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[Solved] How to Make a Facebook Video Through Facebook App and Third-Party App

[Solved] How to Make a Facebook Video Through Facebook App and Third-Party App

Facebook is the most well-known and most-used social media platform, which lets users connect with their loved ones. It also enables users to upload and share pictures and videos. That said, if you are an avid fan of this platform, surely you love sharing pictures in your newsfeed. If you are unaware, Facebook now has a feature to share picture videos on your page. Sounds interesting? This post outlines how to make a Facebook video through pictures in two ways. You will discover how to create one easily by reading this outline until the end.

How to Make a Facebook Video

Part 1. How to Make a Picture Video on Facebook Directly

The simplest way to make a picture video on Facebook is through the Facebook Slideshow. It is Facebook’s built-in tool enabling you to make videos from pictures trouble-free. The steps to create a video on FB are as below:

1.Making picture videos on Facebook is relatively easy; you don’t need professional editing skills. First and foremost, log in to your Facebook account and go straight to your page. Next, click on the Caption Status section and choose to Share a photo or video tab that will turn dull pictures into dynamic ones.

Facebook Picture Video Caption

2.After clicking the Share a photo or video tab, select the Create a slideshow option from the dropdown menu. After selecting it, the next tab will allow you to make appropriate settings, such as video aspect ratio, transitions, image duration, and other related settings, before creating a picture video. Remember that you can modify the settings and refine it with Facebook video editor before publishing your creation.

Facebook Picture Video Slideshow

3.This step is essential to creating a picture video on Facebook. Please note that you must import at least three pictures and a maximum of ten. To do so, click the Upload Photo or Take Photo button, load your pictures from your desktop or timeline, or snap a picture using your webcam.

Facebook Picture Video Upload

4.After uploading all the pictures with the proper sequence and video settings, you must preview your creation before posting it. Please note that you can modify the video settings in this section if needed. So, spend time unleashing your creativity and bringing out the best version of your creation.

5.After completing creating, editing, and foreseeing, you can post your picture video by hitting the Create Slideshow button.

Facebook Picture Video Post

To spice up your picture video, don’t forget to add music to it. The best thing about adding music to a picture video on Facebook is royalty-free music, which allows you to add music. It offers several genres that fit your needs, such as energetic, trustworthy, fun, inspirational, and modern.

Part 2. How to Make a Video for Facebook

The best way to make a video from pictures for your Facebook is by using AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It is a Facebook video creator that offers multiple features, enabling you to turn your pictures into a video easily. This tool has beginner-friendly video editing tools like split, rotate, crop, flip, merge, and more. Besides, it also allows you to optimize your picture video by adjusting the video effects and adding filters to it. On top of that, you can also overlay text and images on your picture video to give it a new life.


  • Create and edit picture videos with its basic and advanced video editing tools.
  • Enhance your picture video by adding effects, filters, transitions, overlay text, image subtitles, and more.
  • Export your picture video to the highest possible resolution and choose a compatible format.

Here’s how to make a picture video on Facebook using the powerful program AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

1.To begin with, hit the Free Download button to download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate on your available OS. After downloading it, install and set up the program, and it will launch automatically on your computer.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2.Once you are in the main interface, hover your cursor over the MV tab, then click the + Add button or + icon to import your pictures into the program. Select the pictures from a local folder that will display on your screen, then click the Open button to import them into the program.

AnyMP4 Facebook Video Creator MV

3.Once the pictures are uploaded, you can place them according to your preferred order if they are not in the proper sequence. To do so, click the Forward and Backward buttons. Alternatively, you can drag the pictures and drop them into your desired order.

AnyMP4 Facebook Video Move

4.The most crucial part of engaging your audience with your videos is to edit them. Click the Edit button to edit your pictures by adding effects, filters, overlay text, images, etc., for your Facebook video. You can crop and rotate your pictures for your ideal size and angle. Besides you can also choose from the selection of Themes from the main interface of the MV tab.

AnyMP4 Facebook Video Edit

5.After creating and editing your picture video for Facebook, preview it before saving it on your computer.

If you think your picture video is appealing enough, save it now. Go to the Export tab and modify the video settings, like the output Format, Resolution, Quality, and Frame Rate, to improve your Facebook video quality.

Next, click the Save to field and choose your file destination to locate the output easily. To proceed, hit the Start Export button to save the picture video on your computer.

AnyMP4 Facebook Video Creator Export

Besides rotating, flipping, and cropping the picture video, this Facebook video creator allows you to split the screen to cut certain parts of a picture video that are unnecessary. This way, you can personalize your Facebook picture video how you want it. You have full command of what you want to add and what to remove.

Part 3. FAQs about Facebook Video

How much money can you make from Facebook videos?

If your uploaded video receives 2,000 ad views and an ad CPM of $3.00, you might earn $6.00. However, some portions of the video view might count toward the ad revenue due to ad restrictions.

How to make a profile video on Facebook?

Open the Facebook app and locate the Profile tab, then tap the Camera icon and Select Profile Picture or Video. Afterward, please choose your desired video profile and upload it.

How do I make a Facebook live video?

Open the Facebook app, tap the What’s on your Mind section, and select the Live video from the menu. To proceed and start your Live video, set your camera to your target subject and tap Go Live.


This post mainly discusses how to create picture videos directly on the platform and make picture videos with the help of a Facebook video maker. Compared to the two ways presented above, we highly recommend AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. With it, you cannot only combine pictures and add music, but also you can add effects, filters, themes, and more.

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