What Are 8MB Video Compressor and 3 Similar Websites

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What Are 8MB Video Compressor and 3 Similar Websites

With web apps, you can perform a variety of tasks everywhere at any time. The only thing you need is a good internet connection. 8MB Compressor, for example, is a popular video compressor app online. However, you may wonder whether it is safe to use online video compressor, is it expensive, and more questions. This guide will give you answers and tell you how to reduce video size online properly.

8MB Video Compressor

8MB Video Compressor

Part 1: 8MB Video Compressor Introduction

8MB Video Compressor is a free video compressor service online. Unlike desktop software, it does not ask you to download or install any software.

Key Features of 8MB Video Compressor

Of course, there are some limits. Firstly, you can only process two videos in 2 days. Moreover, the video quality will become poor after compression.

How to Use 8MB Video Compressor

Step 1: Visit https://8mb.video/ in a browser, and click Upload File.

Upload File

Step 2: Hit the Browse button or enter URL link to upload a large video file.

Step 3: Select the target file size including 8MB, 50MB and 100MB. If you want to set the custom options, click the Options button.

Browse Video

Step 4: Click the Upload button and then hit It’s a-me, Mario! Button. When it is done, press the link in Download section to get the smaller video.

Download Video

Part 2: 3 Websites Similar to 8MB Video Compressor

Top 1: AnyMP4 Free Online Video Compressor

As its name indicated, AnyMP4 Free Online Video Compressor is a free web-based app similar to 8MB Compressor. Even better is that the former has no restrictions on file size, frequency, or watermark.

Key Features of Best Alternative to 8MB Compressor

How to Make a Video Smaller Online

Step 1: Open a browser, copy and paste https://www.anymp4.com/online-video-compressor/ into the address bar, and hit Enter key.

Download Launcher

Step 2: Click Launch Free Compressor button to download the launcher. When prompted, upload a large video from your computer.

Adjust Compression Parameters

Step 3: Adjust the file size in Size option. Then set Format, Resolution and Bitrate. Click the Compress button and download the smaller video file after compressing.

Compress a Video File Online

Top 2: FreeConvert Video Compressor


FreeConvert Video Compressor is another alternative to 8MB Video Compressor. This web video compressor is more flexible. You can use it with some limits directly or unlock full features with a plan.

Key Features

Top 3: Compress Video Online

Compress Video Online

Compress Video Online works similar to 8MB Video Compressor. There is no payment, registration or watermark. Instead, you have to view ads to exchange video compression for free.

Key Features


Compress M4V Files

Compress Videos on iPhone

Recommend: Best Video Compressor Software

Compress Video

Online apps are not stable, so is 8MB Video Compressor. On the other hand, video compressor software, such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, provides reliable performance.

Main Features of Best Alternative Software to 8MB Compressor.

Part 3: FAQs about 8MB Video Compressor

Is 8MB Video Compressor safe to use?

Yes, it promises to delete your video once compression finishes. However, we suggest you not to upload private videos online in order to protect your data.

How to compress a video less than MB?

You will need a powerful video compressor to shrink a video under MB. Most online video compressors can only reduce somewhat file size, such as 8MB Video Compressor.

How many MB is a 30 seconds video?

It could be from 1MB to 30MB depending on the compression method you use. A FLV video, for example, is much smaller than a MKV file in the same condition.


Now, you should learn one of the best free online video compressor, 8MB Video Compressor. It is a simple way to make smaller video file size without installing, payment or registration. However, you have to follow the rules and limits. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a one-stop solution to compress, edit and convert your video files on desktop. Please contact us if you have other questions.

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