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How to Create a DVD Menu with DVD Menu Maker

How to Create a DVD Menu with DVD Menu Maker

The first thing users will see when they insert a disc is a DVD menu. It establishes the video's tone and is a primary aspect of the viewing experience. A DVD menu provides a quick and straightforward way to access the content users wish to watch while navigating the disc. Users may discover a way around their DVDs by using a professional DVD menu maker to produce the menu for their project. It also establishes users' expertise and respectability.

How to make a DVD menu? Users need menu templates, chapters, and buttons to create a top-notch DVD menu for movies or video production. With the help of AnyMP4 DVD Creator, it is possible to design personalized menus that are both affordable and functional for Blu-ray and DVDs. So without further ado. Let's get this started!

DVD Menu Maker

Part 1. What is a DVD Menu

What precisely is a DVD menu? A DVD's user interface is represented by its menu. Additional buttons, images, backgrounds, layer sets, text items, and shapes are included. Further, this section will discuss what their purpose is.

Moreover, users can find different conventions, like audio, on a DVD menu. The movie's theme music is often an audio track that plays during a DVD menu. Aside from the music, the video is essential to the menu since it provides users with a DVD preview. Users can occasionally find Easter Eggs in a DVD menu.

DVD Menu Structure

A DVD menu, which the users see as a backdrop image with buttons, is just one video frame without audio. The choice switches between the buttons displayed when the user clicks the keys on the remote control; its look changes as the button is chosen or activated. By pressing the Enter key, users may activate a particular button and either follow its connection to its destination or carry out a command showing the subtitle text.


On a DVD menu, a button is an option that users may choose. Typically, users navigate a menu to find the button they want to pick before pressing a select button. The DVD may start playing a video, change to another menu, or show a still picture once the button is pressed.


Images are tiny graphics, such as arrows or separators, which can be placed over backgrounds or other assets. They usually have areas of transparency that allow other images or backgrounds to show through. Images are typically flat image files and use one of several standard graphics file formats.


A menu's backdrop is made up of more prominent visuals called backgrounds. Typically, these are PSD files with just a backdrop layer and the goal resolution of the television standard the project aims for.

Layer sets

Photoshop users are likely familiar with layer sets and PSD files that include multiple levels but no backdrop layer. Layer sets are frequently used to arrange text, shapes, and images in an organized fashion. Users should note that if a Photoshop file has a single layer set and each layer has a unique name, the layer set will be handled as a button rather than a layer set.

Text items

Text items are PSD files with a single layer containing stylized text and no backdrop.


PSD files called Shapes are made up entirely of vector shapes. In contrast to images, they are scalable without compromising quality.

Part 2. Best DVD Cover Menu Software

AnyMP4 DVD Creator is the best program to make DVD menus in Windows and macOS. You can use the premade menu templates of this program to make DVD menus. Besides burning a video to DVD, there are other methods to make your DVDs more engaging. Make your DVDs competent and easy to navigate by adding menus. It's a great way to ensure your content stands out from the viewers and avoids becoming another low-budget film.

Viewers can browse through a disc's contents and select the exact components of a video with the help of DVD menus. In AnyMP4 DVD Creator, you can create DVD menus by using menu templates and editing them to fit the requirements of your projects.

The feature is available when the menu template option is selected. In addition, the program is integrated with video and audio editing tools where you can modify the video, audio, subtitles, clips, and more.

Part 3. How to Make a DVD Menu

How to Make a DVD Menu Using the Best DVD Menu Maker

1. Click the Free Download below to install AnyMP4 DVD Creator on your computer. Follow the installation process on your screen to complete the setup process of the best DVD menu maker.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2. After installation, ensure that a disc is inserted into your drive. Then, run the DVD menu maker. Upon opening the program, select the DVD disc option as your disc type. Next, click the Add Media File button to import the files.

AnyMP4 DVD Menu Maker Add Media

3. Once all the files have been uploaded, tick the Check All box to select all the files. Then, click the Next button. Alternatively, before proceeding, you can modify each file by selecting the Power tools tab. Here you can edit the videos, audio, subtitle, etc.

AnyMP4 DVD Menu Maker Power Tools

4. After clicking the Next button will open the menu template window where you can create and customize menus. To customize, click Add background Music, Change Background, and Add Opening Film. To customize text, double-click the text itself. Afterward, click the Preview button to sneak into your DVD menu.

AnyMP4 DVD Menu Maker Menu Template

5. Once the DVD menu is all set up, click Burn. In this section, choose a destination of your output, and select the Folder path to specify the local file from which you want to save the output. If you wish to have an ISO file, tick Save as ISO. To burn it on a DVD, tick the Burn to disc box, then select your preferred Burn engine (VSO, CdrTool, or IMAPI). Following that, click the Start button. The program will then start converting files and generate the title menus.

AnyMP4 DVD Menu Start

How to Make a DVD Menu in Premiere Pro (Adobe DVD Menu Maker)

1. Using Adobe DVD menu maker, you should create a chapter menu graphic. Create a box in the design that will serve as a play and chapter indicator, and then add text for your DVD's title. Afterward, select Convert to Smart Object by performing a right-click on your layers in the layer panel. Following that, save the file.

Adobe DVD Menu Maker Convert to Smark Object

2. Next, choose New Project from the menu in Adobe Encore. Select the video files you edit in Premiere by right-clicking on the project window and choosing Assets. Do the same thing, except after clicking the right mouse button, choose Menu and import the project you made in Photoshop.

Adobe DVD Menu Maker Menu

3. On the preview screen, choose the boxes from your prepared template. Right-click, then choose the Play layer. Afterward, choose Object and then Convert to Buttons. Please make the additional layers you have in your menu into buttons by using the same procedure.

Adobe DVD Menu Maker Convert to Button

4. Drag the button you wish to use to play the imported video afterward. Check the DVD menu on the Project Preview, which you can find under the tool tab, before burning your DVD file.

Adobe DVD Menu Maker Project Preview

Part 4: FAQs about DVD Menu Maker

1. Is there an online DVD menu maker?

There are no online tools for creating menus and DVD creation. This type of comprehensive work is one of the reasons. Moreover, making DVDs can sometimes take too long, and the video files take up a lot of space, which offline software might need help to handle.

2. Can Windows Movie Maker create a DVD menu?

Microsoft Windows comes with a native software called Windows Movie Maker. This tool's primary use is for video editing; making DVD menus is not one of its primary functions. If you wish to make one, you can do it with Windows DVD Maker.

3. Does the Mac have a DVD menu maker?

Unfortunately, macOS doesn't come with a built-in tool for DVD creation. Yet, it does not exclude you from creating a DVD menu. If you want a custom DVD menu maker, AnyMP4 DVD Creator is the tool. Besides, this program is compatible with Mac and has remarkable capabilities to flavor your work as you edit it.


Indeed, after reading this post, you will only leave with an understanding of how to make a DVD menu. A video, as they say, is like a storyboard, but it will be more impressive if your DVD menu makes a big impression as soon as your viewers put it in their player. Although Adobe DVD menu maker is a great tool, many need help utilizing it. However, if you use AnyMP4 DVD Creator to burn DVDs and create DVD menus, you won't need to install any additional software.

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