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The Ultimate Guide to Clear All History for Browsers

The Ultimate Guide to Clear All History for Browsers

Why should you clear history for browsers? When you are surfing on the Internet, almost all the web sites and pages that you have visited can be saved in all web browsers, and these web page data is cached locally on your device. They can help you access the website much faster, reduce the amount of data you need to transfer over Internet connection, thus improve your user experience. But too much history and cache in browsers will degrade the running performance of your device.

Clear all history

No matter you want these browsers stop tracking your personal info, or you are eager to free up enough storage space in your device, it is time for you to clear all history in your browser. Before you begin, you need to know the vision of the browser that you are using. If you are using more than one browser, you need to erase the history in multiple places. Follow the instructions below to make it.

Part 1: How to clear all Google history

If you do not want Google Chrome to keep track of the web page that you have accessed, here are the step-by-step guides to help you clear all the Google history. The detailed solutions various from different device, but the deleting will take effect on all the devices that you have logged in with the same Google account.

1. How to see Google history

The History page in Google chrome only shows the web pages that you visited in the last 90 days. If you were visiting the website in Incognito mode, or you have erased the certain history before, you are not able to access this webpage in History page.

To view and check Google history:

Step 1: Launch Chrome app on your Android, iOS device or computer.

Step 2: Tap "More" button and select "History" option.

Step 3: If you need to visit a certain website, tap on "Entry" to access it.

Step 4: Touch and hold the "Entry" button to open the website in a new tab. Then choose "More" and tap "Open in new tab". If you want to copy the site URL, just touch and hold the "Entry" button. Next tap "More" button and select "Copy link".

2. How to clear all history on Google chrome

To clear all Google Chrome history on Android:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome app

To clear all Google Chrome history on Android, touch Google Chrome icon to open this app on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Choose Settings option

Tap the "Menu" button in the address bar on the top right corner, which is the three vertical dots. And then select "Settings" in the menu list.

Chrome settings android

Step 3: Turn to privacy page

Tap "Privacy" under the "Advanced" header on the Settings screen. Here you can see some privacy info and settings. Next tap the "Clear browsing data" option at the bottom of the Privacy pane to erase history.

Chrome privacy android

Step 4: Choose which data to delete

At the top of the privacy screen, you are able to choose which time period and which data you want to remove, including the past hour, past day, past week and last 4 weeks. If you are going to clear all history, simply click on "beginning of time" to erase everything.

chrome clear data android

Note: To delete your history of visited web page, make sure you have checked the "Browsing history" option is ticked. And you are also allowed to remove cookies, cache, passwords as well as autofill form data. If you tap on "Clear Data" option, Google Chrome will erase the specific browsing history.

To clear all Google Chrome history on iPhone:

1. The basic solution:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on iPhone

To erase all browsing history in Chrome on your iPhone, launch Google chrome app and tap on the menu button at the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap Settings and Privacy

Tap "Settings" in the drop-down list, and you will go to the settings screen. Then choose "Privacy" option in the "Advanced" section.

Chrome settings iphone

Step 3: Clear history in Chrome

On the Privacy page, simply click on the "Clear Browsing Data" option. And you can choose which type of data to delete, including clear history or caches in Chrome. Finally, confirm the decision to make it happen.

Chrome clear history iphone

2. The professional solution:

Step 1: Download and install FoneEraser in your computer, and then launch this app.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer via a USB cable. Then wait seconds until the computer detects the device.

Foneeraser interface

Step 3: Next you can choose different mode, from low, medium to high levels to erase history on iPhone.

Click to select erasing level

Step 4: After all is set, simply click on the "Start" button to clear all history on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod.

Start to erase ios device

To clear all Google Chrome history on PC/ Mac:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome app

To erase history on Google, launch Google Chrome app on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux, and click on the three dots menu.

Step 2: Clear browsing data

Tap on the "More Tools", and then choose "Clear Browsing Data" option to clear all history in Chrome.

Step 3: Clear all history

On the drop-down list, you are able to choose which history to erase. Or select "the beginning of time" to clear all history.

Chrome clear data pc

Step 4: Confirm your selection

Check your selections again, and confirm it by clicking on "Clear browsing data" again. After that you can check the history for your chrome.

Part 2: How to clear history on safari

To view browsing history on Safari:

Step 1: Launch Safari app, and go to the top screen to tap the History menu, where you are able to see a list of your recent browsing history.

Step 2: If you want to access a certain website, just tap and click it. If you want to edit or view an individual history in detail, click "Show All History" option to make it.

To clear all Safari browsing history on Mac OS:

Step 1: Launch Safari app

After launching the Safari browser, open the "Show All History View" option.

Step 2: Delete individual history item

If you want to remove a certain history item, you can just right-click the one history and tap on "Delete" option.

Safari history clear

Step 3: Clear everything in Safari

To clear all history on your Safari, just simply click on the "Clear History" option. Then choose how far back in the drop-down menu to achieve it.

