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How to Copy Homemade DVDs to Your Mac Hard Drive for Backup

How to Copy Homemade DVDs to Your Mac Hard Drive for Backup

Are you searching for a simple way to copy a home-made DVD onto your Mac?

For different reasons, especially because new Mac devices don’t carry a DVD drive anymore, you want to make a copy of your homemade DVD on Mac hard drive, for backup and better archiving. Now we back to the question, how to copy homemade DVD to Mac hard drive?

Here in this post, we like to give you a detailed guide to copy and save homemade DVD contents to the internal or external hard drive of your Mac. We mainly talk about home-made DVDs.

Copy DVD to Mac Hard Drive

Part 1. Best Tool for Copy DVD to Mac Hard Drive

If you need to copy your DVD files to Mac, DVD Copy for Mac is undoubtedly your best choice. Trusted by many users all over the world, it has always been at the forefront of the market in terms of its level of DVD copying. It can safely export the contents of your DVD and copy them to the selected destination. In the process, your files always remain in their original quality. You can also use the video editing tools provided within the program to edit the copied video.

  • 1. Extract and back up the DVD to DVD folder or DVD ISO image files on Mac.
  • 2. Copy homemade DVD movie to DVD without any quality loss.
  • 3. Three modes, like Full Copy, Main Movie, and Customized, are offered to select.
  • 4. Allows you to edit and define the DVD subtitles and audio tracks.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

1. Download and install AnyMP4 DVD Copy for Mac on your computer. Open it, and insert the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.

Run Dvd Copy For Mac

2. Click File on your Mac and select Select Source to find your target DVD.

Add Dvd Files

3. There are 3 modes of DVD Copy for Mac to choose from. You can select depending on your needs.

Full Copy: Copy all content of the DVD video.

Main Movie: Copy the main movie without superfluous clips.

Customize: You can select which video clips are burned.

Choose Dvd Copy Mode

4. Click Next to adjust the DVD settings. You can edit the DVD menu, titles, region code, etc.

Make Dvd Copy settings

5. After finishing all the settings, click Start.

Part 2. Copy Homemade DVD to Mac Hard Drive with Disk Utility

To import homemade DVD to Mac, you can rely on the Disk Utility. It is a built-in system utility designed for performing various tasks related to Mac hard disks and storage devices. You can use it to rip and download homemade DVDs to your Mac. Disk Utility is only workable for homemade DVDs.

1. Insert your homemade DVD dick into your Mac's DVD slot. If your Mac doesn't have a DVD drive, you need to connect an external drive. After that, your Mac will automatically launch the DVD Player and the homemade DVD will be mounted on the Desktop.

Insert DVD Disk to Mac

2. Now you should open Disk Utility. You can click Disk Utility in the Dock and then type Disk Utility in the search field to quickly locate it. Click its icon to open it.

Open Disk Utility On Mac

3. There should be two discs displayed in the left panel of the Disk Utility. Click your DVD name under the External header. Click on the top File menu, select the New Image option, and then choose the Image from [DVD name].

Copy Movie From DVD to mac

4. In the pop-up window, you can rename the file, select a destination folder, set the format and encryption. After that, click on the Save button.

Copy and Save DVD to Mac Hard Drive

With the operations above, Disk Utility will rip your homemade DVD and create an image file with a .CDR file extension. After you copy the homemade DVD to your Mac hard drive, you can eject your homemade DVD from the drive.

Part 3. Better Way to Copy Homemade DVD to Mac Hard Drive

Besides the method above, you can also choose a professional homemade DVD ripper to easily make a homemade DVD copy on Mac hard drive. Here we strongly recommend the all-featured Video Converter Ultimate for you. It is specially designed to deal with all kinds of video and audio conversions. It enables you to rip and convert a homemade DVD to a digital file on both Mac and Windows 11/10/8/7 PC.

  • 1. Copy homemade DVD to Mac hard drive and save homemade DVD as digital file in any video format you need.
  • 2. One-click way to rip homemade DVD at 10X faster speed without transcoding and any quality loss.
  • 3. Copy homemade DVD movie to DVD folder and ISO file with its original structure.
  • 4. Offer Toolbox and many editing, converting, and adjusting features to edit videos.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

1. First, you need to insert the homemade DVD into your Mac. Similarly, you should connect an external DVD drive if you are not using an old Mac with a DVD slot.

2. ree download and launch this homemade DVD ripping software on your Mac. When you enter it, choose the Ripper feature. Click on Load DVD and then select the Load DVD Disk option.


3. When your homemade DVD is loaded to this software, you are allowed to edit the homemade DVD movie. Here you can click the Edit or Clip button to start editing your homemade DVD.

Edit DVD

4. After the homemade DVD editing, you can simply click on the Rip All button to make a copy of this homemade DVD on your Mac hard drive. The output format is set as the MPG Lossless by default to preserve the lossless output quality and the original homemade DVD structure.

Rip All

If you want to convert homemade DVD to another digital format, you can select the suitable one from Rip All to.

Profile DVD

As mentioned above, this homemade DVD ripper is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 PC. So, if you have an old Windows PC that carries a DVD drive, you can choose to rip your homemade DVD to AVI video on it and then copy the converted homemade DVD file to your Mac.

Part 4. FAQs of How to Make a Homemade DVD Copy on Mac Hard Drive

Can I rip a copyrighted DVD to an MP4 video on my Mac?

No. Both the built-in Disk Utility and the recommended Video Converter Ultimate can’t help you rip a protected DVD. Even many homemade DVD ripper tools offered on the market claim that they can help you rip commercial DVDs, you shouldn’t use them, for copy protection.

Is it legal to copy homemade DVD to Mac hard drive?

For personal usage, you are allowed to copy home-made DVDs to digital files on your Mac.

Can I use VLC to convert homemade DVD on my Mac?

Yes, VLC can help you play and rip homemade DVD on a Mac. It enables you to make a copy of your home-made DVD. You can open VLC Media Player on your Mac, go to the Media and then choose the Open Disc option. Play your DVD in VLC, click on the top Media menu, and then use its Convert/Save feature to copy your homemade DVD on the Mac.


This post shares 2 effective methods to import and copy homemade DVD to Mac hard drive. You can use either one to help you save files from your DVD disc to Mac.

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