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iMyFone LockWiper Review | The Good, Bad, and Not-So-Good

iMyFone LockWiper Review | The Good, Bad, and Not-So-Good

iMyFone offers a software called LockWiper. It is designed to bypass various security measures on iOS devices. This includes screen lock passcodes, Apple IDs, MDM restrictions, and Screen Time passcodes. In this iMyFone LockWiper review, we will help you determine if it’s the suitable solution for your unlocking needs. We’ll highlight the overall reliability and a clear understanding of its limitations. Uncover more details by continuing to read!

iMyFone LockWiper Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict

iMyFone LockWiper boasts a rating of 3.98 stars from 366 reviews. This indicates general satisfaction among users. One notable feature is its ability to delete Apple ID without a password. It offers a solution for users locked out of their accounts. However, there are complaints about data loss associated with the Apple ID deletion process. Still, LockWiper holds a respectable rank of 222 among the most used unlocking software. It showcases its popularity among users seeking solutions for unlocking their devices.

Overall Ratings (Out of 5 Stars):


Data Loss Prevention:

Success Rate:

Speed Performance:

Value for Money:


  • It provides a relatively fast unlocking process.
  • It features a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • It supports unlocking various types of iOS devices.
  • It boasts a high success rate and a low failure rate.
  • It deletes Apple IDs without requiring a password.


  • It requires purchasing a license to access the full features.
  • It may erase all data on the device, potentially leading to data loss.
  • It may not work in certain situations, such as if the device is blacklisted.

Part 2. Overview

True to its name, LockWiper is a powerful tool crafted to wipe various locks on iOS devices. It offers a comprehensive solution to unlock all types of screen locks. These actions can be accomplished without entering a password. It provides convenience for users who are locked out of their devices. The software claims that it supports all iPhone and iPad models. This includes those running the latest iOS 18 and the recently released iPhone 15.

iMyFone LockWiper

With LockWiper, users can unlock iPhone Apple ID, Touch ID, and Face ID within minutes. It ensures swift access to their devices. Additionally, it enables users to instantly bypass Mobile Device Management and remove MDM profiles on iOS devices. Cool right? It enhances device management flexibility. LockWiper comes in Standard, Pro, and Business editions, each with varying features and pricing plans to suit different needs.

What to Expect with LockWiper:

  • Removes MDM profiles that restrict device functionality.
  • Removes forgotten Apple ID without needing the password.
  • Removes forgotten passcodes, Face ID, and Touch ID on iOS devices.
  • Works on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, including the latest models.
  • Standard, Pro, and Business editions offer different features and pricing plans.

Part 3. Full Review

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  • We engage in a comprehensive analysis of consumer demand and product appeal as part of our selection process.
  • The AnyMP4 content team has rigorously tested the software mentioned in the article.
  • We evaluate various key metrics, including Unlocking Apple ID, Unlocking Screen Passcode, Unlocking Screen Time, Bypassing MDM, and more.
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Trusted Reviews

On a Windows computer, we install the latest version of iMyFone LockWiper. Also, we use an iPhone 13 as our testing device to assess the features offered. Unfortunately, LockWiper will not function properly unless iTunes is running the latest version. Although it offers partial functionality, users are required to purchase a license to complete the process.

About the full version, we experience a delay in the unlocking process. It requires downloading the necessary firmware package, which takes more than 2 hours to complete. Now, here’s a good thing. All the features of LockWiper are designed to work as expected. LockWiper did the job! It unlocked our test iPhone and tackled all the lock types it promised to handle. But here’s the big catch. It wiped out all the data on the phone in the process.

How We Test
Installation Process We started by obtaining the latest version of the software from its official page. Then, we installed it on our testing computer.
Connection Establishment Connecting our test iPhone was straightforward, requiring only a standard USB cable.
Compatibility During our tests, we encountered a slight drawback. The unlocking process wasn't exactly speedy. It took longer than we anticipated.
Screen Unlocking Despite the delay, we were impressed that all the features we tried worked effectively.
Result of the Test Upon successfully unlocking our test device, we discovered a significant issue. All the data on the device had been erased.

