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Waifu2x Review: An AI Image Upscaler and Enhancer Online

Every user wants to have reliable and convenient software to use. Sometimes, we did not know we needed something that could help our photos become larger and, at the same time, better quality.In line with this, we are introducing to you, Waifu2x. This AI powered software will meet your expectations in photo upscaling as a future user. You can have the best experience this tool offers through this article. Continue reading to discover more.

Waifu2x Review

1. What is Waifu2x

Waifu Main Interface

Waifu2x is an application that can be utilized both online and offline. Its main features are to enlarge photo sizes and upscale photos as well. Waifu is a Japanese word that means Wife. It is usually conceptualized as a fictional female character that can be related to anime which possesses great affection qualities. Furthermore, Waifu2x has many excellent features that are enough to use in image-enhancing features like enlarging photos and noise reduction of an image.The noise reduction feature of Waifu2x is an important step in image enhancement because it reduces the blurriness of the image while preserving its original quality. Additionally, Waifu2x is usually used for Anime-style photos.

2. Review of Waifu2x

Main Features of Waifu2x

When it comes to this application, this has been proven to have easy-to-use software. It means that even a newbie can use this application easily. It has a straightforward interface when it comes to its essential functions. One of the application's key features is having quick image upscaling. For example, if you have the desired photo that is quite blurry, you can make it more transparent without compromising its quality. Another feature is that it has noise reduction. Noise reduction can clear your images and reveal the image's actual details. Lastly, it can enlarge the image size. This feature is excellent because it can also enlarge the photo without losing its good quality.


  • It has a straightforward interface.
  • It can make your images larger than their previous size.
  • It can make blurry photos clear.
  • You can change the level of noise reduction.
  • It makes use of artificial intelligence in photo enhancement.


  • It is specialized in anime and manga styles only.

Waifu2x Booru

Waifu2x Booru

The Waifu2x booru feature is excellent because you can easily access this through the web. You can start uploading your photos by having the option to open the file you want or just simply drop the URL of your image. It can detect if your file size is already at its maximum size. It also has noise reduction features where you can adjust from None, Medium, and High. You can double the size of your photos and, at the same time, increase your photo's resolution. The makers of Waifu2x booru used advanced algorithms to prevent pixelizations. However, this application is specialized in anime and manga styles for photos only. But you can try to use ordinary images.

Waifu2x Extension GUI

Waifu2x Extension GUI

This function of Wiafu2x is an excellent feature because it can enlarge images, GIFs, and videos. It uses video frame interpolation by using deep convolutional neural networks, which can make videos appear smoother. It also has an easy-to-utilize user interface. Additionally, it can improve video quality and can make video processing quicker. It has good multimedia support because it simultaneously supports GIF, APNG and video. This function of Waifu has smart settings where you can adjust specific details in your PC and the files you want to use. Moreover, it supports different image styles like 2D anime and built-in algorithms. Finally, it has excellent compatibility with almost all Windows computers.

Waifu2x Caffe Error

Waifu2x Caffe Error

This feature of Waifu2x can help users new to image enhancement like photo enlargement without changing its pixelization. It was once created so that manga fans may enjoy their favorite series without losing its good quality. Moreover, it uses an algorithm capable of doubling the photo's size without compromising its resolution. However, it has a standard error that occurs on some users. It usually shows the possibility that the split size of a file is too large.

Waifu2x Caffe Settings

Waifu2x Caffe Settings

In this feature of Waifu2x caffe settings, you can choose your file's input and output path. You can also select what kind of input file extension and output extension you could put on the end of the file. Additionally, you can choose your image's conversion image quality and processing settings by selecting Denoise & Magnify, Magnify only, Denoise Only, and Magnify & Auto Denoise. Also, you can choose what Denoise level your image will have; Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. Moreover, you can also adjust its Magnification rate like Set rate, Set trans width, Set trans height, Set trans width, and height. Furthermore, you can also change its processing speed settings through Split size, Batch size, and UI Language and select TTA Mode.

Waifu2x Not Working

Waifu2x Not Working

As a user who currently just installed the application, of course, we want our installed application to run smoothly. However, some instances aren't expected to happen. Some users report that the Waifu2x is not working or loading correctly. You can try to solve this problem by restarting to download Waifu2x. Or, if that doesn't work that way, you can try to check your Internet connection. You can also try to check Google server status. If the application is downloading very slowly, it can also be because of its size.

3. Best Alternatives to Waifu2x

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is an application that is based online. It is the best alternative for Waifu2x because of its powerful features. It is an AI-powered application that can enhance image resolution and enlarge your photos without losing quality. You can utilize this by simply uploading your desired photo or just merely dropping the picture. You can also adjust its magnification up to 8x. It also supports different photo formats like JPG, JPEG, and BMP. Additionally, it can reduce noise and improve the details and texture of your upscaled images. After doing all of those, you can save your upscaled image by clicking the Save button.

Deep Image AI

Deep Image AI

The Deep Image AI is an application that can upscale images. It is accessible online as well. It has an excellent interface with different shades of blue. It starts with uploading your photo, or you can do a batch upload. It also tells you the maximum image size after processing. It can also upscale your image without losing its good quality. Aside from that, you can also upscale video frames for your animation. Also, it can improve its resolution as well. Furthermore, it also has a background removal feature, which can work efficiently.

Up Scaler

Upscaler Main Interface

Up Scaler is a good alternative for Waifu2x because it has an excellent and intuitive interface. It can also be accessible online. It can upscale your images and enlarge them without losing the photos' quality. As stated on its interface, it is based on Deep Learning convolutional neural networks. You will be able to enlarge your photos up to 4 times. It uses Artificial Intelligence which is why it makes the pictures bigger without making them pixelated. Apart from this, it also has Image Deblurring which can make the process more convenient if your photos are pretty blurry. It also has a background remover feature and will put a white background on your image. Lastly, you can also enhance the image's intensity, color, and saturation.

4. FAQs of Waifu2x

How does an image upscaling work?

Image upscaling is the process of changing the size of a digital image. It simply enhances the photo's lower resolution into a higher one to improve the quality of the picture.

What is Waifu2x Caffe?

It is a specific function of Waifu2x, which uses a deep learning framework. It aids in the image conversion function of Waifu2x software.

What is TTA Mode in Waifu2x?

TTA stands for Test-Time Augmentation. It is a computer vision technique that can make the program rotate the image eight times and can generate eight various outputs.


To conclude, we can say that the Waifu2x has many features to start on. It is a beneficial application for those who want to upscale and enlarge their images. It has excellent features you now know you need, especially if you're an anime and manga fan. We are pleased to see if you enjoyed reading this review. Share this post with your family and friends!

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July 11, 2022 13:00

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