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How to Find and Use the Hidden Screen Recorders for PC/Mac/iOS/Android

How to Find and Use the Hidden Screen Recorders for PC/Mac/iOS/Android

Today, manufacturers introduced a lot of utilities and functions into digital devices. Hidden screen recorder, for example, is an important function on computer and mobile. However, as its name said, the function is usually disabled and hidden by default. This guide will show you how to find the secret screen recorder on Windows 10/7, Mac OS X/11/12, iOS 11 and later, and Android 10. So that you can capture everything on your screen without third-party software.

Secret Screen Recorder

Part 1: Hidden Screen Recorders on PC/Mac/iPhone/Android

Windows 10: Game Bar

At first, Game DVR is the game recorder function on Xbox One. When Windows 10 released, Microsoft introduced this function into the system. So that you can use the hidden screen recorder directly.

Key Features:

How to Use Hidden Screen Recorder on Windows 10

Step 1: Open Settings from Start menu and choose Gaming. Then toggle on Game Bar.

Turn on Game Bar

Step 2: Reach the screen you wish to record, and press Win + G keys to trigger the hidden screen recorder.

Record Game Bar

Step 3: When prompted, check Yes, this is a game. Then click the Record button.

Step 4: Hit Stop icon to save the recording to video library.

Mac: QuickTime

QuickTime is the built-in media player on Mac, but you can get a lot of useful features within it including screen recording. More importantly, it can record iPhone screen through the AirPlay.

Key Features:

How to Record Screen on Mac

Step 1: Open QuickTime and choose New Screen Recording in File menu.

New Screen Recording Mac Quicktime

Step 2: Press the arrow icon, and select the audio source. Then set Quality and other options.

Record Game Bar

Step 3: Click the Record button, open the screen to record and hit Start Recording. When it is done, click Stop button.

Windows 7: Problem Steps Recorder

Problem Steps Recorder is not a regular screen recorder for Windows 7 users. It can record some problems on your desktop and save it as archive. However, it cannot record videos or movies.

Key Features:

How to Use the Secret Screen Recorder on Windows 7

Step 1: Find Problem Steps Recorder from Accessories in Start menu.

Step 2: Click the Start Record button to begin capturing your screen.

Problem Step Record

Step 3: When it finishes, click Stop Record to save it as a ZIP file.

Note: The secret screen recorder cannot record popular videos, gameplay, and more.

iPhone: iOS Screen Recording

Since iOS 11, Apple introduced the screen recording function into iPhone. It means that you can use the hidden screen recorder simply. However, it only works for the apps supported by ReplayKit.

Key Features:

How to Use Hidden Screen Recorder on iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings app, tap Control Center, and press the icon next to Screen Recording.

Enable Screen Recording iOS

Step 2: Locate the Control Center, find and tap the Screen Recorder icon.

Record Screen iPhone

Step 3: If prompted, tap Start Recording and switch to the screen you want to record immediately. Once tap the Stop icon, the recording will be saved to Photos.

Android 10: Screen Recorder

Google has integrated screen recording function into Android 10 beta, but then removed it in the formal system. Fortunately, some manufactures keep the hidden screen recorder, such as LG and Samsung.

Key Features:

How to Record Screen on Android 10 Secretly

How to Record on Samsung

Step 1: Swipe down twice on notification bar to open the Quick Settings panel.

Step 2: Select Screen Recording on LG and Screen Recorder on Samsung.

Step 3: When you wish to record screen, tap the Start button and it will start after the countdown.

Part 2: Best Secret Screen Recorder for PC and Mac

The hidden screen recorders all have some drawbacks. Game Bar, for example, cannot capture webcam. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a flexible alternative to hidden screen recorders.

Key Features of the Best Secret Screen Recorder

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

How to Use Secret Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install secret screen recorder

Launch the best secret screen recorder after installing it to PC. There is another version for Mac. Pick Video Recorder to open the main interface.

Tip: To get the custom options, click the Settings icon.

Video Recorder

Step 2: Record screen secretly

Turn on Display and set the recording area. Then decide the audio source, like System Sound and Microphone. To add your reactions, enable Webcam; otherwise, disable it. Click REC button to begin secret screen recording.

Start Recording

Step 3: Preview and save screen recording

Click the Stop button once the screen recording is complete. Then view it in the preview window. Finally, click the Save button.

Preview Video

Part 3: How to Record Screen Secretly Online

AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder is a secret screen recorder online. It is easy to use and not requiring installation.

Basic Features of the Best Secret Screen Recorder Online

How to Record Screen Secretly Online

Step 1: Access in a browser, and click Launch Free Recorder to get the launcher.

Launch Recorder

Step 2: Turn on or disable Display, Webcam, System sound and Microphone according to your need.

Recorder Interface

Step 3: Hit REC when you are ready on screen recording. When it is done, click Stop button and save the recording to your computer.

Part 4: FAQs of Recording Screen Secretly

Can you screen record someone else's phone?

It is hard to record others' phone screen since the hidden screen recorders only work after enabling. Though there are some digital spy services, it may bright risk to your privacy.

Do websites know when you screen record?

Most websites cannot detect it when you screen recording; however, some contents are only available to people who pay for it. Bear in mind that screen recording copyright protected websites are illegal.

How do you record someone talking?

Most smartphones have the voice recording app, which can turn your device into an audio recorder. So that you can record someone talking and more.


This article has shared the hidden screen recorder applications on Windows 10/7, Mac OS X/11/12, iOS 11 and later, and Android 10. Based on the sharing, you should understand what they can do and how to use them. If they cannot meet your need, try AnyMP4 Screen Recorder directly, It supports a wide range of input sources and offers pro-level functions in the way that everyone can master quickly. More questions? Please feel free to leave a message below.

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