit.
$49.99/year Android, iPhone, and iPad. MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, 3GP, WMV, etc.
$12.99/month iPhone and Android MTS, MOV, and MP4, etc.

1 iMovie

iMovie is the most frequently used video cutting software for Mac users. The latest version of iMovie is compatible with OSX 10.10 or later operating systems. The supported video format for iMovie is MOV, MP4, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, HDV, MPEG-4 and H.264. Besides the features for joining, splitting and editing features, you can also sync the video clips between your Mac and iPhone with the software. If you purchased the Mac computer a period of time ago, you might have to purchase the software with US$14.99. And now you can always find it free of charge in Mac Store.


2 Vid.Fun

Vid.Fun is a free but great mobile app for Android with multiple video editing features like beautiful stickers and filter effects. With this video editor and cutter, you can adjust visual effects, trim the video length, crop unwanted parts, change video backgrounds, and make unique but special videos on your android device. In addition, you can edit all kinds of videos without format limitations. Then you can share these interesting videos with your family or friends and upload them to social platforms for recording life moments. App

3 FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is one of the popular and easy-to-use video trimmers. This great app supports video editing on Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can shorten the video length and adjust the visual effects easily with a user-friendly interface. If you want to beautify the video further, you can add some interesting animations or stickers to this video. What's more, this app provides a free trial for you. But the output video will have a watermark in the free version.

Flmorago App

4 Splice

Splice is a fantastic video-cutting app to meet your video editing needs. This popular video shortener can allow you to work on Android and iPhone. With this video tool, you can easily cut a video using its built-in trim or split features. You can also remove a part of the video from the beginning, middle, and end. In addition, you can use other tools to improve your video and share it with your fans on social platforms.

Splice Video Editor

Part 3: FAQs of Video cutter

What is the best MP4 cutter?

To find the best MP4 cutter, read on the following article:
Top 15 Best MP4 Video Cutters to Cut MP4 Online or Offline Quickly

What is the difference between trimming and cutting a video?

Cutting a video means you make a new video out of raw footage or other videos, while trimming a video means you just trim the front or the end of a video, though they both use the same software too make it.

Can I edit a video on PC for free?

Yes. You can find some free video editors to make videos, such as VirtualDub, Free Video Cutter Joiner, Freemake Video Converter, VLC, etc.

What is the fastest way to trim a video?

If you want to trim a video in a few minutes, download and install third-party software on your desktop. Try a popular tool, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, now. It will be your all-in-one solution.

Can I trim a video online?

Of course. There are many free online video trimmers you can search for on a webpage, like Online Video Cutter and Kapwing video trimmer. But you need to note that the uploading and processing speed is not quick enough online if the network is unstable.


When you need to use some video cutters to split large video files, you can choose the most popular 12 cutters from the above list. The video trimming software provides various features, cut or split large video files, join and combine different clips, extract and save particular files, playback certain files and even split DVD into different video clips.

Among all the video trimming software, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the versatile solution for you, you can convert video files to the desired format, apple video effects, improve video quality and rip DVD to MP4 and other formats before cutting MP4 files. When you make a final decision, you can pick up the desired video cutter software from the above paragraphs.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

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