5 Common Solution to Contacts Missing from iPhone

5 Common Solution to Contacts Missing from iPhone

iOS devices are an excellent medium for communicating through SMS text messages. That means it also comes with a great phonebook where we can save the contact information of the vital person in our life, including our boss, clients, friends, family, and more. However, users reportedly say that there are cases where these iPhone contacts are missing.

Many of you have asked why the contacts on my iPhone vanished. All of your questions will be answered in this essay. Contacts on iPhone vanished could be a severe problem if you don't have a current backup of your contacts. So, in this write-up, we will discuss how to recover your deleted contacts. If you are experiencing the same issue, read the article. We have tried every way to get your contacts back.

iPhone Contacts Missing

Part 1. Why are iPhone Contacts Missing?

If you are asking why you are experiencing missing contacts on your iPhone, then we must know that there could be various reasons why your iPhone contacts have vanished. Some of them are as follows:

Software Upgrade

If, after the iOS upgrade, the user chooses to sync their iPhone contacts with iCloud, there is a good chance that the contacts will vanish for a short period. This event typically occurs when users have never synced their data with iCloud before upgrading. Note this occurrence is only fleeting. Kindly wait a few minutes after the iOS is wholly processed to see your contact again.

iPhone Jailbreak

If you jailbreak your iPhone to customize it or use certain services, your chances of losing data or contacts increase considerably. And even if you save the contacts, the iPhone may fail to save them.

Cold Start

When your iPhone is not responding, force restarting it can restore it to regular operation. Continuously doing so can harm your iPhone's data and should thus be the last option you try. These data include your contact. Therefore, we must be careful in the process to avoid harming our data.

Random Restart Issue

Your iPhone occasionally reboots at random. It may occur while saving a contact or data or while the device is idle. This issue can sometimes result in data loss.

Indeed, there are different reasons why the problem with our iPhone contacts is missing. For that, if the reasons are varied, we must also give you different solutions to ease our problem. In line with that, we request you proceed with the next step to discover the different guidelines we prepared for you.

Part 2: Solutions to Fix for iPhone Contacts Missing

Solution 1. AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery

We are now giving you the most incredible tool we need to use to solve the issue. AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery helps recover your data from a variety of situations. Whether you lost your data due to an unintentional deletion or your iPhone became stuck, and you couldn't access your data, this app can recover the lost or deleted contents with or without a backup. That means your contacts will surely be back as long as we have this great medium. Kindly see more about it and how to use it in recovering our iOS contacts without complications.


  • Recovering data from iOS devices such as contacts, messages, media files, and more.
  • It supports restoring iCloud and iTunes backups.
  • Compatible with latest iPhone 14 and iOS 16.
  • Find the lost contacts and save them to the computer as CSV, HTML, and VCF.

1. First, get AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery on the official website. Then install it to launch iPhone Data Recovery on your device.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2. Next, we need to connect it to your iPhone using a USB connection. Unlock your iPhone, hit Trust on your iPhone, and enter the password again to confirm it for iOS 11. If your iPhone is running an earlier version of iOS, tap Trust after unlocking your iOS device.

Trust This Computer

3. In the third step, we need to scan the iOS device. After successfully connecting your iOS device, click Start Scan to begin scanning your iOS device.

Scan iPhone5

4. After scanning, you can access all thorough information on your iOS device, including existing and deleted contacts. You may examine the detailed content of each category by clicking the relevant category in the left panel. In this case, click on Contacts. Then select the files you need to recover and press the Recover button to restore them to your computer.

Recover iCloud Backup Data

That is the superb process in AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery. We can see that the tool is a great help in easing the missing iOS contacts on our device with compilations. That is why many users of iPhones are in the situation as you recommend using this tool for your itinerary.

Solution 2. Using iMessage to Recover your iPhone Contacts

Suppose none of the methods are working for you. Also, if you need to text or phone someone immediately, do so before implementing any of the options. You can use this method to recover at least some of your contacts. You can then call or text the person you want to contact. However, you must recall the name of the contact recorded on your device and have sent or received text messages from them.

Follow the guideline below to learn how to recover your iPhone contacts if they have vanished:

1. Launch the iPhone Message app and enter the name of the person you're looking for.

Search in iMessage

2. Check to see if you've ever received or sent a message to that person. It'll appear right there. Tap on it and then the Audio icon to display this contact's phone number.

iMessage Audio

3. You may then save that contact in your contact list again.

That is the most common solution users use when experiencing a problem. It may not be a hundred percent effective and not also recommended by many but still, there is a chance that it will work. Try it on your discovery.

Solution 3. Sync Contacts from iCloud to iPhone Once More

Here is another way to follow if your iPhone contacts mysteriously vanished. As we all know, iCloud is a significant element that can bring us tremendous purpose. In line with that, we will see how iCloud can help us. Kindly follow these steps for the process.

1. On your iOS device, carefully navigate to Settings from the menu list.

2. Select iCloud from the Apple ID menu.

3. Locate Contacts and toggle it off, then back on.

Turn On Contacts

These are the simple methods of using iCloud to recover your iPhone contacts. Please observe your data. They are back and ease the problem.

In this way, you can also find the missing contacts from iPhone to another iOS device like iPad. (See the detailed steps of syncing contacts from iPhone to iPad.)

Solution 4. Restoring iPhone Contacts from an iTunes Backup

The fourth way we can use it is with the help of our iTunes. About that, here are the obstructions we need to follow.

1. First, launch iTunes and connect the iOS to your computer using a USB cord/connector.

2. Once iTunes has detected your iPhone, click on the iPhone icon at the top of the screen. Now, from the window's left side, select Summary. Next, look for the option Restore Backup and select it.

Restore From Backup

3. You are now finished with the procedure. All your data, including contacts, will be restored on your iPhone after a while.

Follow these steps and wait for the result. We should now quickly get the iOS contacts on your iPhone after adequately following the steps above this solution. But this solution will overwrite the whole contacts on iPhone currently. To avoid that, you need to backup iPhone data first.

Part 3: FAQs iPhone Contacts Missing

1. How can I back up contacts on my iPhone?

Yes. We only need to navigate to Settings on your iPhone. Tap on the Apple ID section, then choose iCloud. From there, please choose iCloud Backup. If it is closed, tap it to open it by clicking Back Up Now. Then your iPhone contacts and other iPhone stuff will be backed up to your iCloud server.

2. Is there an iPad Contacts app?

Yes. You may browse and edit your contacts lists from personal, business, and other accounts in the Contacts app on your iPAd. You can also make contacts and create a contact card with your personal information. Similar to iOS, the iPad also possesses outstanding features.

3. How can I import a large number of contacts into my iPhone?

Choose the iCloud group and then click Import in the toolbar. Click Open after selecting the CSV file containing the iOS contacts you need to import to iPhone. You can successfully import CSV files contacts to your iPhone once the modifications are synced.


Thus, we can conclude that there is no need to be anxious about our device's missing phone contacts. This is because we have different solutions for that problem. Knowing the reasons behind it, we can easily see what methods are appropriately aligned to fix it. However, AnyMP4 iPhone Recovery possesses all the features we need to review your contacts, whatever their reason. That is why it is the excellent solution.

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