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[Solved] How to Go Viral on Instagram Reels, Posts, and Stories

[Solved] How to Go Viral on Instagram Reels, Posts, and Stories

It can be challenging on Instagram to distinguish the exact factors contributing to a post going viral. The Instagram algorithm is a well-kept secret. But there are some particular recommendations you can make to improve your chances. You’ll learn what they are in this post, allowing you to include them in your plan. And you’ll finally start to get the response your content merits. Delve deeper into this post to learn how to go viral on Instagram. So without any further discussion. Let’s begin!

How to go Viral on Instagram

Part 1. What is Considered Going Viral on Instagram

When we say Instagram content is viral, the content was tagged on someone’s friends or followers. It also has many likes and comments and saves on their collections. Viral Instagram content gets more engagement than a normal post we usually do.

Many active users are asking, what is considered going viral on Instagram? Simply put, you have viral Instagram content when it has over a hundred of thousand likes and views. Also, thousands of comments are posted by another account with only a few followers. Going viral on Instagram is not as easy as we think, as we need to consider many things.

Part 2. How to Go Viral on Instagram Reels

Going viral means your content reaches more users than it normally does. For instance, you have over five thousand followers, and your Instagram reels usually reach half of it. But, if you post an Instagram reel, reach over ten thousand people, and have the same number of plays, your reels go viral. So, to learn how to make Instagram reels go viral, you must consider these things.

Effective Hooks

Hooks are the first few important seconds of your reel that entice viewers to stay watching. Although there are many ways to create an effective hook, it’s crucial to consider what inspiration you’ll give your viewers to keep them watching until the end.

Go Viral on Instagram Hooks

Know the Trend

It’s a great idea to follow trends when it comes to reels. However, if you don’t fully understand the trend, this can be why your reels aren’t going viral. You can harm your reel’s performance if you don’t comprehend the structure of that trend and use it to develop a reel that doesn’t make sense. To completely grasp the tone and perspective of the trend, spend a lot of time watching TikTok or reels of individuals participating in it.

Go Viral on Instagram Trend

Unique Reels

Instagram remains a very visual medium at its core. And if your reel doesn’t catch a viewer’s attention, they might swipe right past your content. Your video must be visually appealing in some way to get the viewer to stop scrolling.

Go Viral on Instagram Reels

Nowadays, stitch videos are one of the trends you might see on your feeds. So, if you want to go viral, create unique Reels by making stitch videos with two screens or more using AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate’s Collage maker. By doing so, you can create a video reaction or review that captivates your follower’s attention.

Learn the details here to collage a video and photos for Instagram.

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Part 3. How to Make Your Music Go Viral on Instagram

Regarding music, recording audio or voice-overs on a mobile device is completely acceptable. But make sure there isn’t any background noise, like wind, dog barking, or other annoying sounds. A crystal clear sound on your video makes it more appealing to viewers.

Want to learn how to make your music go viral on Instagram? Removing unwanted background noise from your audio and videos would be best. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate has a Noise Remover feature to remove unwanted background noises from your recorded audio, music, voice-over, etc.

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Part 4. How to Make Your Picture Go Viral on Instagram

Capturing eye-catching images is crucial, as Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Doing so can improve your chances of appearing on the Explore page and going viral by taking better images. The tools and hardware you employ are important, but how you compose your shot is more important when creating viral content for Instagram.

Wondering how to make your picture go viral on Instagram? Then, turn your picture into an animated GIF or a meme. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate’s GIF Maker can quickly make your picture into a GIF or meme. Besides pictures, you can also use videos and convert them into a GIF.

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Part 5. How do Posts Go Viral on Instagram

You must activate the platform’s algorithm to make your Instagram post go viral. How do posts go viral on Instagram? Work mostly on three things in this regard:

Become more involved

Go Viral on Instagram Involved

Engage with your audience to encourage engagement. Take up conversations with your community and target audience, for instance. Their likelihood of liking and following your account increases due to this.

Make Informative, Entertaining Posts

Keep in mind that interesting, high-quality content will probably get more attention.

Go Viral on Instagram Involved

When you need to produce top-quality content, mainly videos, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is your go-to program. It can turn low-quality videos into the highest quality, up to 8K! On top of that, you can convert your video file into the most compatible format supported by the platform.

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Post Content Consistently

Instagram engagement can be further increased by publishing frequently and at times when your audience is online. Instagram provides users with timely, enjoyable, and relevant content. Create high-quality posts, and boost your engagement, to raise your chances of going viral on Instagram.

Go Viral on Instagram Consistent Posting

Part 6. What is Going Viral on Instagram

Going viral on Instagram refers to posting content that spreads quickly across the social media platform and is shared by many Instagram users. That is fairly simple to understand, but it is more challenging to understand what going viral on Instagram means.

No established standards or cutoff points determine whether something becomes viral. There are also other things to take into account, such as:

  • 1. The number of posts that have been shared.
  • 2. Number of likes a post receives.
  • 3. The number of distinct users it has attracted.
  • 4. The number of link hits a post receives.
  • 5. Duration of the content in its entirety.

Part 7. FAQs about Going Viral on Instagram

How many likes to go viral on Instagram?

Normally, a post is considered viral when it receives 100,000 likes or views and 1,000 comments or more.

How many views on Instagram reels to go viral?

Instagram reels with not less than a hundred thousand views are considered viral.

What hashtags to go viral on Instagram?

There are many hashtags you can use to go viral on Instagram, and here are the five popular hashtags:
1. Viral
2. Explore
3. Photo of the day
4. Music
5. Reels


It’s not enough to simply know what content to produce. The real challenges of maintaining a good Instagram account are content creation and posting. Making your Instagram post, reels, stories, etc., go viral isn’t impossible. You can achieve this by following the tips and tricks in this post. The best way to go viral on Instagram is by producing high-quality content, and with the help of AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, you can attain all of these.

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