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9+ Easy Tips to Make WebP to PNG Hassle-Free Using Top-Notch Converters

9+ Easy Tips to Make WebP to PNG Hassle-Free Using Top-Notch Converters

Have you ever tried downloading any image from the Internet and noticed that the image you saved has a .webp extension? Worry not, as you can change the file format to your desired format. If your default photo viewer cannot open this format, you only need a WebP PNG Converter to help you get your desired format.

This post will show you some of the best-pick image converters available. Besides that, we will also demonstrate how to utilize these programs. In addition, we will explain the difference between WebP and PNG to understand these image file formats better. So, if you want to learn, dig deep into this post.

Convert WEBP to PNG

Part 1. WebP Vs. PNG


This new format for photos on the Internet supports lossless and lossy compression. Google Company created this format primarily to make working online as quick and convenient as possible. The key benefit is that it has a smaller file size than other image formats while maintaining comparable image quality.


PNG uses the lossless Deflate compression algorithm, a raster graphic data storage format. To replace GIF, PNG was developed as a free format. The three basic raster image types that PNG supports are grayscale images, color-indexed images, and color images. Graphical data is compressed and stored in PNG format.

Part 2. How to Convert WebP to PNG in 10 Tools

1 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Platform: Windows, Mac

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a desktop program that can convert WebP to PNG. Yes! You read that right! This program works not only as a video converter but also as an image converter. With it, you can input the most used image format and turn them into the most compatible format you need.

You can input as many WebP files as you want for good measures as it supports batch conversion. After the conversion, you can modify the image size and quality for better output. What's more, this program comes with many powerful features and functionalities. That includes a photo and video collage, MV maker, video editor, etc.

1.Beforehand, download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate on your OS. Afterward, install and launch it.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2.Navigate your cursor to the Toolbox tab and select Image Converter from the menu.

AnyMP4 Image Converter WEBP Toolbox

3.Click the + icon to import the WebP file from a local file that will appear on your screen.

AnyMP4 Image Converter WEBP Plus

4.After loading the WebP file, click the Convert All to and select PNG as your output format.

AnyMP4 Image Converter WEBP Format

5.Lastly, click the Export button on the bottom right-hand corner to initiate the conversion process.

AnyMP4 Image Converter WEBP Export

2 AnyMP4 Image Converter Online

Platform: Online

AnyMP4 Image Converter Online is a WebP PNG Converter solution you can turn to for converting your WebP file to a compatible format like PNG. This program works on various browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, etc. With it, you can import up to 40 WebP files and convert them into PNG format simultaneously. What makes it better than other online programs is that the quality of the converted files remains.

1.To begin with, go to the official AnyMP4 Image Converter Online website. You can refer to this link to be directed to the official page.

2.From the Convert to option, then choose PNG as the output format.

AnyMP4 Online Converter WEBP Convert To

3.Next, click the Add Photo to add the WebP file you wish to convert. Choose from a local file that appears on your screen. Alternatively, drag the WebP file from a local folder and then drag it to the designated upload area of the program.

AnyMP4 Online Converter WEBP Add Photo

4.After loading, the program will automatically convert the WebP file to your chosen format, PNG.

AnyMP4 Online Converter WEBP Converted PNG

5.To make a copy of the converted file, click the Download button next to the converted files for a single download. On the other hand, if you converted multiple files, click the Download all button.

AnyMP4 Online Converter WEBP Download All

3 Save Image as Type

Platform: Chrome Extension

Save Image as Type is a program to make WebP into PNG. To utilize it, you must download the program on Chrome on any desktop. It lets you pick the image file type you want compared to similar programs.

1.On your desktop, open Chrome and search for Save Image as Type extension app. Next, click Add to Chrome to activate the extension app.

Save Image as Type Download

2.Search the WebP file you want to save on Chrome, then right-click the image.

3.Afterward, choose the Save Image as Type and As PNG.

Saev Image as Type Format

4.Click Save and choose a location where you want to save the converted file.

4 Ezgif

Platform: Online

Ezgif is a GIF editor and maker functioning as a WebP to PNG Converter software. When uploading a WebP file, you have two options to upload it: either choose from your local file or paste its URL. However, the program only supports WebP files for inputs.

1.Visit the Ezgif official website on your browser.

2.Click Choose File and select the WebP file from your local file.

EZGIF Online Converter Choose File

3.To proceed, click the Upload button below to be directed to the next page.

EZGIF Online Converter Upload

4.The program will display the pre-converted file, including some of its information, like File size, width, height, etc. Lastly, click the Convert to PNG button to complete the conversion.

