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Compress Audio Online with the 6 Best File Reducer

Compress Audio Online with the 6 Best File Reducer

Sometimes, it would be a lot easier if we did not have to download the programs we use. Especially we are in a time where internet connection is abundant in our world. In this article, we will talk about using six online audio compression software to reduce the file size of your audio files without downloading software tools. With these things said, before we go to the list, let us check out what is online audio compression and its functions.

Compress Audio Online

Compress Audio Online

Part 1: What is Online Audio Compression?

Essentially, the audio compression is just a simple process of compressing audio but just doing it online or without downloading or installing a tool. The functions of compressing large audio files online are relatively straightforward. You can adjust the file size of these songs, lower the sample rate and bitrate, then download them. You can reduce the audio files online just like that. It is impressive that these kinds of tools are accessible to all users, yet some are unknown or do not have enough exposure. We are here to promote them, so you will not have to dig hard to pick what would be the desirable software for you.

Compress Audio Online What is Online Audio Compression

Part 2: How to Do Online Audio Compression with These 6 Tools

How to Condense Audio File Size Online in AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online

AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online, another online software. This web-based software is the ultimate tool dedicated to reducing your audio files' storage size. This online audio compressor is one of the most excellent free toolsets where you can configure the settings. You can simply change the Sample Rate and Bitrate of the song or track with clicks and navigation. Convert audio file formats while also adjusting the settings. After you edit your audio file, you can listen to it by clicking on Preview. All this on one free online software!

Compress Audio Online AnyMP4

With these things said, we will show you how to compress audio using AnyMP4 Audio Compressor Online.

1 Access the link to Launch the website. Right at the center of the screen, click on Upload File. It will prompt you to open File Explorer so you can select the audio file you want to compress and continue to the editing interface.

Compress Audio Online AnyMP4

2 On the right side, you will see the Size settings. Adjust it by dragging the indicator to compress the audio file size fully or slightly. Another way is to type in the storage size you want it to have.

Compress Audio Online AnyMP4 Size

3 After you finalize it, listen to the track by clicking on Preview. If satisfied, click on Compress, located in the bottom-left corner of the interface.

Compress Audio Online AnyMP4 Compress

And just like that, you now have the ability to compress audio files in simplicity. Fully utilize these online audio compression steps with this software!

How to Make Audio Smaller Online in YouCompress

YouCompress is an excellent start for number one on the list. This software allows you to compress audio online for free and in batches. Additionally, there are absolutely no limits to processing music tracks and recordings. It is incredibly efficient because it is available on all browsers, making it significantly versatile. Plus, to ensure your device's safety, they have made this software safe from online viruses and malware on the web. But because they made it safe for users, you do not have to worry about it. Moreover, even though you are reducing the file size of these audio files, you are not compromising the quality of the song.

1 Open the website first to access the software. On the main page, click on Select File. Look for the audio file you want to import in File Explorer. Select Upload File & Compress to continue.

Compress Audio Online YouCompress Uploading

2 After this process, look for Complete: Download File to save the compressed music or recording.

Compress Audio Online YouCompress Download


  • Secure website.
  • Accessible to all browsers.
  • High-quality output.


  • No room for customization.

How to Compress Audio Online with MP3Smaller

MP3Smaller is a free web-based online audio compressor that is extremely handy because of its simple functions. With its unsubtle design and interface that users may find easy to navigate. Reduce files productively because you can import files up to 150MB capacity. These are all free, and you can use his software without registration. Finally, the data for all your compressed audio files are saved for a few hours on the website.

1 On the web-based software interface, click on Browse. Search for the audio file by opening File Explorer. On the editing interface, locate the file size indicator below. Choose how much you want it to be compressed. Then just below that setting is the Upload File.

Compress Audio Online MP3Smaller Uploading

2 Afterwards, the results will appear on the screen. Click on Complete: Download File to export your compressed audio.

Compress Audio Online MP3Smaller Download


  • Uncomplicated functions.
  • Accessible for all users, as it does not require registration.
  • The data for the compressed audio is saved for a few hours.


  • Not a secure website.
  • It has a limitation of 150MB for compressing files.

How to Reduce Audio File Size in Online Audio Converter

This website is a platform for multiple functions. It offers to convert and compress files like videos and audio files. This software can compress a standard MP3 file, WAV, iPhone Ringtones, FLAC, and many more. On the editing interface, locate the indicator that lets you decide on your audio file size. After you compress your files, you can determine if you want to export them or upload them on external links like Google Drive and Dropbox.

1 Launch the website to use the web-based software. In the middle of the interface, click on Open File, then select the audio file you want to import into the File Explorer.

