100% Working Methods to Convert SWF to MP3 for Playing on Any Device

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100% Working Methods to Convert SWF to MP3 for Playing on Any Device

SWF, also known as Adobe Flash file format, is used for sharing multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript online. If you download video files from video sharing platforms, it is possible that the file is in SWF format. Why do you convert SWF files to MP3? The problem is that SWF is not compatible with most media players and mobile devices. And it is very annoying to get the warning this file is not supported by this device when listening to music. That is why a lot of people search for how to convert SWF to MP3 on social networks and forums. In this post, we focus on transcoding SWF files to MP3 simply and quickly.

SWF to MP3

Part 1: The best software to convert SWF to MP3

As one of the most popular multimedia converter software, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate attracts a lot of users around the world, partly because it offers extensive benefits, such as:

In short, Video Converter is the best SWF to MP3 converter you can find on market.

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How to convert SWF to MP3 without quality loss

Step 1: Add SWF files into the best video converter

Download and install Video Converter on your Windows PC. You can also find the Mac version. Launch the application from your desktop and drag and drop all SWF files or folders into the program interface. Then they will show up in the media library area.

Add Video

Step 2: Set MP3 as the output format

Locate to the bottom section, select MP3 from the Profile dropdown menu and drop a location into the Destination field to save the MP3 output. To get more custom options, click on the Settings button to open the Profile Settings dialog.


Step 3. Convert SWF to MP3 within one click

If you are ready, select all SWF files in library area and click on the Convert All button at bottom right corner to initiate transcoding SWF files to MP3 format immediately. When it completes, you can transfer and listen to the music on any device.

Convert Video

Part 2: Top 4 online methods to convert SWF to MP3

Web-based SWF to MP3 converter applications are attractive, partly because they do not require any installation. If you search for MP3 converter in Google Search, you will get a very long list. But only a few online MP3 converters support SWF. The article identifies top 4 best SWF to MP3 converters online.

Top 1: Cloudconvert

Key features:

How to transcode SWF to MP3 with Cloudconvert

Step 1: Access cloudconvert.com/swf-to-mp3 in your browser to open the SWF to MP3 converter page.

Step 2: Click the Select Files button to upload SWF files from your computer. To upload files from other sources, hit the downward icon next to the Select Files button.

Step 3: To reset custom options, hit the button with a tool icon. Finally, click the Start Conversion button to start uploading and converting SWF files. Then download the converted MP3.


Top 2: Convertio

Main features:

How to re-encode SWF to MP3 online

Step 1: Input https://convertio.co/swf-mp3/ into the address bar of any browser and hit the Enter key to open the home page.

Step 2: Select an upload source, like From Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or URL, and import the SWF files.

Step 3: After uploaded, you will be presented the next page. Hit the Convert button to let the online converter work.

Step 4: Finally, get the MP3 files on your device.


Top 3: Apowersoft free online video converter

Basic features:

How to save SWF to MP3 online

Step 1: Get the download launcher installed on your machine and open it. Then drag and drop the SWF files you want to convert into the launcher to upload them.

Step 2: Next, select MP3 from the Output Format panel and customize other parameters.

Step 3: Click on the Convert button to convert SWF to MP3 format. In the end, download converted files in the launcher.

Apowersoft free online video converter

Top 4: Media.io

Principal features:

How to save SWF files to MP3 online

Step 1: Visit www.media.io/convert/swf-to-mp3.html in any web browser to open the SWF to MP3 converter page.

Step 2: Press the plus icon to add the SWF file you'd like to convert from your computer. And select MP3 from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Hit the Convert button to begin uploading and re-encoding. Finally, hit the Download All button to get the result.



In this tutorial, we have talked about the best ways to convert SWF to MP3 and listen to the music on any devices or in any players. SWF is a popular online video format, but only a few media players support it. On the other hand, MP3 enjoys higher compatibility. If you care about MP3 quality, we suggest you to try AnyMP4 Video Converter. It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce high quality MP3. Plus, we also shared four best online SWF to MP3 converters for achieving the task without installing anything on your computer.

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