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Top 5 GIF Enlarger Tools without Quality Loss

If you are always on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you indeed have encountered cool GIFs. These GIFs are the ones that we use to send memes or jokes and for graphic logos. When you want to make your GIFs noticeable and more visible to others, you will need GIF enlargers. In this post, you will know the best 5 GIF Enlarger tools. Through this, you can send more big GIFs with wide displays. Please continue to read more below.

Animated GIF Enlarger

Animated GIF Enlarger

Part 1. Comparison of the Top 10 Photo Enlarger Tools

  • GIF Enlarger Tool
  • AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online
  • PicResize
  • GIFGIFS GIF Resizer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • FastStone Photo Resize



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Web Free 9.5 9 9 9.5 Noise Reduction Students, Beginners, Professionals
Web Free 9 8.5 8.5 9 Has special effects Students, Beginners
Web Free 8 8 8 8 Has GIF optimizer, GIF crop, Rotate GIF Beginners
Windows, macOS $20.99 8.5 8.5 8.5 9 Multiple layer management in image Professionals
Windows 10/11 $19.95 8.5 8 8 8.5 Image converter and renaming Students, Beginners

Part 2. Top 5 GIF Enlarger Tools

1. AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

Platform: Web

Price: Free

Supported image formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online GIF Enlarger

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is a web-based tool focusing on upscaling and enlarging image files. It enhances images by the exact pixel size. Also, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to further improve the image by reducing the noise of the picture. Additionally, it supports different image formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG. This tool can enlarge your GIF and make it more noticeable to others. Moreover, it has a preset measurement that you can apply to your picture to make the enlargement process done quickly.


  • It has a magnification level of enlargement of images between 2X, 4X, 6X, and up to 8X times.
  • It can enlarge the image file like GIF while increasing its resolution
  • It can enhance the quality and sharpness of the photo
  • It helps in reducing the noise
  • It improves the details and texture of the image


  • It has a friendly user interface
  • It performs the primary function of enlarging a GIF
  • It shows the original image resolution and the output resolution of the image
  • It has fast processing of the image
  • It is free to use


  • You cannot enter a specific measurement in the enlargement of the picture.
  • It doesn't have any extra features to explore

2. PicResize

Platform: Web

Price: Free

Supported image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF

PicResize is an online-based tool that can enlarge an image file easily. The tool can resize and enlarge an image according to your preference. Moreover, it has already processed more than 150 million images since then. That is why the tool has been recommended by multiple users globally. Furthermore, it is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the image without further quality loss.

Pic Resize GIF Enlarger


  • It can adjust the size and aspect ratio of your image file, like GIF
  • It can also crop your pictures to the exact size you prefer.
  • It also offers a primary filter to put on your image
  • It can do multiple images to resize
  • You can convert an image file format to another
  • It can enlarge an image file without losing quality with the use of AI technology
  • It has special effects you can add to your photo, like GIF
  • It has to resize features for different social media platforms


  • It has an exemplary user interface for newbies
  • You can import your photo with convenience
  • It is free to use and accessible to any browsers
  • It keeps the quality of the image once enlarged
  • No download is necessary for you to use it


  • It has a lot of ads on its website
  • You can only access it if you have an internet connection.
  • Some features are not that accurate when applied to an image.

3. GIFGIFS GIF Resizer

Platform: Web

Price: Free

Supported image formats: GIF

Gifgif GIF Enlarger

GIFGIFS is an online-based tool specifically made to edit GIF image files. You can select the GIF resizer on this site to enlarge your chosen GIF image format. Additionally, it has an image sizing scale. It also shows the exact dimensions of the image format. Aside from that, it also has other functions and features to enhance a GIF further.


  • You can easily enlarge a GIF
  • It has an adjustment scale of the GIF
  • It has a resolution and percentage of the image dimensions
  • You can reset the settings of the GIF to its original size
  • After enlarging, it offers many features to add and enhance the GIF


  • It can enlarge a GIF in an instant
  • It has a friendly user interface
  • It has fast processing of the GIF
  • It shows the exact dimensions of the GIF and its file size
  • It is free to use


  • It has many ads on its official site

4. Adobe Photoshop

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: $20.99

Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, SVG, DNG, GIF, STL

Adobe Photoshop GIF Enlarger

Adobe Photoshop is a desktop-based program powered by Adobe. It is known as a powerful photo editor tool utilized by many professionals around the world. Also, it supports many diverse image formats. Since it is powerful editing software, it can manage to enlarge a GIF with its great features. It can also create excellent graphics and art.


  • It has the multiple layers tool wherein you can put elements to the image file
  • It has a selection tool to resize and enlarge an image file like GIF
  • It has a slice tool feature in which you can reduce an image file.
  • It has a retouching tool feature in which you can enhance details in an image.
  • It has a shapes tool feature
  • It can generate high-end graphics and images


  • It can do basic resizing and enlargement of an image file
  • It has the most advanced tools in photo-editing
  • It keeps the quality and resolution of the image while being edited
  • You can customize the style of your image with its features


  • It is not advisable for beginners because of its complicated user interface.
  • It is not free to use
  • It requires a lot of space on your PC

5. FastStone Photo Resizer

Platform: Windows 10/11

Price: $19.95

Supported image formats: JPG, JEPG2000, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PCX, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICO, CUR, HEIC, PPM, WEBP

FastStone Photo Resizer GIF Enlarger

ImgLarger is an online-based tool that focuses on enlarging a photo without quality loss. It helps in increasing the resolution of the image. Moreover, it is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enlarge photos in high quality. Additionally, it has AI toolkits to improve the details of your image, such as AI Photo Colorizer, AI Denoiser, AI Cartoonizer, and AI Sharpener.


  • It can resize and enlarge different image formats
  • It can convert and rename pictures by batch
  • It can crop, rotate, and change the color depth of the image
  • You can add text, watermarks, and border effects.
  • It supports folder and non-folder structures.


  • It can do the essential feature of resizing an image file
  • It has a lot of advanced features
  • It can do batch resizing
  • It supports multiple image formats
  • It has no adware and spyware


  • It does not have a pleasing user interface
  • It has disorganized placement of some features

Part 3. FAQs on Top 5 GIF Enlarger Tools

What is a GIF?

GIF is known to have a flipbook effect because of its creative animation. GIFS or Graphic Interchange Format is like an animated video but, in reality, is an image file. Graphics Interchange Format is a picture file format that performs an animation. It acts like a video. Also, it functions like a flipbook effect. It is mainly used for web graphic logos and memes on your social media platforms. GIFs do not produce any sound, and they have a low resolution.

How can I enlarge a GIF?

On online-based tools, you can upload your GIF on software. Then you can adjust the scale and choose a preset measurement for your image file. While on offline-based software, you can add an image file on the tool and then highlight the GIF file. Use the drag-sizing handles surrounding the image. Or you have the option to enter specific values of the dimensions. You can now export your GIF file successfully.

What are the benefits of using a GIF?

GIFs have the smallest file size. Because of this, the loading of the images becomes faster and quicker. Also, the website will convey the messages better with GIFs because of the animation work. Thus, the younger generation will appreciate reading with animate visuals.


To conclude, GIFs are the best part of websites. You can easily spot a GIF because of its creative animation. The tools mentioned above can enlarge a GIF easily and quickly. Thus, these tools can help enhance GIFs by making them look bigger without losing quality. Your goal to your viewers is to capture their attention, and with these tools, you can instantly make them interact with your pictures.

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