Safari all history clear

To clear all Safari browsing history on iPhone:

Step 1: Open Safari app on iPhone

Tap the Safari icon on the home screen of iPhone to launch it. Scroll down the page to display the address bar on the top and the toolbar on the bottom.

Step 2: Clear all Safari history

Tap on the book-like icon in the toolbar on the bottom, and click "History". When you see a "Clear" button in the bottom right corner, simply tap in to clear all history in Safari.

Step 3: Remove individual history

If you need to delete an individual history, swipe it from right to left, and tap on the red "Delete" button to make it.

Safari clear history iphone

Part 3: how to clear Internet cache (IE)

Though Microsoft Edge has replaced the Internet Explorer in 2015, there is still a great amount of people using this browser.

To clear browsing history and Internet cache in IE 7 and above:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Internet Explorer

Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer app. On the home windows of this browser, click the Tool icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Tap on Internet Options

In the Tools page, click on "Internet Options" from the drop-down menu to go to the "General" tab.

Ie internet option

Step 3: Clear history and cache

Hit on the "Delete" icon I the Browsing history section. Confirm the cache data that you would like to erase, and click on "Delete" to clear these Internet cache.

Ie delete history

To clear browsing history and Internet cache in IE 6:

Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer browser Open the IE window on your computer, and turn to the Tools page by clicking Tools in the toolbar.

Step 2: Click the "Clear Browsing History" In the drop-down menu of the Tool screen, click on the "Internet Options" and then choose "Clear Browsing History" button.

Step 3: Check the deletions Check your selections and click the "Delete Files" button. Finally click "OK" to clear history and Internet cache in IE.

To clear browsing history and Internet cache in IE 4:

Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer browser

Open a Microsoft Internet Explorer window on your computer, and click the History icon on the home screen.

Step 2: Clear history in IE

Next hit on the "Clear Internet History" button to clear history and Internet cache in IE. Finally click "OK" to start the cleanup.

To clear browsing history and Internet cache in IE 3 and below:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer app

Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer, and click the View icon in the toolbar sideway.

Step 2: Click on the Empty Folder

In the view menu, click the "Advanced" tab in the "Options" section. Next go to the Settings tab and click "Empty Folder" button to clear all browsing history and Internet cache in IE.

Part 4: how to delete browser cookies on Firefox

To clear browsing cache, cookies or history in Windows:

Step 1: Open Firefox in PC

Launch Firefox browser in your PC, move to the top menu and click Tools button.

Firefox tools menu windows

Step 2: Click "Clear all current history"

Next click "Options" and then "Privacy tab" on the left. Move the mouse beneath the "History" section, tap on the "Clear all current history" link. Firefox clear history windows

Step 3: Clear everything on Firefox

If you are going to clear all browsing history and cookies on Firefox, click "Everything" in the "Time range to clear" section on the drop-down list.

Step 4: Confirm your deletions

Finally check the boxed and click on "Clear Now" button to make it.

To clear browsing cache, cookies or history in Mac OS X:

Step 1: Open Firefox app on Mac

Launch Firefox browser by double clicking on the icon. Then move to the top bar, click on the Firefox menu and select "Preferences".

Step 2: Click "Clear your recent history"

On the left of Preferences menu, click the "Privacy" option. And tap on "Clear your recent history" under the "History" section.

Firefox history option mac

Step 3: Select the time rang of history

To choose the time range of deleted history, simply click "Time rang to clear" in the drop-down menu.

Firefox choose time range mac

Step 4: Erase all history on Firefox

If you want to clear all history and browsing cookies, just choose "Everything" option. Then check the boxes again click "Clear Now" option.

Part 5: what is browser history

Browser histories, is the list of web sites and pages that you have visited and accessed in the past, as well as the related data like page title and time to visit. This feature comes with keeping tracking of your steps, and bring you back to the certain site that you want to access for the second time faster. You can find this feature that the browser will suggest a specific site URL from your browsing

history when you are entering site addresses in the search bar.

Besides, the browsers will also retrace your download history, a list of files that you downloaded from the browsers. It is only a reference list of actual files to help you find and locate the files you downloaded before, but not the actual files themselves.

More reading: Recover accidentally deleted history on iPhone

Clearing all history on iPhone can free up more space, however, what if you accidentally deleted all history on iPhone that you do not want to erase?

Is there any way to recover those accidentally deleted items?

Yes, there is a solution.

AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery is the tool that you can use to recover the deleted history, including all searching and browsing history. It can recover those deleted items from iPhone directly, iTunes and iCloud backup feasibly.

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Follow steps mentioned above, you must have learnt the correct ways to clear all history and browsing cookies and Internet cache in multiple of browsers on various device. If you are using another browser that not mentioned above, you should be able to easily find the "Clear browsing history" option somewhere in its settings section or home menu.

Besides clearing all history in browsers, you can also free up storage space and keep your browsing privacy by clear browsing cookies and Internet cache.

If you have more thoughts about how to clear all history in browsers, you can share them in the comments. And do not forget to share this passage to your friends if it helps you to some extents!

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