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Top 4 Methods to Convert MP3 to Text into Different Languages

Top 4 Methods to Convert MP3 to Text into Different Languages

When you are using Instant Messager or Siri, you can convert speech into text. How to convert MP3 to text, or even with different languages? Whether you want to narrate stories, transcribe speech or extract meeting voice, you can learn more about the 4 best MP3 to text converters for different platforms from the article.


Part 1: Why Do You Transcribe MP3 to Text

Once you have transcribed MP3 to text, you can easily preview and search for the files if you are not convenient to listen to the audio files. Moreover, when you need to mark the files or add some tags, the text files should be much more convenient than the MP3 file. When you get the MP3 file in another language, you can convert MP3 to text and then translate the file to the desired text with ease.

Convert MP3 to TEXT

Part 2: 4 Best MP3 to Text Converters

What should be important to convert MP3 to text? Besides transcribe the audio files, you should pay attention to the error correction to make sure you get a satisfied text. Just learn more about the 5 best MP3 to text converters as below.

Top 1: Google Speech to Text

Google Speech to Text is one of the most important MP3 to text converters with recognition technologies. Gboard is the app based on the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text service.

Step 1: Download and install Gboard from Google Play and launch the app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open any app that you want to add the text, such as Gmail or Keep. Choose the area to enter the text.

Step 3: At the top of your keyboard, touch and hold Microphone. When you see ”Speak now”, you can convert MP3 to text.


Top 2: Transcribe – Speed to Text

Transcribe is the MP3 to text converter for your iPhone, which enables you to transcribe any video or voice memo automatically. It applies AI technologies to convert MP3 to more than 120 languages.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded and installed the Transcribe, launch the app on your iPhone accordingly.

Step 2: After that, you can choose the “Voice Memos” option or the “Videos” to import the MP3 files.

Step 3: The program is able to convert MP3 to text, which you can export the text transcription into the text editing app.


Top 3: Sonix MP3 to Text Converter

Sonix is an online MP3 to text converter that extracts the speech from your MP3 file and gives you a text file in a few minutes. The free trial provides 30 minutes free credit with ease.

Step 1: Sign up for Sonix with 30 minutes of free trial and upload the “MP3 Audio File file (s)” from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 2: Select the language used in the MP3 file, then click the “Start Transcribing Now” button to convert the MP3 audio file.

Step 3: It will automatically convert MP3 to text and polish your transcript. After that, you can click the “Export” button to save the TXT file.


Top 4: Speechnotes

Speechnotes is a powerful speech-enabled MP3 to text converter available for Chrome. Moreover, it also enables you to edit the speech results and auto save everything within clicks.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Store and download Speechnotes, or go to the to get the file.

Step 2: Click the Mic to record the audio file. As for the first time, you have to confirm the permission.

Step 3: Speak to the microphone and the Chrome plugin is able to convert MP3 to text and write everything down.


Recommended: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Most of the speed-to-text converters are only available for MP3 files. Once you have downloaded some training or meeting videos, before converting MP3 to text, you should convert other videos to MP3 instead. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the all-in-one MP3 converter to convert, edit and manage the audio files with ease.

  • Convert all the videos and audio files into MP3 files with different scenarios.
  • Adjust the audio files with audio codec, frame rate, bitrate and more others.
  • Manage the videos, such as clip, merge and adjust the volume.
  • Support external audio track and multiple audio tracks for the video file.
Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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Part 3: FAQs of MP3 to Text

Is online MP3 to text converter safe?

It is not 100% safe to use a free online MP3 to text converter, because you have to upload your private MP3 files online. Though they claim they will delete your files within 24 hours, it is risky of uploading your confidential files. Besides, there are various ads on those online converters, and they may redirect you to other unsafe sites.

Can I turn MP3 to text?

Thanks to the transcription apps like Rev Voice Recorder, Temi Record and Transcribe App, Rev Call Recorder, and more, you can convert MP3 to text easily.

Is speech-to-text accurate?

Generally speaking, it is not 100% accurate for speech-to-text conversion. But it can be up to 95% and above accurate.


In order to transcribe MP3 to text with different languages, you can learn more about the 4 best converters to extract the content from MP3 files. When you get more other video formats, you can use the AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to convert video and audio files to MP3 instead.

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