iOS Recovery Solution
1.1 iTunes Backup Password
1.2 Note Password
1.3 Turn Off Two Factor Authentication
1.4 iPad Keeps Rebooting
1.5 Put iPhone in Recovery Mode
1.6 Remove iCloud Lock
1.7 iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

What is iTunes Backup Password

What is iTunes backup password? It is a password to protect and encrypt backup files for your iPhone, iPad or iPod in iTunes.

As the prompt "The data on this iOS device is encrypted via iTunes. Please enter the iTunes backup password for this iOS device to complete the backup." would pop up when using AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery to back up data for iPhone/iPad/iPod, if you've set encrypted backup password in iTunes. So don't forget your iTunes backup password.

You may be confused between iTunes password and iTunes backup password. Here is the difference between iTunes password and iTunes backup password.

iTunes password: It is a password when you need to sign in to iTunes Store. In another word, iTunes password equals Apple ID password. iTunes password is along with Apple ID account. If you forgot iTunes password, you can change Apple ID.

iTunes password

iTunes backup password: Also named as iTunes encrypted backup password, it is used when you want to protect iTunes backups of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. When the password is created, the feature of encrypted backup will automatically lock and encode your files in iTunes. Compared with iTunes password, no account is needed for iTunes backup password.

iTunes backup password

After entering the iTunes backup password, you can continue to back up your device with ease.

author Posted by Ted Klarso to iPhone
March 15, 2018 20:25

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