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How to Resolve the Problem that Voicemail is Not Working on iPhone and iPad

How to Resolve the Problem that Voicemail is Not Working on iPhone and iPad

“I just updated my iOS, but voicemail suddenly did not work on my iPhone, how to fix it?” Voicemail is a handy service on iPhone that makes sure you won’t miss any important messages. Although it may be not as popular today as it once was, Voicemail is still a useful feature especially when you are unable to answer your smartphone. It will become inconvenient and frustrating if Voicemail is suddenly not working on iPhone. This piece of troubleshooting will help you resolve this problem quickly.

Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

1. Why Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Why is my Voicemail not working on my iPhone? The reasons may be various, but there are several main factors that can lead to the error:

  • 1. A poor network connection, such as the ill-functioning of the cellular network.
  • 2. Unknown changes in the Voicemail settings due to software updates.
  • 3. Issues between the carrier and the device, such as outdated carrier settings.
  • 4. Your iPhone gets stuck in a specific mode.

2. How to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Solution 1: Restart iPhone and Phone App

If Voicemail is not working on your iPhone due to your device or the Phone app getting stuck, you can try restarting iPhone and the app. Though it sounds easy, this way can fix a lot of errors.

Restart Phone

1Enter the multi-task screen with the assistive touch menu or the gesture.

2Swipe left and right to find the Phone app, press, and swipe upward on it to force close it.

3Press the Side button until you see the power-off screen. Move the slider to the right side and your screen will turn black.

4Wait for a few seconds, and press the Side button to turn your iPhone back on. Open the Phone app, and go to the Voicemail tab from the bottom to see if it works now.

Solution 2: Set up Voicemail Correctly

To resolve the problem that visual Voicemail is not working on iPhone, you must set it up correctly. Unfortunately, some users still do not understand the right procedure.

Set Voicemial

1Start your Phone app, and head to the Voicemail tab from the bottom.

2Tap Set Up Now for the first time setting up, and follow the on-screen instructions to create your voicemail password.

3Next, tap the Greeting at the top left corner to enter the Greeting screen. Here you can use the Default greeting or make your one by tapping Custom. Tap Save to confirm it.

4Close the Phone app, and run the Settings app. Tap Phone, and Call Forwarding. Make sure to toggle off the call forwarding.

5After setup, return to the Phone app, tap the Keypad tab, and hold down the 1 key until the phone dials your voicemail. If you hear the saved messages, it means that you set up Voicemail successfully.

Solution 3: Update Carrier Settings

Your carrier, such as Verizon, may update their settings regularly. By default, iPhone installs the updates automatically, so you do not notice it at all. If it is not updated automatically and leads to Voicemail stop working on iPhone, you have to do it manually.

Update Carrier

1Run your Settings app from the home screen.

2Head to General and About. Here you can see your carrier.

3If there is an update, you will get a pop-up alert. Tap the Update button to do it immediately. Then your Voicemail will work normally.

Solution 4: Check Your Network

There are several networks on iPhone, such as Wi-Fi, cellular, and more. Any improper settings can make Voicemail not work on iPhone 14 or other models. Here we show you all the network settings for Voicemail.

Airplane Mode Off

1Firstly, enter the Control Center on your iPhone, and tap the plane icon to enable Airplane Mode. 30 seconds later, tap the plane icon again to turn it off.

2Open the Settings app, tap Cellular and then toggle on Cellular Data.

3If you live in a region with a poor connection, enable the Wi-Fi calling. Go to the Phone tab in the Settings app, head to Wi-Fi Calling, and toggle on Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone. It enables you to use Voicemail when you are connecting to Wi-Fi.

Solution 5: Reset Network Settings

The last but not least solution to fix Voicemail is not working on iPhone is to reset your network settings. It removes all your personal settings about the network on your iOS device, and then you can set it up again properly.

Reset Network

1Start the Settings app from your home screen.

2Go to General, Transfer or Reset iPhone, and then Reset on iOS 15.3 or later. For earlier systems, head to General and then Reset.

3Tap Reset Network Settings. If prompted, enter your passcode and confirm it. When it is done, your iPhone will restart and you can set the network again.

Solution 6: Ultimate Way to Fix Voicemail Not Working

Sometimes, your Voicemail is just not working on your iPhone suddenly without any notifications. How can you find out why it happens and how can you resolve the problem? You do not learn the reasons at all since AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery can help you fix it with one click.

Key Features of the Best iPhone System Recovery

  • Detect and resolve software issues on iPhone easily.
  • Available to a wide range of errors including Voicemail not working.
  • Keep your data safe when repairing Voicemail.
  • Support almost all iPhone and iPad models.
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Here are the steps to fix Voicemail stop working on iPhone:

1Connect iPhone

Launch the best iPhone repairing tool after you install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Choose iOS System Recovery and it will detect your device.

Select iOS System Recovery

2Select a mode

Click the Start button and you will see the status of your iPhone. Hit the Fix button to enter the repair mode screen. Now, you can select a proper mode according to your situation, and click Confirm.

Click Fix Button

3Fix Voicemail not working

Check and correct the information about your iPhone, and select the desired iOS version. At last, click on the Repair button. When it finishes, your Voicemail should work on your iPhone as usual.

Fix iOS Device

3. FAQs about Fixing Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

How does Voicemail work on iPhone?

iPhone Voicemail is a recorded message. When someone calls you but you are not convenient to receive it, this message will be retrieved.

How to reset a Voicemail password on iPhone?

Go to the Settings app, tap Phone, and press Change Voicemail Password. Enter the old password, tap Done, and you will get the new password screen.

How to delete voicemails on iPhone?

Open the Phone app, select the Voicemail tab from the bottom, tap the unwanted voicemail, and press Delete. To delete multiple voicemails, tap the Edit button on the Voicemail screen, select them, and tap Delete.


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