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Why Does My Phone Keep Saying No Sim Card Inserted? Reasons and Solutions

Why Does My Phone Keep Saying No Sim Card Inserted? Reasons and Solutions

It is infuriating when your phone reads No SIM card, not Registered on Network problem, or SIM card not recognized even though you've correctly fitted a SIM card. Like the last user, if your mobile phone keeps reporting no SIM card in phone Emergency calls only, you will be unable to text, make phone calls, or use your phone usually, perhaps resulting in data loss on the SIM card. Why does your smartphone say there is no SIM card when it has one? And how do we resolve the issue of no SIM card on your phone?

In this post, we will discuss why your phone states that there is no SIM card and not detecting a SIM card. Furthermore, you can get the following advice on what we need to do if your SIM card is not working.

Why Does My Phone Say No Sim

Part 1. Why Does My Phone Say No Sim

Your phone displays no SIM card error because it cannot read your SIM card's contents correctly. This commonly occurs when your SIM card is not correctly placed, is broken, or your phone has software issues following a software upgrade. As a result, the phone will not recognize the SIM card and display no sim card detected. You do not need to change your SIM card immediately because there are various modifications you may apply to your phone that may resolve your issue. If none of these work, you should get your SIM card replaced.

Part 2. Solutions to Fix Phone Say No Sim

Solution 1: Restart Your Phone

Sometimes there is no obvious reason your phone cannot recognize your SIM card. You can try resetting your device in certain situations to know if that resolves the issue. Many minor issues are easily resolved by restarting your phone.

1.Hold down the Power button to restart your phone.

2.Then, select the Restart option.

3.Wait for a few moments and your phone will switch off and then back on. For the details of restarting an iPhone, you can check them here.

iOS Reboot

Solution 2: Airplane Mode can be Enabled and Disabled

Airplane mode aims to allow you to disengage from all network services while flying. However, you can utilize this mode to resolve various network-related issues, such as a not-registered network, WiFi connectivity but no internet access, phone service outage, and so on. No assurance using Airplane mode will solve your problem, but it will not harm your device. Make a backup of your work before proceeding, as your phone will also be unplugged from the Internet.

1.Open your phone's notifications panel. For iOS, the Control Center.

2.To activate the mode, tap the Airplane mode icon.

3.Tap the icon once again to turn off the mode.

Phone Airplanemode

Solution 3: Activate Your SIM Card

People frequently forget to enable the second SIM card in phones with multiple SIM cards. This could be the case for you, and your phone cannot identify the other SIM card because it is not enabled. Fortunately, you can enable and disable SIM cards on your Android phone with a few touches.

1.Tap Wi-Fi & network in the Settings app.

2.On the following page, select SIM and network.

3.Tap the not-detected SIM card and make sure to hit the toggle next to the SIM number is turned on. If you have no SIM card on an iPhone, you can learn it here to activate an iPhone without a SIM card.

Enabling Sim Card

Solution 4: AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery

Another situation is when your device says No SIM Card, will be the issue within your Phone system. As we all know, that system is your device's backbone and helps it function well. For that, we need to fix our system as we ease the problem. This process will become straightforward if we have the AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery. This tool possesses great features in recovering our phone’s system with ease.


  • Repairing more than 100 iOS problems, including the No Sim issue.
  • A recovering system tool without losing your data.
  • It offers three modes of the process for 20 types of issues.

1. Get the AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery and install it on your PC for free.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2.If you have the tool now, you can access its main interface and see the iOS System Recovery.

Select iOS System Recovery

3.The pop-up window will then display numerous iOS system issues. To proceed, click the Start button. Remember to link your iOS device to this PC.

Click Start iOS System Recovery

4.Before entering repair mode, you can utilize the Free Quick Fix option to reboot your iOS device and resolve certain easy and frequent issues.

Free Quick Fix

There you have it. The most incredible tool we can use to remove the issue about the No Sim Card on our Phones. We can see that this tool possesses impressive features that can help us maintain the great performance of our mobile devices.

Part 3. FAQs about Hey Siri Not Working

Is it possible to use my iPhone without a SIM card?

After you've activated your iPhone, you can remove the SIM card and use it for anything except texting and calling through a cell phone carrier. You may browse the internet and communicate with people using apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as long as you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Does the issue of the No SIM card happen to my iPad?

Yes. We all know that our iPad is a great device that can be used for SMS. For that, inserting a Sim card on it is possible. If that is the case, then the problem of the No Sim Card possibly happened on your iPad. In terms of fixing it, the solution we applied for a mobile device can also be applied to the iPad.

Can an expired Sim Card cause the Phone to Say No SIM?

Yes. An expired Sim Card can be one of the main reasons you get a message that says your Phone has No Sim Card. That is because once a SIM expires, it now loses its ability to connect to the network.


That's all the conceivable explanations for why your phone claims no SIM card. You can also use the above methods to remove the no SIM card notice on your mobile phone. We hope this post helps you in fixing the problems. However, if you need more help with your technology, visit our website for more tips and tricks articles.

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