Top 6 Song Looper Software to Use on Windows, Mac, and Smartphones

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Top 6 Song Looper Software to Use on Windows, Mac, and Smartphones

Many people love listening to music on various devices, including digital audio, recorders, CDs, etc. Yet, there are times when we love to hear and listen to a certain piece of music repeatedly. Therefore, we want to loop this particular section of the music. We need to use a song repeater app to loop a certain music section to listen to it repeatedly without moving the play slider. Though there is a portable music player with an A to B repeater, it does not export the song as a repeat when needed.

You should depend on this article if you want to repeat or loop a portion of music. These are the best applications for looping music that you can use on desktop and mobile devices.

Best Song Looper

Part 1. What is a Loop in Music

A loop is a piece of sound that repeats itself over and over again in music. You can repeat short segments to form Ostinato patterns. Besides, you can repeat longer segments; for example, a musician might loop their performance of an entire song verse so they can play along.

Turntables, digital samplers, looper pedals, synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, tape machines, and delay units are a few examples of music technology you can use to create loops. With the use of song looper software, they can be programmed. A-B repeat is another term electronic suppliers use to describe the ability to loop a particular piece of audio content.

Moreover, MIDI or audio file formats provide loops, including WAV, REX2, AIFF, and MP3. Using a MIDI controller, musicians can start a loop by triggering the beginning of a musical sequence.

Part 2. Top 6 Song Repeater Maker

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1 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultiamte Loop Audio

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a looping audio converter that lets you make a sound loop. You don't need to be skilled in audio editing to use this program because it is made even for newbies. Though the name implies it is a converter, it still has other capabilities that allow you to edit MVs and collages. On top of that, the Toolbox tab offers many advanced features.

Moreover, this song looper supports over 500 output formats and a conversion rate average of up to 70 times. Even better, batch file processing is an option and will save you time and work. This video converter has always been extreme in providing the most up-to-date features and keeps up with the most recent outcomes in the converting sector. To enjoy this program to its fullest extent, download it on your Windows and Mac computers.

Free Download For Windows

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  • Make an infinite song loop in the Trim feature.
  • Supports multi-audio tracks and adds external audio tracks.
  • Infused with advanced hardware-accelerated audio processing.
  • Add album to music when you repeat a song playback.
  • Support most audio and video formats, such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and 500+ more.


  • It is a flexible audio looper, converter, and editor.
  • It is available for use on both Windows and Mac.
  • It can make an endless loop from the uploaded song.
  • It can input and output a wide range of audio formats.


  • It is a subscription-based program.

2 Soundtrap

Soundtrap by Spotify

You can use this audio looper online to make a more polished sound, which has practically become a professional audio editor. It allows you to restart from the beginning, proving that this tool can produce more than just loops. The program's complexity prevents beginners from using it, even if it is online. Amateurs can still utilize this, but it will take them longer to get the hang of it. In addition, utilizing it requires signing up with your account, and the free version has restrictions on changing the audio file.


  • It has various selections for improving the audio.
  • You can access it in most browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.


  • A strong and stable internet connection is necessary.
  • It requires users to sign up for their accounts.

3 Loop Maker Pro - Music Maker

Loop Maker Pro

This iOS looper music app can make a loop of a certain audio section. In addition, you can utilize the predefined sounds in it to start utilizing and producing. To become a music producer, you should test this app to make the most of its capabilities before investing in expensive tools. Even with the benefits it offers, accessing it requires payment. Therefore using Loop Maker Pro - Music Maker requires purchasing after the free trial ends. When the subscription lapses, it features an auto-renewal feature, meaning that the app will automatically renew your membership.


  • It features pads that stand in for the track you wish to loop.
  • Additional audio FXs are supported.


  • The audio looping is complicated to use.
  • It requires users to purchase the app after the free trial.

4 Music Maker JAM: Beatmaker App

Music Maker Jam

This MP3 looper for Android works with a traditional and classy audio editor for Android OS to let you add repeating rhythms or tracks to the audio file you made with a single tap. Not an expert? Well, being one is not necessary. It works even if you have never made a loop or changed the audio parameters. Regardless of the benefits, there are times when advertisements appear out of nowhere. It is annoying that this takes place, and you will have to pay to remove the ads.


  • It comes with an audio loop sample file for writing new songs.
  • Free to download.


  • The free version has many flaws.
  • Ads frequently come out.

5 Ableton Live

Windows Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a song loop maker available on Windows 10 and later. It allows you to quickly produce, perform, and compose music inside one user-friendly interface. Ableton Live maintains synchronization and operates in real time, allowing you to perform and modify your musical ideas without hindering the creative process. You can easily manage several loop and sound characteristics using Live's strong MIDI controller integration. Additionally, it offers a full array of effects to adjust and manipulate your sound to various instruments, sounds, kits, and loops for producing any style of music.


  • Excellent integration of MIDI controllers.
  • It contains a variety of drum patterns and actual instruments.


  • It isn't very easy to use in multiple instances.
  • Limited audio editing functions.

5 Audio Music Editor

Audio Music Editor

Audio Music Editor is a simple-to-use Mac audio looper for beginners and professionals. The program offers several effects and filters. In addition, Audio Music Editor also functions as an audio format converter, audio joiner, audio player, splitter, or audio recorder. It can merge many audio files in various formats into a single audio file. Using flexible play mode, you can play or loop-play a specific section of the modified audio file. Although you can only save three files, the trial version's functions are all unrestricted, so you can test as much as you wish.


  • The features on the trial version are not limited.
  • You can easily add effects and filters.


  • It can only save three files.
  • It can only open one file at a time.

Part 3. FAQs about Audio Loopers

1. Why does the quality of the repeated music decline?

There are occasions when the audio's compression setting has been altered when you make a loop, suggesting that the audio file has lost some of its quality. Anyone wishing to loop must comprehend the critical function of audio compression in producing a clear sound.

2. Do I need advanced software to create loop audio?

You don't need advanced software, as there are plenty of easy-to-use tools for download or online. As a result, it will be simpler to create an audio loop than ever. Though some streamlined apps are simple to use, their editing capabilities can be low-grade compared to those of more sophisticated audio editors.

3. Why does the audio loop maker increase the size of the audio file?

If we compare the looped audio file to the original audio file, it is logical that the looped audio file is bigger. Yet, you can compress the audio file size to reduce the file most effectively. Therefore, an audio compressor on your device is necessary to accomplish the task.


These are the six leading song loopers, according to the majority of users. They provide top-notch quality and a wide range of capabilities that enable you to loop and mix songs expertly. Select the one that reasonably meets your needs because each has unique qualities. However, we recommend picking AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate if you want the best features. You can effortlessly change the loop length in real time with all your audio files. You can create incredible loop songs with this tool that will keep you engaged for a long time. Which looping program is your choice? Please leave it in the comment box below!

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