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How to Resize/Crop Photo for Facebook

Facebook has been used by many for years already. Admit it or not, visiting this social media platform has become part of our daily routine. If you aim for likes and reactions, you want your photos displayed all over your FB profile to be great. This post will discover how to resize photos properly for Facebook. Resizing a photo for your FB profile is not as difficult as you think. You may wonder what the best photo sizes and quality your image should have. Kindly continue to read more below.

How to Resize Photo for Facebook

Part 1. What are the Best Size for Facebook Photos

Before, Facebook was filled with texts and links. However, photos are now integrated into the application with the changing trends in our favorite social media platforms. Furthermore, images can effectively communicate our thoughts to each other. In line with this, you may consider what sizes can make your photos look more presentable. Of course, keeping up with the constant changing of Facebook photo formats may overwhelm you. Worry no more because, in this part, you will discover the best sizes for your Facebook Photos.

1. Facebook Profile Picture Size

Facebook Profile Photo Resize Image

Having the best size for your FB profile photo is essential. Remember that your profile photo is the one image that identifies your face. Also, the image frequently appears whenever you share a post, on a comment, on somebody's timeline, in FB search results, and lastly, on chat messages. It might be small enough, but it is essential to choose the best size acceptable to you.

A profile picture on FB measures 168px by 168 px. Yet, the format on FB profile photos is cropped into a circle shape. If you want logos to be included on the circle, ensure they are not cut off. However, your profile photo's resolutionphoto's resolution varies in many situations.

For instance, Facebook has downsized your photo's resolution in the comment section by 40px by 40px. While in other situations wherein someone clicks your profile photo, Facebook displays it by 850px by 850px. Lastly, the highest quality and size of the image that Facebook supports is 2048px by 2048px. Also, the aspect ratio recommended is 1:1. Thus, achieving that resolution for your profile photo will be your biggest asset.

2. Facebook Profile Cover Photo

Facebook Resize Photo Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the one thing that adds to your personality. It is located on the top of your profile picture. Also, it appears wide enough and more visible to others visiting your profile. The timeline cover photo measures 851px by 315px. That is the maximum size that Facebook requires. The recommended aspect ratio is 2.7:1. However, Facebook's high resolution for cover photos is 2037px by 754px. A cover photo is like an extension of your profile photo. It adds elements to your profile.

3. Facebook Page Cover Photo

Facebook Resize Photo Cover Page

Facebook has been an avenue for different businesses in today's time. Facebook has introduced an Fb page wherein you can showcase the product and advertisements for the company. Also, Facebook pages are not limited to business; some use FB for celebrity personalities. For businesses, the incredible way to promote is to have a good FB cover photo. You can think of a suitable size and resolution for it. The minimum size for the Fb page cover photo is 820px by 312px. While the maximum size that Fb supports is 1858px by 745px. Also, the recommended aspect ratio is 2.63:1.

4. Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Facebook Resize Photo Group Cover Photo

Now, the trends in Facebook are changing and improving for the better. A Facebook group cover photo contributes a lot to the group's purpose. In this case, Facebook requires you to crop some areas and adjust the cover photo vertically. The maximum size and resolution Fb requires is 1640px by 922px. While the minimum dimensions are 820px by 461px. Also, the aspect ratio is 1.78:1

5. Facebook Event Cover Photo

Facebook Resize Photo Event Cover Photo

Facebook events have been on trend also in the past years. If you have an exciting announcement or a conference to attend, it serves as a digital invitation for anyone. That is why picking the best size for your event page is essential. In addition, it would look good if the maximum photo size was 1000px by 524px. But on standard displays, you can have the height of 500px by 262px. Moreover, the suitable aspect ratio is 1.91:1.

6. Facebook Post Photos

Facebook Resize Photo Upload Photo

When you upload photos on Facebook, you might worry about the image quality you will get. There are certain orientations that your photos can have. In Square, the maximum size is 492px by 492px. While in Portrait, the maximum size is 492px by 738px. Lastly, in Landscape orientation, the maximum size is 492px by 276px.

Part 2. How to Resize Photo for Facebook with 2 Tools

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is an online-based tool that can upscale and resize Facebook photos for free. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to increase resolution while resizing your Facebook profile and cover photos without cropping. Also, it helps reduce noise and improve an image's sharpness. Furthermore, it can enhance the photos' lines, edges, and other details. In line with that, you can use this tool to resize pictures for Facebook. It will indeed make your Facebook photos smoother and less grainy. You can upscale them by choosing magnification levels from 2X, 4X, 6X, and up to 8X.

AnyMP4 Resize Photo For Facebook

1. Visit the AnyMP4 image Upscaler Online through its official site.

2. To resize photo for Facebook, you can click Upload Photo to import your chosen photo.

AnyMP4 Resize Photo for Facebook Upload Photo

3. To resize the photo you want to post on Facebook, you can select any magnification level from 2X, 4X, 6X, and up to 8X.

AnyMP4 Resize Photo for Facebook

4. If you are done resizing the photo for Facebook, you can now click Save to save and download your finalized image.

AnyMP4 Resize Photo for Facebook Click

For further photo editing effects, you can use a photo editor software to make it.

Adobe Express Free Photo Resizer

Adobe Express Free Photo Resizer is an online-based tool powered by Adobe. It can resize your images easily. Additionally, it has preset sizes that are suitable for different social media platforms like Facebook. With a few clicks, you can resize the photo you want. Furthermore, the tool also has free templates to add to your photos. Also, you can customize your Facebook profile picture with suitable sizes and aspect ratios. In line with that, you can edit Facebook cover photos instantly with the correct preset size and resolution.

Adobe Express Photo Resizer Resize Photo for Facebook

1. Visit Adobe Express Free Photo Resizer on Adobe's official site.

2. To start resizing your photo on Facebook, on the main interface, click Upload your photo to import your image on the tool.

Adobe Express Upload Photo Resize Photo for Facebook

3. After that, it will tell you to drag and drop your image file or browse for your picture to resize for Facebook.

Adobe Express Browse Photo Resize Photo for Facebook

4. In this part, you can choose a social media platform like Facebook. The preset size for photo for Facebook will show. You can also adjust the image scale according to your preference.

Adobe Express Set Size Resize Photo for Facebook

Part 3. FAQs on How to Resize Photos for Facebook

Why does Facebook reduce the quality of images that I upload?

Facebook compresses and reduces the image quality to optimize images for web, because that can facilitate a faster web page loading process. Other sizes that aren't included in the post may be subjected to automatic and default compression of the image.

How does AI technology help in images?

It contributes to the image recognition features. It has been integrated into photo-editing tools to use an algorithm that can organize and accumulate raw data on images. Besides, it can upscale video quality with the powered AI technology.

What is the ideal size for a Facebook cover photo?

The ideal size for your Facebook cover photo is 851px by 315px.


To conclude, you can easily resize your photos for Facebook with the tools recommended above. You will save time and will bring you convenience. Also, it is guaranteed that you can achieve the best sizes for the images you upload on Facebook. Now that you know how to resize your photos, you can freely try it out.

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