EZGIF Online Converter Convert PNG

5 FFmpeg

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

FFmpeg is a command line utility program to convert files from WebP to JPG. This program is not the usual image converter; you will input codes or commands to convert the WebP into a compatible format. FFmpeg is available on Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

FFMPEG Command Line Utility

1.On your desktop, download FFmpeg, then do the installation process. Check the program if it's functional by opening the CMD, then type ffmpeg, and click Enter afterward. Once the code is shown on the command prompt, the program is working.

2.Type this code ffmpeg -i input.webp -preset ultrafast output.png on the commands prompt. Change the name of the input into the file's name and the output to your desired name.

3.Hit Enter on your keys after adding the codes. Then, wait for the WebP file to be converted to PNG.

6 Pixillion Image Converter

Platform: Windows

Pixillion Image Converter is a program to become one of the reliable apps to convert .webp as PNG. This program works well when converting WebP files into a new format, like PNG. However, the user interface isn't as appealing as outdated and unorganized.

1.Download the Pixillion Image Converter on your computer.

2.Click the Add File(s) to import the WebP file, then choose the WebP file from a local file that will pop up on your screen.

Pixillion Converter Add Files

3.Set PNG as the output format and click the Convert button to save the final output as .png.

Pixillion Converter PNG Convert

7 Convertio

Platform: Online

Convertio is a program you can rely on to convert WebP to PNG online. This program supports various input and output formats, including WebP, PNG, JPG, etc. Besides Image files, you can also input and output video, audio, ebook, CAD, documents, etc., making it ideal for users.

1.Open your browser and head to Convertio's official website.

2.Select the WebP files from your local file by clicking the Choose Files button. Select WebP as the input format and PNG as the output format by clicking the boxes.

Convertio Online Converter Choose Files

3.Then, click the Convert button to initialize the conversion process.

Convertio Online Converter Convert PNG

8 Paint

Platform: Windows

Paint is a popular pre-installed graphical editor program on Windows. In other words, Paint isn't a converter, yet it can open and save WebP to PNG. Before converting WebP to other formats, you can draw with it before saving the file as PNG.

1.First, hit the Windows key on your keyboard. Next, type Paint into the search bar, then hit Enter from your keys.

Windows Paint Program Search

2.Click the File followed by Open to import the WebP file you want to save as PNG.

Windows Paint Program Files

3.Once loaded into the Paint, click the File again. Then, select Save As and choose PNG as your format.

Windows Paint Program Save

When you after the conversion, if you find the converted PNG image is transparent in the background, you can further edit it in this tool and make the photo background transparent.

9 Mac Preview

Platform: Mac

Mac Preview is intended for macOS users who want to run their .webp to .png. It is an image viewer by default and also an editor on Mac. When double-clicking an image file, the program will view the image. Besides that, it has other purposes, like image conversion.

1.Using the Mac Preview, open your WebP file.

2.Click the File on the upper menu, then click the Export option.

Mac Preview Convert WEBP

3.Choose PNG as the output format under the Format option. Then, click Save to make a copy of the WebP as PNG.

10 CloudConvert

Platform: Online

CloudConvert is a .webp to PNG converter that supports over 200 popular digital file formats, including images, videos, archives, etc. Like similar web-based programs, it allows you to import your WebP file from various options, from a computer, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even via URL. You can also use the options to manage the image quality, resolution, and size.

1.On your preferred browser, go through the official website of CloudConvert.

2.Upload your WebP file by clicking the Select File button.

Cloud Convert Online Select File

3.After loading the WebP file to the program, modify the Input and Output options. Set WebP for the input and PNG for the output format. Then, click the Convert button to begin the conversion process.

Cloud Convert Online Convert File

Part 3. FAQs about WebP to PNG Conversion

Why can't the Windows 10 Photos app open WebP files?

The .webp extension is typically associated with a web browser because WebP files are primarily designed for web interfaces. It would be best to have a reliable converter to convert the photos into a supported format. AnyMP4 Image Converter Online can convert WebP files into compatible formats easily and quickly.

Do WebP images have lower quality?

Compared to JPEG and JPEG 2000, WebP often achieves an average of 30% greater compression without sacrificing image quality. The main goal of the WebP format is to produce faster-loading, higher-quality images that are smaller and more attractive. If you want to create a higher quality image, you can learn from this post to enhance your photo quality.

Does WebP support transparency?

Definitely YES! Transparency, often known as the alpha channel, is supported by lossless WebP at the cost of only 22% more data. Lossy WebP additionally provides transparency for situations where lossy RGB compression is appropriate, often offering three smaller file sizes than PNG.


Converting .webp to PNG is now easier with the help of the offline and online tools we have presented earlier. Which program do you think is worth trying? Which among them do you think is much easier to use? Let us know by leaving your answer in the comment section below!

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