Compress Audio Online Online Audio Converter Upload

2 Choose the audio file format. Then you can now decide how much you want the file size compressed. Drag the indicator to the right to decrease the file size further. After that, you may now proceed to the next step. To do that, click on Convert.

Compress Audio Online Online Audio Converter Setting

3 For the last step, click the Download button to save the audio file once you finalize it. Then that will be how to compress audio files online using this software.

Compress Audio Online Online Audio Converter Download

How to Shrink Audio File Size Online in AConvert

Following next on our list is AConvert, another web-based multi-functional software proficiently reducing the file size of your song tracks and recordings. You can upload files or put in links from online sources. You decide. With this software, you can configure the settings, allowing users to change the bitrate of their audio files. This program is excellent for compressing mp4 audio files online.

1 Launch the website. On the software's main interface, locate the selections on the side, specifically Audio. At the top, look for Compress, then click on it. Select Choose File to upload your audio files. Then click on Submit to continue.

Compress Audio Online AConvert Uploading

2 Scroll down, then look for Output Results. You should see the file you want to compress. If you see the Download icon, click on it.

Compress Audio Online AConvert Online AConvert Download


  • Upload files from your device or other sources online. Just provide a link.
  • Type in how much bitrate you want your audio file to have.
  • Fast compression speed.


  • Hard to navigate the settings.

How to Downsize Audio Online in Online Convert

This audio-size compressor is software that does not require installation and is free for everyone. Upload files from your device or provide a link from online external drives. You can adjust the settings of your audio files by decreasing their properties. With this software, you can compress multiple formats. So let’s now compress audio files without losing quality online.

1 Click Choose File in the middle of the screen to open File Explorer to upload audio files.

Compress Audio Online Online Convert Uploading

2 To continue, scroll down to find the settings and configure them. Either you ultimately decrease the file or adjust it slightly.

Compress Audio Online Online Convert Settings

3 Immediately after, you will see the Download button to save your audio file. Click on that, then that will be it!

Compress Audio Online Online Convert Download


  • No installation is needed for use.
  • Upload from PC or online external sources.
  • More functions in the settings.


  • It has bugs.

Part 3: Bonus Recommendation: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Although online audio compression is easy without installation, the online tools are not 100% safe for compressing your confidential files. Moreover, the internet speed is not stable when reducing the audio file size. Considering that, a bonus recommendation for desktop audio compressor, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, is for you.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best offline software for compressing audio files because of its simplistic design and fast-speed functionalities. Even though it is a video converter, it is an excellent audio compressor as it maintains the quality of the sound of your audio file.

With the Audio Compressor feature, you can adjust the file size of your music or recording by dragging an indicator to slightly or fully decrease the storage it takes up.

You can also shrink the audio size byt changing the amount of Bitrate and Sample Rate. Additionally, you can listen to the compressed audio by clicking on Preview.

Always remember the fact that this is a highly competent video converter. Check out its features on the list below.


  • Convert videos with 8K/5K/4K/1080p HD into 500+ famous file formats.
  • High accessibility while still being secured software.
  • Fast-conversion speed and easy to use.
  • Make simple videos with the MV feature.
  • Rip DVDs to any file format to listen to or watch on various devices.

1 Download the software from the website, install it, then launch it immediately afterward.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

At the start interface, locate the Toolbox at the top selection on the far-right. Underneath this menu, select Audio Compressor. Upload your file to proceed.

Select Audio Compressor

2 Locate the Size setting on the top-right side. If you found it, use it by dragging the indicator or typing how much the file size will be to compress the audio file.

Select Compressrion Rate

3 Finalize the audio, then listen to it by pressing Preview. Once satisfied, you can now save it or export the file on your device by clicking on Compress below. We are all set, and enjoy your newly compressed audio file!

Part 4: FAQs

1. What SD card is the best for storing audio files?

  • SanDisk Ultra - 120 MB/s.
  • SanDisk Extreme - 150 MB/s.
  • SanDisk Extreme PRO - 170 MB/s.

2. What is the bitrate of MP3?

An MP3 format can range from 96 to 320 Kbps. High bitrates appeal to music lovers because of the entire quality it has because the data stored is high.

3. What is the difference between M4A and MP3?

M4A audio formats have a higher quality even with smaller storage sizes. On the other hand, MP3 is more compatible with more devices. Both are lossy types, so you must compress them to lower the file size.


Thank you for making it to this part of the article! We are glad that you have reached this portion of our post. We hope that you learn what the best online audio compressor is. Please continue to use our recommended software. To help us, please spread this article to your friends and family and visit our website for more articles. Thank you!

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