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Where to Watch Champions League No Matter Where You Are

Where to Watch Champions League No Matter Where You Are

Football is the biggest sport in the world. The global impact of football superstars who managed to bring glory, pride, and joy to their countries during the World Cup can attest to that. In the field, these athletes are tested to their full limits and are all expected to bring their best performance. Aside from the World Cup, the next trophy that all football superstars aspire to bring home can be found on the continent of Europe, where the glamorous Champions League is held annually. In this article, we will discover multiple streaming sites to help you learn where to watch the Champion League, wherever you are globally.

Where to Watch Champions League

Part 1. Where to Watch the Champions League?

Thanks to the global impact that football has around the globe, watching the high-stakes Champions League is a platform that people around the world, no matter their differences, are enjoying. With that, local sports channels are all expected to provide free TV viewing of the Champions League, especially when a team based in their country is playing. In fact, hardcore sports fans even pay big money to support their teams on stage, while others choose to subscribe to streaming services to watch their teams wherever they go.

In this part of the article, we will provide multiple streaming services where you can watch the Champions League from multiple regions around the globe, including one for the Americas, Europe, and the land down under in Australia.

Where to Watch the Champions League in the United States?

Although they call football soccer, the sheer diversity of the United States population is enough to consider that millions of Americans are invested in the league that is held across the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, their professional soccer league, Major League Soccer, has managed to sign one of the greatest football players of all time in Argentina's Lionel Messi, this year. The latest FIFA World Cup Golden Ball award is now playing for the Florida-based Inter Miami in the MLS.

Paramount Plus

For Americans who enjoy watching soccer rather than basketball or American football, they can watch the Champions League through Paramount Plus. Subscribe to Paramount Plus by following these steps:

1Sign Up for Paramount Plus.

2Once your new account has been created, you can enjoy the premium services of Paramount Plus for a week.

3To continue watching the Champions League on this platform, you can subscribe to their essential plan at $6/Month or their Premium plan at $12/Month.

Where to Watch the Champions League in the United Kingdom?

The home of the Premier League, where most globally recognized teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool play. The United Kingdom may not survive if there are no streaming platforms that offer live broadcasting of the UEFA Champions League in their country. With that, TNT Sports made their broadcasting services available on their streaming platform for the UK.

TNT Sports

Learn to stream the Champions League in TNT Sports using this guide:

1For active subscribers of BT Sports, TNT Sports will be automatically available for them since they are practically the same services despite rebranding.

2For new users, they are required to create a Discover Premium+ account where they can also sign through Amazon Prime.

3Unfortunately, TNT Sports does not provide a free trial, and their monthly subscription costs £29.99.

Where to Watch the Champions League in Australia?

We started this list with Messi and the United States, and then we moved on to the home of the Premier League, but now we will fly a thousand miles to the land down under in Australia. Similar to the United States, Australia has its sport called football, which makes the term soccer a less confusing term to use when referring to the sports played in the Champions League.

Despite being far away from the heart of football in Europe, the sport is still the most popular outdoor sport played on the continent. Because of that, the streaming platform Stan provided Champions League coverage in their sports-based add-on, making it an optional plan for Australian soccer fans.

Stan Streamer

Learn how to watch the Champions League with Stan below:

1Sign-up to Stan by creating your account.

2Buy the Sports Add-On in Stan to access watching the Champions League.

3Stan subscription costs AU$10 while the add-on is AU$15.

Part 2. How to Watch Champions League Offline?

Busy when your favorite team plays in the Champion League? Fear not because we will provide the solution to watch Champions League final games offline wherever you are with the help of the powerful and versatile tools of AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Capture football games in real time using this tool and then watch its replay on the go wherever you are to catch up with the games being played, no matter which part of the globe you are residing in.

Designed as a dedicated screen recording software, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder will be able to capture live football games from the streaming services that you are using. Because of that, you can now review these high-performance football matches that have been recorded while you are watching in real-time.

For coaches of local clubs or aspiring competitive athletes, recorded matches of the Champion League using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a big advantage since videos captured by this platform may be annotated in real-time, making it perfect when adding notes and lines on the field.

Download the software now and start reviewing the game!

Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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Learn to watch offline Champion League games with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder with these simple steps:

1Open AnyMP4 Screen Recorder and select the Video Recorder option in their main interface.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Video Recorder

2Inside the Video Recorder Window, adjust the Screen Recording tool to set the part of the screen you want to record. Select the REC button to start the recording process.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Screen Recording

3To save your recorded video, click the Stop Button in the recording window. Afterwards, you can also use the multiple Editing Tools in the import interface to customize your video.

AnyMP4 Screen Editing

Thanks to AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, you can now enjoy watching the action-packed moments of your favorite team in the Champions League wherever you go and whenever you want. For aspiring coaches and players, reviewing recorded professional matches is now as easy as ever. And you can enjoy all that within three simple steps! Surely, you can use the video recorder to record marvelous gameplay for loop replay.

Part 3. FAQs About Where to Watch Champions League

Does ESPN have the Champions League?

Yes, ESPN features the Champions League in limited regions. In Central America and South America, except Brazil, ESPN broadcast the said tournament. Meanwhile, their global website only features live scores and results.

Is the Champions League available on Star Sports?

No, the Champions League is not available on Star Sports. Unfortunately, Star Sports is not included as the official broadcasting partner of the Champions League. South Asian football fans can watch it through Sony.

Which app can I watch the Champions League live?

The Champions League has its official app. Unfortunately, this app does not feature a live broadcast. However, a live audio commentary is available on it. This is also where to watch the Champions League final for free.

How to watch UEFA Champions League in USA?

Soccer fans in the USA can watch the Champions League on Paramount Plus. Its free trial may be enjoyed for a week. Meanwhile, their paid plans are available for $6 or $12.

Where to watch the Champions League final for free?

You can watch the Champions League finals for free in the partnered broadcasting channel of UEFA. If you missed the game, you can also record it with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Recorded games may now be watched for free. Also learn where I can watch the Champions League final.


Enjoy watching the Champions League and support your favorite teams with the streaming platforms listed in this article. If you are interested in recording your favorite teams, look no further than AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to enjoy your favorite sports tournament whenever you want.

If you are looking for a way to record games and learn how to do it in this article, please consider sharing it online with your friends and social media followers.

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