Unlocking Apple ID

Overall Ratings:

Unlock Apple ID

If you’re locked out of your Apple ID even when you forget your Apple ID password, this feature seems like a lifesaver. It aims to remove the existing Apple ID from your device. This is meant to address situations like getting locked out of your account. But here’s the catch. The first time we tried it, it downloaded iTunes on our testing computer. If you use it with two-factor authentication on, it will wipe everything off your device.

Our takeaway: Basically, this tool can unlock your Apple ID. However, it comes at the cost of erasing all your data. Think twice before using it because losing everything is a big deal!

Unlocking Screen Passcode

Overall Ratings:

Unlock Screen Passcode

With LockWiper, you can easily unlock various types of screen passcodes on iOS devices. This includes 4 and 6 numeric passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID. But, it’s important to note that our tests revealed a potential downside. The unlocking process can be time-consuming. Also, it wipes your device clean, like a fresh start. All your photos, messages, and apps will be gone.

Our takeaway: Think twice before using this as a first option. It’s always best to try Apple’s official recovery methods first. Those might take longer, but they won’t leave you data-less.

Unlocking Screen Time

Overall Ratings:

Unlock Screen Time

LockWiper also offers the ability to unlock Screen Time passcodes on iOS devices. It allows you to regain control over your device usage settings. Unlike other features, it might not wipe your device completely. Now, a small heads-up. If Screen Time was set through Family Sharing, wiping the device is unavoidable. You’ll need to sign in with a different Apple ID or no ID at all.

Our takeaway: Discuss your concerns or needs with your parents or guardians. They might be willing to adjust Screen Time settings if they understand your reasoning.

Bypassing MDM

Overall Ratings:

Bypass MDM

LockWiper enables you to bypass Mobile Device Management restrictions on iOS devices. It provides flexibility and freedom in managing your devices. With it, you can effortlessly bypass MDM restrictions and reclaim ownership of your iOS devices. Unfortunately, we’re unsure about the mechanics of how it operates. We don’t have access for personal testing purposes.

Our takeaway: If you are experiencing legitimate difficulties with your MDM profile, the best course of action is to reach out to your IT department or administrator directly.

Real Reviews

When I bought the software to unlock my phone, it said it would handle the phone version I had. It didn’t work with my phone after all. - Trustpilot

I already installed LockWiper, but I get the message that LockWiper doesn’t support removing Apple IDs from unactivated iOS devices. - Reddit

It was very user-friendly. Everything was good, nothing bad. I enjoyed using the software. - Sitejabber

Part 4. iMyFone LockWiper Alternative

Launch iPhone Unlocker

When it comes to unlocking iOS devices, iMyFone LockWiper stands as a notable solution. However, if you’re seeking alternatives, AnyMP4 iPhone Unlocker stands as a compelling option. It offers a full-featured tool to address various lock screen issues on iOS devices. Not to mention, it prioritizes data protection. It offers solutions that minimize the risk of data loss during the unlocking process. For good measure, AnyMP4 iPhone Unlocker has three major unlocking solutions. This includes removing various types of screen locks, bypassing Apple ID, and recovering Screen Time passcodes. And the pricing? It is much cheaper than LockWiper.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 5. FAQs about iMyFone LockWiper Review

Is iMyFone LockWiper safe?

It depends on how you use it and your risk tolerance. Although iMyFone claims its tool is safe, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. Using certain features, especially with Find My iPhone enabled, can lead to permanent data loss on your device.

Can you use the iMyFone LockWiper for free?

Unfortunately, NO! LockWiper does not offer full functionality for free. It provides a limited free trial that lets you check if your device is compatible. However, it will not unlock your device or use other features. You need to purchase a subscription plan to unlock the full functionalities.

Does the iMyFone LockWiper really work?

The effectiveness of LockWiper varies depending on various factors. This includes your device model, iOS version, and the specific feature you’re using. It’s important to manage your expectations and understand that success rates for certain features might not be guaranteed.


That’s it for our iMyFone LockWiper review! After a thorough examination, it’s evident that LockWiper is a viable option for unlocking their iOS devices. It’s advisable to thoroughly research and consider reviews before making a decision. If you’re concerned about losing your data, you can opt for an alternative. Any concerns related to the topic? Let us know by commenting below.

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