10 CapCut Alternatives for Mobile, PC and Online Browsers

10 CapCut Alternatives for Mobile, PC and Online Browsers

CapCut has emerged as one of the most famous beginner-friendly editing platforms since the rise in popularity of short-form videos like TikTok. Since then, users of this brand-new entertainment and social media format have considered CapCut as their go-to editor when producing videos of their own. Furthermore, CapCut also advanced to work as a traditional video editing platform over time. However, CapCut is not the most ideal tool for all users since it has limitations that might hinder your creative freedom. With that in mind, this article is made for you since we will provide multiple CapCut alternatives that you can use no matter what device you are using. We will feature a total of 10 apps and tools that you can use on mobile devices, Windows computers, and online platforms. Please, continue reading below to learn more.

Capcut For Mac

Part 1. Disadvantages of CapCut

Capcut Interface

Although CapCut is perfectly adequate for basic video editing needs, it is far from being a perfect tool that is ideal for learning how to edit videos properly. Moreover, it has production limitations such as the 60FPS limit when exporting videos making it a subpar video editor for files that are meant to be watched on high refresh rate screens. The platform is also not ideal for younger audiences since it contains explicit music and editing templates that contain profanity and other sensitive materials. However, the biggest concern of CapCut especially on mobile devices is its data collection for devices where the platform was installed. This data security concern was the main reason why the Indian government banned CapCut in their country back in 2020.

Now that we have discussed the compelling disadvantages of CapCut and if you wish to find a better alternative for it, the next parts of this article will focus on this topic since we will provide multiple alternatives across different platforms.

Part 2. Best 4 Apps Like CapCut for Android and iPhone


Vid Fun Main Interface

To start our list of the best CapCut alternatives for Android mobile devices, Vid.Fun will be highlighted first since this tool has an adequate advantage over its competitors due to its 4K resolution support. This alone makes the tool stand out since UHD video support is limited especially among mobile platforms. If you want to process 4K resolution videos, Vid.Fun is the platform for you.

Best Used For:

  • • No watermark editing.
  • • Editing HD and 4K UHD videos.
  • • Producing videos for social media platforms with built-in crop options.


  • Supports popular video formats like MP4 and MOV.
  • Beginner-friendly interface design.


  • Has low ratings and download count.


Youcut Main Interface

One of the most common problems among free-to-use editing platforms is that they are tagged with watermarks. Thankfully, this is not a problem for YouCut editor available for both Android and iOS. This instantly makes this tool a much cleaner alternative than CapCut which leaves a large watermark on videos that it produces.

Best Used For:

  • • Quick and simple mobile editing.
  • • Adding VFX thanks to its built-in library of video effects and overlays.
  • • Adding and editing customizable music.


  • Videos produced in its free version have no watermark.
  • Simple customization settings of added video and music.


  • Cannot export videos more than the 1080p resolution.


Inshot Main Interface

For editors who want to incorporate AI effects into their tools, InShot is the best CapCut alternative for Android and iOS mobile devices. AI support is best used when adding flashy transitions that are modern-looking. This is ideal for platforms where users are mostly younger people since these transitions are modern-looking. It can also edit photos which is a great addition. If you want to use InShot on a computer, check the InShot alternative for PC here.

Best Used For:

  • • Adding flashy transitions between clips.
  • • Incorporating AI effects.
  • • Producing video collage.


  • Can also be used to edit photos.
  • Has a high rating and consistent positive reviews.


  • Harder to use than other mobile editing platforms.


Splice Main Interface

Splice may be one of the most advanced platforms on both Android and Apple devices as a CapCut alternative when it comes to VFX integration. Some of these effects are ideal for music videos and vlogs that are made for social media platforms. The most notable effects among Splice’s library are their slow motion, glitch, and chroma effects.

Best Used For:

  • • Editing videos traditionally on mobile platforms.
  • • Easily adding music and audio to videos.
  • • Adding chroma and VFX filters.


  • Has a large library of royalty-free assets.
  • Can add music from the iTunes collection of users.


  • Its paid version is only available as a subscription service.

Part 3. Best 3 CapCut Alternative for Windows PC

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Anymp4 Video Converter Ultimate Mv Editor

Moving on to the editing platforms on PC, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate strongly takes the lead as the best CapCut video editor alternative. Although the platform was initially developed as a video format converter for Windows and Mac, one of its main features, the MV Editor, is ideal for video editing purposes and can match up or perform even better than CapCut’s. Much like our topic for today, the video editor function of this alternative is packed with essential video editing tools such as rotate and crop, trim, filter, effects, and watermark marker. Using this core of editing materials, any editing function that CapCut can do can be produced by AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate with no problem.

