iActivate Review & Alternative | Bypass MDM on iDevice

iActivate Review & Alternative | Bypass MDM on iDevice

Many iPhone and iPad users encounter limitations due to Mobile Device Management restrictions. These restrictions can be annoying, especially if you own a secondhand device. Fortunately, iActivate promises a solution by offering tools to bypass MDM restrictions. In this iActivate review, we will cover the tool’s advertised features and explore its potential benefits. Also, we will discuss some crucial drawbacks to consider before using it.

iActivate Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict of iActivate

As claimed by a tech review software site, iActivate got a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from 1,693 reviews. Apparently, 96% of users praise its efficiency and straightforward process. They also commended its effectiveness in bypassing Mobile Device Management restrictions on iOS devices. Despite its high rating, it also receives negative feedback. Around 4% of users rated it poorly, citing concerns that the MDM removal process might only be temporary.

Overall Ratings (Out of 5 Stars):


Data Loss Prevention:

Success Rate:

Speed Performance:

Value for Money:


  • It claims to bypass MDM on iPhones and iPads.
  • It claims to remove all iOS restrictions on the device.
  • It claims to bypass MDM without login and password.
  • It claims to bypass MDM Authentication Screen during activation.
  • It claims to remove MDM configuration profiles from iPhones and iPad.


  • It might put the computer at risk.
  • It does not permanently remove MDM.
  • It does not support the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.
  • It demands disclosure of the device’s serial number/IMEI.
  • It requires ordering MDM removal service from the official page.

Part 2. Overview of iActivate

Iactivate Interface

After knowing the quick verdict of the tool, let’s now move forward on its overview. Basically, iActivate can bypass iCloud activation lock and MDM restrictions on iPhones and iPads. It claims to be a solution if you have a used device with MDM limitations. This tool promises to bypass logins, passwords, and MDM screens during activation. It also claims to remove MDM configuration profiles and all restrictions on iPhones and iPads. But here’s a thing. Security is a major concern. Using such software could put your computer at risk. Additionally, it only offers a temporary solution, with the MDM restrictions potentially returning later.

What to Expect With iActivate:

  • • No need for a login or password to bypass MDM.
  • • Bypass MDM on iDevices freely without limitations.
  • • Bypass MDM Authentication Screen during activation.
  • • Remove MDM configuration profile that restricts the iDevice.

Part 3. Full Review of iActivate

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How We Test
Installation Process We begin by downloading and installing the software on our testing computer.
Connection Establishment We establish a connection between the computer and the iOS device that needs to be unlocked.
Compatibility We assess the compatibility of the software with various iOS devices and versions.
Device Management During testing, we evaluate its performance in bypassing iCloud lock and MDM restrictions.
Result of the Test Based on our testing, we successfully bypassed MDM restrictions. However, after restarting the testing device, MDM reappeared.

Bypass MDM Restrictions

Overall Ratings:

Bypass Mdm Restrictionse

This feature claims to remove restrictions placed on your device by MDM software. These restrictions can limit app downloads, internet access, device functionalities, and more. Bypassing these restrictions could grant you more freedom to use your device as you see fit. However, many reviews report that bypassing MDM using the tool is only a temporary solution.

Remove MDM Configuration Profiles

Overall Ratings:

Remove Mdm Configuration

MDM configuration profiles are essentially sets of rules that dictate how the device operates. Fortunately, the tool claims to remove these profiles entirely. This gives you full control over settings and functionalities that were previously restricted. Now, a small heads-up. Removing MDM profiles could expose your device to vulnerabilities as it contains security configurations.

Bypass MDM Authentication Screen

Overall Ratings:

Bypass Mdm Authentication

During activation, some devices require an MDM login to proceed. But with this tool, it claims to bypass this authentication screen. This allows you to activate the device without needing the login credentials. However, there’s a catch. Bypassing the authentication screen could be a security risk. Also, this feature might not work for all MDM implementations.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Overall Ratings:

Bypass iCloud Lock

This feature seems convenient if you purchased a used device. It’s beneficial if you’re unable to access the device due to the previous owner’s iCloud account still being linked. iActivate iCloud remove tool claims to remove iCloud lock. But here’s a thing. Without proper authorization, you may be bypassing the security put in place to protect the device and its data.

Feedback from Trusted Tech Software Review Sites

The lock was removed on the first attempt, but after resetting the settings on the phone it appeared again.


Hi guys, I just used the iActivate for $45, and it worked flawlessly on the latest iOS 15.3.1.


As promised, the steps were super quick and easy to follow. Download the software, fill in the required field, and let the magic happen.

-iActivate Official Page

Part 4. Best Alternative to iActivate

Remove Apple Id B

Although the reviewed tool can bypass MDM restrictions and remove the iCloud activation lock, it cannot remove screen locks and other restrictions. This is where AnyMP4 iPhone Unlocker comes in, offering more functionalities beyond what iActivate provides. This tool goes beyond MDM and iCloud lock removal. It can wipe screen passcodes, including 4-digit and 6-digit codes, Face ID, and Touch ID. It also boasts a feature that can remove your Apple ID without needing the password.

What’s more, it can remove Screen Time restrictions and retrieve forgotten passcodes. This can be useful for parents who need to regain control of their child’s device usage. It can even remove iTunes backup encryption settings without data loss, making your backups more accessible. Overall, AnyMP4 iPhone Unlocker presents a more comprehensive solution for bypassing various iOS restrictions compared to iActivate’s more limited focus.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 5. FAQs about iActivate

Is iActivate free?

Unfortunately, NO! It is not a free service. You need to pay $45 to use their MDM bypass service. Upon successful payment, an account will be automatically created for you. This account will contain details about your order and current payment status.

Is there a free MDM bypass tool?

There might be free MDM bypass tools advertised online. However, free tools might not be reliable or secure, putting your device and data at risk. Additionally, most free tools are scams that don’t actually work and could even contain malware.

What does MDM lock stand for?

MDM lock refers to restrictions placed on a device by Mobile Device Management software. Companies and schools commonly use MDM to manage and secure their devices. An MDM lock can limit functionalities like app installations, website access, and device settings.


That’s where our iActivate review ends! iActivate offers a solution for bypassing MDM restrictions on iPhones and iPad. But, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution to unlock iOS devices, consider AnyMP4 iPhone Unlocker. It goes beyond MDM bypass, offering features like screen lock removal, Apple ID removal, and bypassing other iOS restrictions.

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