5 Best Video Loop Apps to Repeat Movies on Android and iOS

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5 Best Video Loop Apps to Repeat Movies on Android and iOS

Many editors are creating a newer approach for their videos. Instead of applying extensive video edits, they loop videos to have never-ending clips. In other words, most editors, mainly beginners, search for video looper apps on their smartphones. These apps enable every user to create an endless video that plays non-stop.

Through the continuous innovation of technology, you don't need a desktop to perform the task. Even only using a smartphone can you create a looping video. Most video editor apps on Google Play Store and App Store support a looper. If you want to know the most picked apps, you can download them on your device. Reading this post will give you an idea. Also, we will show you a demonstration of how to create one. So, if you're ready to begin, let's dig deep into this post.

Best Apps to Loop Videos

Part 1. How to Choose a Video Looper App for iPhone and Android

Before you download an iOS or Android looper app, you must learn how to choose the best one. You must consider some things, especially if your device is compatible with the downloaded loading. Here are some of the things you must consider:


Choose an app you can access on any device, not one that supports a specific device. Accessibility is necessary as it also promotes usability. Once an app meets the accessibility requirements, it can be handy for every user.

Ease of Use

If you are a beginner at creating video loops, it is important to pick a user-friendly app. Ease of use is another requirement of an app that you must consider. It defines how a user can easily use the app, and also it reduces the amount of time to familiarize the navigations of the app.


Surely, a user extremely prefers a free app over a paid app. CUnlikepaid apps, free apps usually receive more use and downloads from users. Free apps make it easier to get a user, mainly web-based apps.

Space Saving

When deciding to pick and make, ensure it won't take up a lot of space on your device. Having more storage space enables you to store more apps and files. If downloading such an app is not your cup of tea. You can consider using a web-based app with the same feature as a downloadable app. In addition, using an app to loop a video online won't take up a lot of space on your device as there's no installation needed.

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Part 2. How to Add Music to iMovie on Mac

AnyMP4 Video Looper Online

AnyMP4 Video Looper Online Interface

AnyMP4 Video Looper Online is a looper app accessed in most browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, MS Edge, and more. Even without experience handling the app, it can produce a smooth video looping output as it is straightforward. Meaning beginners won't have any trouble utilizing it. Many users look for an app with an intuitive interface, which AnyMP4 Video Looper Online offers since making a looping video with it is not difficult.

Compared to other iPhone and Android looper apps, this program is accessible as you can utilize it on any device. Also, the program is free to use; it won't take you any charge, even a single buck. On top of that, downloading such a program is unnecessary as you can use it in any browser. In other words, you will save space on your device and have room for important apps.


  • No installation is required.
  • Loop videos up to 5 times.
  • Input and output videos as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and 300+ more.
  • Accessible in most browsers on your device.
  • Loop a video without a watermark.


  • An Internet connection is necessary.

Loopideo - Loop Videos (iPhone)

Loopideo Loop Videos

Loopideo is the best video loop app available on iPhone. With a few modifications, your video from your iOS device can turn into a looped video. This app can import individual videos regardless of their duration or how long it is. Besides uploading video clips from your Photos, you can also import them from Dropbox. Sometimes, users were having trouble utilizing the app for some reason. Yet, many iOS users still want to try the app to create an endless looped video on their iPhones.


  • iOS users can freely download and use the app.
  • No time restriction/duration for the video.
  • Support popular video formats like MP4, MOV, 3GP, and MPV.


  • The latest update has a problem.

Funimate Video Editor & Maker (Android)

Funimate Video Editor and Maker

Funimate Video Editor & Maker is a notable loop maker app on Google Play Store for every Android user. The app comes with a video editing feature, which you can handle even if you are not skilled in editing. The app's looper and editing filters are similar to other top video editor apps. Yet, it is much simpler to use than other video editor apps. In addition, you can also learn to speed up a video using this app in a few minutes. The effect provided by this app is far from a more advanced video editor. However, if you wish to add overlays and make sleek transitions, Funimate Video Editor & Make is ideal.


  • Offers many video editing features.
  • Easy to utilize.
  • It can be downloaded on Android 5.0 or later.


  • Some of its video editing features are not for professional use.

Looper 4+ (iPhone)

Loopideo +4 Aple Watch

Looper 4+ is a video loop app you can utilize on Apple Watch besides iPhone and iPad. Even if you don't know about using a looping app, you can easily handle it as it is a straightforward app. You can quickly finish the looping with the help of this app. Importing and looping the video endlessly or adding specific amounts of repetition can be done easily with minimal taps. In addition to the looping feature, you can reverse fast and slow motion or save video as GIF with this app. Nevertheless, to easily create loop videos, you must purchase the app's pro version.

For more video looper tools on Windows, Mac, web, and more, you can find them here.


  • Create an endless video loop with a few taps.
  • Save the output as GIF.
  • Access tapes on Photos, iCloud Drive, and Reel to create loop videos.


  • Many restrictions in the free version.

Motion Stills (Android)

Motion Stills Looper

Another Android looper we have is Motion Stills. Like the first Android app, it supports features for video looping. Unlike other apps where you upload a clip, here, you can also capture a short clip, modify it, and save it quickly. After editing the video on loop, you can share the loop video with your friends instantly, whether it is a GIF file or video. Although Motion Stills offer extra video editing features, it is not as extensive as the first one, yet they are unique in their usual way.


  • Create a loop video from captured videos.
  • Supports several video formats, including GIF.
  • Video editing features for video editing.


  • Limited video looping options.

Part 3. How to Make a Video Loop on iPhone and Android

1. Refer to this link to be directed to the official website of AnyMP4 Video Looper Online on your iPhone or Android.

2. Once you're in, click the Add File green button to import the video you wish to loop.

AnyMP4 Add File

3. After uploading the video, click the Advanced Settings button to display the options.

AnyMP4 Advanced Settings

4. Modify the video settings depending on your preference. You can change the output format, encoder, resolution, zoom mode, etc.

AnyMP4 Video Settings

5. After modifications, click the Save button from the top right corner to save the loop video.

AnyMP4 Save Loop

Part 4. FAQs about App to Loop a Video

1. What does loop mean?

A loop is when something repeats the same actions. It is said to be running in or on a loop.

2. Does video looping increase views?

Definitely YES! Provided that the replays appear natural. A single playback of a video counts as one view. Nonetheless, YouTube will flag this as a spamming tactic if you repeatedly refresh the page to inflate the view count.

3. What's the purpose of video looping?

You can use looping videos to create engaging social media posts, music videos, site content, etc. Repeatedly playing videos assist you in adding flair to straightforward actions or emphasis to an instructional video.


Now that you know the best pick looper apps, which Android or iPhone device will you choose? Though it takes us a while to get through them all. That's why we find the most appropriate app for your needs. What do you think about the review? Leave a comment below.

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