More notable features available in the platform that are perfect for video utility needs:


  • Versatile video format converter.
  • Fully functional DVD Ripper.
  • High-quality photo collage maker.
  • Toolbox with 20+ convenient tools.

Download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate now and experience the best CapCut alternative available today!

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Best Used For:

  • • Novice editors learning the basics of video editing.
  • • Applying video improvements using essential video editing tools.
  • • General file and video utility needs.


  • Ideal for basic video editing and video enhancing use.
  • Can be used to convert video formats.
  • Packed with important tools designed for videos such as video enhancers, video compressors, and more.


  • Essential video editing tools might feel limited for experienced users.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Interface

Wondershare Filmora is a good alternative for CapCut editors who want to stick to an easy-to-use editing platform. This alternative is the perfect option in this regard since it was built for beginner-friendly use. Most notably, its video editing templates do not look as such making video editing in it look natural and not automated.

Best Used For:

  • • Using ready-made video templates.
  • • Using download-free assets due to its built-in library of stock media.
  • • Quick and easy editing.


  • Easy to learn.
  • Efficient video editing process.


  • Has a high price.

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express Editor Interface

For enthusiasts of flashy VFX and overlays, HitFilm Express might be the ideal tool for you. This platform is one of the best VFX compositors in the market today and its features are much more advanced than CapCut’s. Despite that, it is still easy to use and learn thanks to the packed tutorials available to its clients.

Best Used For:

  • • Video editors with powerful computers.
  • • Professional video editors looking to add VFX easily.
  • • Incorporating basic visual effects.


  • Has a lot of in-client tutorials.
  • Features a wide library of editing assets.
  • Ideal for video editors of all skill levels.


Part 4. Best 3 Online Video Editors Like CapCut

Adobe Express

Adobe Express Main Interface

For multimedia editors experienced in Adobe platforms or for those who cannot afford the pricey subscription services of Adobe, Adobe Express is a godsend. This tool is the official free-to-use online video editor of the company equipped with essential tools for basic to intermediate video editing. If you want to use a more trusted alternative than CapCut, Adobe Express is a smart choice.

Best Used For:

  • • Using Adobe features for online editing.
  • • Producing videos for social media sites.
  • • Creating edited videos.


  • Ready-to-use templates make video editing much easier.
  • Drag-and-drop editing tool.


  • The edited video needs to be downloaded.

Canva Free Online Video Editor

Canva Editing Interface

Famous for their online photo editor and document maker, Canva has expanded its offerings by providing a platform to edit videos online. Much like the appeal of their photo editing platform, this tool is also easy to use and has a much-simplified interface. For editors used to Canva, this tool might be ideal for them.

Best Used For:

  • • Simple video editing work.
  • • Editing videos on a familiar platform, especially for Canva users.


  • Has a simplified editing interface.
  • Has a ready-to-use library of editing assets.


  • Its free version has a lot of limitations.


Clideo Editing Main Interface

Clideo is a new player in the online video editing market. Despite that, it is quickly rising in popularity due to its super simplified editing interface which can be used effectively by editors with no experience in video editing. Additionally, it is also a good option for creating videos on social media sites which is an essential media platform today.

Best Used For:

  • • Editing videos from start to finish on browsers alone.
  • • Producing picture-in-picture videos.


  • Can be used effectively by complete beginners.
  • Supports most digital file formats.


  • Requires a stable internet connection.

Part 5. FAQs About CapCut Alternatives on Mobile, PC, and Online

Is CapCut like TikTok?

No, it is not. CapCut is a video editing tool and AI platform. TikTok is a short-form content platform.

Is there any app similar to CapCut?

Yes, there are. InShot and YouCut are some examples on mobile. Meanwhile, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate and Adobe Express are good options on PC and online browsers.

Is CapCut the best editing app?

No, it is not. Its limitations are set by the platform’s background as a video editing tool for mobile. It cannot compete with professional video editing tools such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

Is CapCut hard to use?

No, it is not. CapCut is beginner-friendly and is simple to use. This makes it a good option for mobile users who want to share videos on social media platforms.

What is the best CapCut alternative for PCs?

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best CapCut alternative for both PC and Mac. The tool can provide every service CapCut can and more. It has a built-in video editor in addition to its format converter and more convenient tools.


Now that we have discussed the best CapCut alternatives for personal computers, mobile devices, and online browsers that will be perfect for all your video editing needs. We hope that this article helps you decide which of these platforms are best for your needs and available devices. If you want to produce videos for social media sites, mobile editors might be the ideal option. However, if you want to edit videos in a more detailed way, computer programs are the way to go. Finally, online video editing sites are ideal for quick work.

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